Thursday, 17 December 2009

It's fucking SNOWING!!!

Yesterday was AMAZING and when we got out it was snowing, and by the time I went to sleep I couldn't see out of my window cause of the snow!! FUCKING LOVE IT!!!!!
Now, where the fuck's my camera???

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Exciting times.

Broke up with Connor which was easy enough. He was about to explain why but didn't - tbh I don't mind. We weren't that close.
Wore santa hats then Kat took mine off because Christmas is "too far away"...10 days isn't bad!!
Organished tomorrow (now today) and Thursday (now tomorrow)
Found out Skah doesn't like me and apparently never has.
Got depressed.
Decided: "fuck her". If she's going to just announce that behind my back then she can just piss off. So there we go. At least I have Millie...she's more important tbh.
Listened to Jack The Ripper (i love that song. and it doesn't physically hurt to hear now =))
Listened to Sound The Bugle
Went to sleep.

I've done very little but I'm very excited!
It's a short day
Then walking to the yard
Seeing Aliceee
Going home
Meeting Tronboiiii
Dressing as a slut
Wearing something more decent over the top
Probably meeting Millie and Alex and maybe Aaron
Going to burger king
Going to Mr Fawcett's memorial for a bit
Leaving and being down until I meet Amy, Charli, Zoe, Lucy, Alec and George
Going to "Freshmas"!
Coming home
A lot


Thursday, 10 December 2009

Day 7 of the week

I had such a good day.
I had coffee and I liked it.
I went after the coffee gathering to Lewes with Simon and a few other exchange students, which was really good and involved finding SUCH a cute tea room!
Then in French we did basically nothing but we did use pens and paper and it was cool.
I showed Alice how to develop in the free, then we met Charli and went into the canteen...
At lunch Phil and I had the BEST hug EVER :: we were at opposite sides of the canteen and saw each other and both got up and started running towards each other then did a big leapy hug and he span me round. It was so so so funny. He litterally rofl-ed XDD
Then Spanish was awesome: me, Karim and Jessica wrote a play about cheating on people and finding out and reactions. VALE TÍO!!! (yo dude ;])
Then me, Simon, Alice and Clémont went to Brighton and had coffee in Starbucks. I am officially 'into' coffee. I would say addicted but well I'm not. Yet. :P
Then Alice and I came home and had a lovely time and now here I am still buzzing from that fucking awesome hug. It was doubtlessly the highspot of the day.
Photo to follow - Alice wants the computer.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Day six of the week which will actually be 8 days long.

Photography today was good because all I did was edit George's head coming out of a horse's butt and laugh very very hard when james edited the head of a woman (from a previous in-joke) onto a cherry. It was daaamn funny. French was kinda crap because we had Suzy and she's kinda crap, but I did learn that someone or other did something or other with testosterone in the 2007 tour de france. Exciting stuff ey?! I then went with Charli to reception where I found Connor, gave Charli a hug then went to Connor's. It was goood times, he makes me laugh a lot and we had pizza with cheese in the crust. Crazy days or what!
We then walked around Newhaven for a bit, bought some cookies, then I caught the 5.30 train homes. I was home for an hour and a half or so before Dad and I went to get Alice from Lewes as she'd been to London to watch Oliver! the musical.
I had an early night cause I was really fucking tired, which is why this is late to be updated.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Day 5 of the week

Today Cay was a bitch
Today I got angry
Today I found something out which relaxed me
Today I went to Picasso's and spent about 2 hours laughing.
Today I went to Eastbourne for the first time (i think)
Today I thanked Kati for being the best friend I could hope for.
And thus, overall, a "rollercoaster" day... but I liked it. Except for Cay.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Day 4 of the week.

Today wasn't that great but it ended awesomely!
Cause after college which was eh and long, I went with Charli to the station. I didn't get to see Connor for more than like 2 minutes in the library, but Alec gave me hugs and Charli was charli and I spent time with Amy who's a baaaabe. I then went to Costa and got a hot chocolate with marshmallows and sat on the bridge overlooking the river drinking and eating and camerawhoring. Then I went to college and met Phil and Simon and omg it was awesome. We played it and had races (lift vs. stairs. Stairs always win.) and they made me laugh my arse off, srsly.
Alice eventually came back so Simon met Clémont and I met Alice then we went our seperate ways and I realised something. I am finally actaully happy. Not happy with what I think is coming, and not happy with what is coming. But happy with NOW, the time it's most important to be happy with. So that, my darlings, is really fucking good.
Thanks to that realisation along with Simon and Phil (who are SUCH a cute couple by the way) made my day goooood. =D!

