Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Photo Forty Four

Good morning world.

So far today, I've been up for an hour and a half and have done nothing but eat yoghurt and drink a mug of tea. Oh how marvelous this is.

I'm back in Brighton now, as of yesterday afternoon.  I left Aber on the 7.30 train and had such a painless journey that it was amazing.  It involved a lot of sleeping and a little bit of reading The Woman in White (so far pretty ace, and I've only read about 5 (short) chapters)

...Now, I've done much more than that.

I went out to meet Amy at about 12, because she was late, then wandered around Brighton for a while.  We then met Patrick, Pete and Radar for a bit which was great; I've missed them.  Not so much Pete because I don't know him, but that's not the point.  Radar is a rather funny young man, and makes a pretty marvelous pillow.
I left as soon as my Dad rang to go and have dinner with him.  He took me to the Tin Drum (I'm so spoilt) and let me have basically everything I wanted.  It was great to see him again.  I love having such a mutual understanding of so much with him; I haven't half missed him.
See, now I'm growing up and he can see what I'm going to become; and he can probably see himself in me, based on the conversations that we have and how we interact.  It's really refreshing and lovely.  Especially how much he specifically doesn't say (e.g. "I think you'll become someone who gives another person's opinion in advance" - he didn't say this in that phrasing, but he implied the same.  It means that basically, I'll be in control and the people around me will be probably willing to be controlled by me.  I hope it's not like that, not to the extent he thinks, because that'd be too much.  I'd need someone to stand up to me every now and then); and how much I can tell him.  I can tell him about Henrik and how our opinions on our relationship differ, I can tell him some stuff about Chris.  Some stuff I don't want him to know, though.  He probably does, but there's no way that I'm saying it.  I'm glad to have developed this connection with him.. Though he's still annoying when he's drunk.  Always will be.  Probably because I just don't particularly like it when he is, because I know why he's drunk.

I'm just knackered, now.  I've got to the point in my night when what my Dad has said all night is catching up with me and hitting me round the head.  It can be quite a lot to take in.  Would quite like a wee spoon now (this is where I want apparation, like in Harry Potter, to be real.  I miss the Viking.  Even though last time I said it he didn't even reply.  It's still true so there's no point denying it, even though it's harder to miss someone than it is to ignore them.)

It think it's time for The Woman In White.
Night all

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