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Day 3 of the week

Today was similar to the one before but in a less so type way. Alice and I did the 2 hour ride which was really good -there weren't many people and it went really quickly. Alice liked the views which was very good. After, we had a big lunch before I did a bit of homework, Alice made Crème Brulée and then we went to town to pick up a lamp which Alice bought for her brother the day before. We then went straight to the pier where we met Simon, Ellie and Millie along with Simon and Ellie's exchange partners, both of whom Alice knew (they were Marine (?) and Clermont - they were both really nice.) We raved it up in the haunted house, acting scared for no reason, then went on the waltzers which were FUCKING AWESOME. Then because the haunted house was so shite we all got free goes on the dodgems!! It was amazing dude. We ignored the "plod around in a circle" rule and the guy running it didn't bother trying to correct us. Good times. Then Alice, Millie and I left and met Connor at the station with awesome timing because he was just coming out when we arrived. We all went home and sat around talking which was awesome but I was really worried that we were excluding Alice... I didn't know what to say to change it. We had a big dinner (Me, Millie, Connor, Alice, Pod, Mum and Dave) then played Rummikub til Millie had to go home. I thought that Connor's train was at 10 past 10 so I left to walk him there, after getting pissed off by my mum saying that Pod and me being out after dark was 'different' due to our genders. Ridicularse.
So we walked up Crocodile Walk, said bye to Millie, then went to the station. I got him in trouble because his train was actually a replacement bus and at 20 to 11. Shit.
However, spending that time with him was rather agreeable. Dave and Mum an dMillie like him, so it's going well. I'm glad. He just has the test of the father....not to mention anyone else. I swear, everyone is interested in meeting him XD
Well, I leave you for the night which was going to be early now.

(don't we look like the biggest mugs you've ever seen?)

Day 2 of the week

Day two of the week was one where I looked freakily skinny. I have lost weight. Not bad. But spoken about before.
So today Alice and I went to the stables and rode. I jumped 6th spread (4ft-- Woo!!) and she jumped smaller ^,^ She's a good rider, I just wouldn't let her jump that big.
We then went home and had some lunch in the Basketmaker's Arms with mum and Pod, which was good. Old fashioned steak and chips =)) Then Alice and I went to the Pavilion - where I've not been for a loong time - and afterwards wandered through the Laines a bit before meeting Connor, Charli and Zoe to see New Moon. The movie is crap but the day was awesome. Tee =))

Friday, 4 December 2009

Hello, beautifuls.

It's been a while, has it not?
So here we are, happy as larry and with my face back online. What could be better? (Don't answer that.)
An update of what I want to update.
I have officially jumped 4 feet on Buzz! That's awesome because it is up to my collar bone.
I have had two good weekends in a row.
I had, relatively speaking, a weird week.
I have learnt some stuff and am teaching myself how to relax in a certain aspect.
I really like .. people.
I have great friends.
And...I don't feel guilty!

Well Jack and I broke up .. though that's a long story. Then I had a lovely gig on Saturday night. A week ago now, almost..aah. I might force Connor to meet Millie and co tomorrow, which would be fun XD
Alice, my exchange partner, is here and she's awesome. Srsly, she's similar to me (we both ride horses and prefer Jacob Black to Edward Cullen. Rock on.) ... so this week should be good. I hope that I'll do at least a week of 365 - just to document Alice's visit.
Today, after a "meh" day, I was let out of Spanish half an hour early so got my negatives of Millie from the drying cabinet before meeting Connor and lolling at Emma's PT training..she was aching :P
Connor and I then hung around for an hour talking (at one point talking to some girl called Opal. Omfg she's thick.) before he went to get the train and i went to meet Alice. They were half an hour late which was fail because I don't get on that well with anyone in French. I might try and make better friends with Luke, because he seems alright. Though apparently not for going out with - the things you find out talking to the men... Not that he's attractive. And too chavvy for me. But yano, still.
I took Alice home on the train and let her get the bus home from the station due to her bag and all. I found out that I lost weight from walking to the train station and the amount of exercise that I do - it's good...I tihnk.... Cause one of my favourite shirts is looser than it was when I bought it. Unfortunately the weight has also been lost in my basoomas - sad times.
When we got back, I showed her round the house and let her chill for a bit while I spoke to Con man and Kristina (who is having a phase of gootenness - which is running out, but still)... Then she played some piano (she is vair goot) while I did some photography (pah) and spoke to Kristina. then we got fish and chips and I offered her tea. (Lol. English.)
So that was good times. We then watched Forrest Gump (<3) though ="[
And now Alice has gone to bed (avoiding Pod - I wonder how long she can go without seeing him :P) and I am about to follow in her footsteps, but felt a blogging need so haven't yet.
However, having blogged, I'm off and I love you. byeeeee xxxx

Friday, 2 October 2009

Day 365

The most delayed post ever made.

I didn't post (or, I admit, take the photo) on the day because I felt depressed for a couple of days because of college and a lack of people who i was raelly getting on with.

Now, however, things are startingn to come together. Alec and George have started being really really friendly; yesterday they came from their platform to mine at the station to talk to me which was genius. Alec gives good hugs.
Toby is ok and says hi as I pass but nothing more than that so it could be better.
Even though Kristina annoys me I'm glad she's there because she has a few cool friends (esp Chontyyy :P) and is easy to spend time with, even though I do want to kill her sometimes. Isabella is great though - I spend quite a bit of time randomly seeing her and whatnot. She's really nice.
Charli's crew are warming up to me, especially Lucy and Zoe who are loovely.

So lovelies, good luck and a fond farewell, for I doubt I'll blog here much more.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Day 364

Today was ok. I went to Hamsey after my longest day and it was all jim and dandy and fine. Buzz has settled really well, though is showing signs of box-walking. On the good side, it's not crib biting, and you can simply get around it by tying him up. So lalala.
I then saw Jack and had dinner with him, which was good. I got stupidly tired about 10, so went home, but we spoke on the steps outside for ages so i didn't get to sleep til way too late. It was good, though. He's sweet. =)

Monday, 21 September 2009

Day 363

New hair strikes back.

I moved Buzz to Hamsey =D
He was scared in the box because the door had banged behind him, so I stayed with him and fed him polos and hay from the floor cause we'd decided not to take any because it's only 10 minutes drive.
Ray was driving really slowly down Oxbottom Lane but it felt really fast; it was kinda scary because Buzz was so nervous.
I then went into photography smelling of horse and with hay in my bra, which was fun. Eng lit was cool too; Marky Mark is still lovely. He'll be tiring when in the wrong mood though.

Day 362


Like my hair?
Actually had it done yesterday, but still.

I rode Bill back from the field today, he was really good. Then mine and jack's mothers met, which seemed ok. So yay.
I like Belinda I do.

Day 361

Today I went to White Air, rode Buzz, and did a whole lot more besides. Lovely.

Day 360

Oh my god - only five days left!
I think I' mgoing to extend it, though - so that i can include it in my photography work. So when [extention] days appear, that's why.

So, today.

I went to college then saw Jack v briefly, then went to see Dame Edna at the Brighton Centre. The stand up was genius, but there was a part with a choir which was crap.
I then saw Jack again; he stayed over.

PS: Ew @ photo.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Day 359

I spent the morning with Jack and French with Charli, but Charli had maths and I had nothing. I went to the library and couldn't get on Facebook so couldn't do anything. I walked to the train station then into town then to pet's corner then back to college where I saw Kristina and I have never been happier to do so. Never.

I was so lonely. I wanted to cry in Spanish.

I wanna talk to someone.

I saw Sabrine on the train, on the way to the station. She went to Blatch. She's having the same trouble as me, but was saying how someone had told her that it could be hard at first. I see so few people alone; I find it hard to go up to a group outside of class.
There was a really nice girl, Miranda, in Spanish though. She was really nice and walked to the station with me.. lovely. She's popular though, which i find kinda daunting.
I'm going to fuck up my bag and not wear my rucksack, I feel too scared and daunted by other people when I do.

Day 358

Due to back problems I had to wear a backpack to school which made me feel small lonely and insecure.
I want people I know better.
I'm scared.

Day 357

First day of collegeee!
Everyone seemed very big.... but there's a really nice girl called Charli who let me spend time with her at lunch. She's cool, and is in 2 of my classes.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Day 356

Turn your head sideways and tell me: is this a black and white photograph?
I think it works better but I'm really really not sure. I like the definition you can see on them esp in the colour. I know the focus isn't right - on the right (top) side of the picture it's out of focus where it really needs to be in focus, but so's life.
So, opinions please...I'm not sure.

Anyway, I got my timetable today and ran into Eleanor, Whatserface and Tron - E & W on the way to the station with Jack when we were messing around, and Tron on the way back from the station with my timetable. Cool times and whatnot.
Jack and I bought junk food and watched Shrek that afternoon. Cool times.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Day 355

I spent today mostly with Alice; yesterday we rode and played wii and watched a kinda crappy movie and the inbetweeners, and today we watched the inbetweeners, ate breakfast and went riding. Buzz is too fat for his new girth.
It was good.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Day 354

So far today I have:
rearranged my day 3 times
not ben able to see JCG =[
brushed my teeth twice
got my numnah
worn high shoes
seen bradly bricknell (!)
worn a bright orange top which says "bungy" on the back

Later today I will:
do gridwork with the Buzzsta
see Alice
finish brushing my teeth the second time
buy new shoes
find a bag
pack said bag
not sleep much
watch flash gordon and hairspray (<3)

Pose is what I did before jumping 61 metres to my not-so-demise.

Day 353

I can't believe how near the end of this I really am.

I went to college for a lecture about the photography course today, and felt very lost and lonely. I wanted Jack. I really don't know anyone but Kristina. That's not brill.
It'll be alright though. I'm sure it will.
I saw Jack after getting back from Equine Warehouse to return the stuff I bought just a few days earlier, but not for long enough before leaving to go and see a thing about Lee Miller. She was such an amazing person...I admire her so much.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Day 352

I Haven't Seen A Pupil In His Eyes For Fifteen Days.

I write this with something used to cool a wine bottle around my foot.

That is because Buzz managed to stand on my foot, on the joint of my big toe on my left foot. That happened just as I was about to turn him out for the night (and next day). At the same time, I saw my bus drive past, so thought "oh, there'll be another in half an hour". But I sat there waiting for the bus, on the phone to Kati, and it didn't come. I tried to walk to the bull inn but couldn't get very far on account of my foot being all owy, so i called my dad. He left right away so i spent 20 minutes back at mwd talking to Seona, Vic (groom) and Molly (groom friend) until i went back to the bus stop and met dad. I had been at the bus stop for at least an hour. I was collld.

But, I'm warm and my tack's coming soon.
Fwee =)

Day 351

Today I went to the stables and saw Jack. Twas cool. There was a girl at the yard - new groom - called Emily who was cool.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Day 350

I really can't believe how near to the end of this I am... There's only 16 days left. I started at such a random time. Most people start at their birthdays and say it's what they did while they were whatever age, but no. I include only one birthday and started basically because I couldn't be arsed to wait and Kati had.

It's weird how much I'm planning on changing myself and everything around me... repainting and reorganising my room, changing my hair - pretty much at least - changing start, subconciously, because I've made no efforts mentally to change myself. What do you know, hey.

I had enrolment today and it was kinda boring. A girl who I met on my induction was there and I spent time talking to her, she's really nice. I also got roundings for my bit in the break between a lil test we did and the enrolment itself. Good times.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Day 349 - Monday

I find this photo weird.

I went to Lewes, bought Buzz a blue numnah, running martingale and second pair of reins; decided to redesign my room and started by clearing out some clutter. I have a /lot/ of shit. I've decided to paint my room white, and probably move it around. I want to get rid of my blue shelves, get a new (old but new to me) rug, a new to me lamp and lampshade for the one on my main light, because it's a bit crap. I want to then personalise my walls with photos, tickets, certificates, and anything else I feel like sticking up. I won't take stuff down much, just cover it over eventually. I'll keep everything (except possibly the random crocheted horses on my wall which I don't really care for, tbh) but probably in different places. I'd like some bookshelves too, with old books and ones that I actually read; some classic things in old bound books because I love them so much.. I can't wait.

Enrolment tomorrow at 9:30 am, then I'm meeting Kristina briefly to go to Equestrian Warehouse before doing a mindset thing - I have no idea what that is.
I'm excited.
Buzz in 2 days =)

Day 348

I went to the stables and rode Buzz. I used double reins and a schooling whip and he worked really well. He's pretty unfit but I'm sure that'll be sorted out soon enough!
Nana and Norman and Mum met him today, and I'm really glad that they did.

Day 347

I'm terrible at keeping up with these blog posts. I AM taking the photos, just not posting them.

I spent today with Kati in town. It was brillio fun and I am loving the Jack Wills den room. Teee =))

Friday, 4 September 2009

Day 346

It really did take me a long time to work out that today is today not tomorrow. (i.e. I'm writing about Friday not Saturday.)

This might not make sense because I'm tired. It's 2:34 and I only just got in.

So today I went to London with the intention of going to see a photography exhibition. I went to Hove station and before I got there my iPod ran out of charge which didn't help my day At All. I got to the station and bought my ticket, then wasted the equivilant of a hot chocolate at Eat on a crappy sandwhich, which I didn't eat in the end.
I got to London at about 12 and met Dave, and had lunch. It was nice; we went to a classic pie and mash shop. Their menu was genius.."1 pie 1 mash; 2 pie 1 mash; 2 pie 2 mash..." etc. I tried jellied eels. They were horrible.
I walked with Dave back to his work and then went to the Tate, where I saw an exhibition on Futurism which I skimmed...shall we say (I went in three rooms; one was the first and two were on the way out.) I really wasn't in the right mood. I felt lonly. I wanted to write. So I rang Jack and he cheered me up for about 8 minutes (about the length of the conversation) then I went to the Tate and bought a notebook and pen, purely because I saw a sign saying that tate members had 10% off so justified the overpriced purchase to myself.
I then sat outside the tate and wrote; sat by the Thames and wrote; sat by the Thames and read the Horse Whisperer; then went to Eat and ordered a hot chocolate and read and wrote. Then I left, walked up the embankment, rang mum to see if she knew where a library was because i felt like going to one, then ordered another hot chocolate from eat, then sat and wrote a third person discription of myself, then read.
I went to mum's work some time around five, and she came out some time after five. I spent the time reading.
I felt lonly for a lot of the day.

I had a hole in my tights so mum bought me some new ones which i think are cool, they're red-purple. I had to ask the shop assistant if they went with my red converse, haha.
We ate really nice Thai food with Dave and Jim, during which I got very annoyed at some points becuase I was being ignored and so on. Blah.
The gig, Quantic Soul Orchestra, was really good. Really relaxed. Mum and I did some wicked dancing to Hit The Road Jack, and I ended up really wanting to see Jack. There was a really drunk bloke in front of us with his younger girlfriend who was playing him up soo much. She was very good at it. But he fell on me and that really freaked me out. So I moved away, just in time for mum to get "spoken" to by him; he kinda went 'ithink that's my girlfriendsblurrrrrr', or slurs to that affect. He practically fell on her.

When we left we got the train to Three Bridges and had to wait an hour because we couldn't get a taxi due to lack of money. There were two blokes on the same train as us who went to a nightclub in Crawley during that hour, which was funny 'cause we ended up giving one of them a beer and making friends with them. The one we gave a beer, Simon, was quite good looking, and had quite a dry humor. Matt, who had his own beer, was much more bouncy and lively. They had met on the train to three bridges and gone to a club together for no particular reason.

And lo, it was a good night.

Love you all, you beautiful people.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Day 345

Just by the way, we didn't eat dinner in the pouring rain the night before, we just walked there in the pouring rain.

Today Jack went to BHASVIC and i read harry potter, then we spent some time together, and then I BOUGHT BUZZZ!!! <333
My horsey, as of 3/09/09.. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

Day 344

Today was SUCH a good day!

I went round to Jack's kinda early (i think?)and just arsed around, then he took me out for dinner in the pouring rain and I was euphorically happy.
We got back and bathed to warm up a bit and relax, then tried to play monopoly with no dice and Scrabble with no scores. So that didn't go well. So we went to bed. And let's ignore the next lil bit.

Day 343

Second day with mama. Spent it swimming, eating and visiting Petworth house. It was really nice =)

I also started wearing a side parting, and i quite like it.

Day 342

today, I went to see the first polo match i ever have and visit a place i keep forgetting the name of which is near esebourne.

I went with my mum and it was incredibly enjoyable =)

Day 341


again, no idea.

Day 340

I quite like this photo...judging by the shades and the surface, I was at Jack's. I'm sure it was fun.

Day 339

Tee, I'm looking at you.

I have no idea what happened in this day. It's been a while.

Let's assume there's milk.

Day 338

I saw my boy again =)
It was good; I missed him.

Jack, when you read this, please don't take the piss out of' my boy'
You are mine

(same to you Kati.)

(and Matt but that won't be for a while if eveR)


Day 337

The day of the return.
Didn't want to but did at the same time.
Was less than heartbroken to be back.
Was almost chatted up on the boat but craftily avoided it by talking to my dad.

Just btw - I hate this photo.

Day 336

It was awesome.
But i didn't like the rebound much, it took me a while to relax. Not that I was relaxed. But still.

I confess that this blatez wasn't taken on the day but i cba to upload my bungy photos. So, sorry. But ehh.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Day 335


Good times.

Monday, 31 August 2009

Day 334

We visited Clermont Feron today with Frédérique and Matis. It's a nice place. F. took me into shops looking for shorts. Dad bought me a book in French and a reading of Fantastic Mr Fox also in French. The book's by Anne Fine, which I found amusing. I'm hoping it'll help me learn. Clermont is interesting; the cathedral's stone is black because of volcano.

Day 333

We spent a lot of today in the car, because we were going to Orcet, which is close to where Frédérique lives. F. looked after me when I was about one. It was strange to see her again, she's very similar to how I remember her. Her son, Matisse, is pretty cute. Though he kept making eyes at me, which I craftily avoided until Pod distracted him with car towers and tickling.

Day 332

Finally spoke to Jack today. He should start /doing/ something so that he isn;t just bored. Dad thinks he'll end up annoying me if he doesn't. I miss him, though. I try and distract myself, but at night I think of him a lot.

We played Minigolf which was vair amusing =). Futuroscope was really good - better than yesterday. Dynamic rides are aweseome fun!

Our chocolate died =[

Day 331

Just got asked over to the site of a guy who's been looking me up ever since I arrived. It freaked me out so I said no, which is kinda a shame because his sister strikes me as awesome. Though being with a bunch of teens speaking French and not understanding it wouldn't be great.

Spent the day in Futuroscope, it was great. It's fucking hot here.

Day 330

Spent day driving to Poutier. Kinda uninteresting, but I really love France.

Found photo amusing; when I looked in the mirror I thought shots of me would be similar to those of a rather typical famous person.

Day 329

Just got back from going to the hypermarket with Dad. I got hit on and have no idea what the guy said, though dad thinks it was something along the lines of "bouncy bouncy?"

Day 328

Today I spent, largely, sleeping. The ferry was last night so I slept for four hours then; two while Dad drove to Chatres (v. pretty French modern bits all blends with old bits, vair perty); then another hour in the carpark of Carrefour, a hypermarket. We bought food for dinner for two days then spent ages finding a place to eat, after finding out where the campsite is. I fell asleep at the table. After breakfast, we put up the tent and went out to get lunch, which we ate then I almost fell asleep again. No idea why I was so tired. The waiters weren't very nice. After lunch we went to the cathedral which was very pretty, and then back to the campsite, where I fell asleep and read my book.
Managed to forget adapter for the chargers I so cleverly remembered.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Day 327

Day before I go.
Like this photo; dislike the feelingses.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009


And to celebrate, I have stolen a quiz from Kati's blog.

honestly, how mαny people hαve you ever hαd strong feelings for?
three. gah.

honestly, whαt color αre your underweαr?
Umm. Blue.

honestly, whαt's on your mind?
The answers to this quiz, primarily.

honestly, αre you jeαlous of someone right now?

honestly, whαt mαkes you hαppy most of the time?

honestly, do you wαnt to see someone this very minute?
Wouldn't mind, shall we say

honestly, do you hαve deep secrets?
Yeah, but they're not very interesting.

honestly, αre you meαn?
I like to think I'm not

honestly, where did you copy αnd pαste this from?
Kati's blog

honestly, where would you rαther be right now?
In bed, probably

honestly, who wαs the lαst person thαt sent you αn im, whαt did it sαy?
Amy and "byebye :) xxxx"

honestly, hαve you gone out of your wαy to mαke α new friend?
I've no idea. Probably. Well possibly.

honestly, αre you desperαte?

honestly, who wαs lαst to sαy good night to you?
My dad..ish..

honestly, did you ever lie to someone you loved?

honestly, when wαs the lαst time you reαlly cried your heαrt out?

honestly, do you think its right to cheαt if your boy/girlfriend cheαted on you?.
No. It's an exclusive relationship, there'd be no "except..."

honestly, whαt mαkes you mαd?
People who turn their cars on so that they can use their air conditioning when they aren't going anywhere.

honestly, does being with your friends make you happy?

honestly, do you believe in yourself?

honestly, who cαn you go to for αnything?

honestly, hαve you hugged α girl this week?

honestly, hαve you hαd α kiss on the cheek this week?
Yeah. I have been in France after all.

p α r t t w o

hαve you ever wαlked in on αnyone mαking out?

ever been in α cαr wreck?

αre looks importαnt?
To an extent

do you hαve αny friends thαt you've known for ten yeαrs or more?
No - they're not friends any more

hαve you ever mαde α mistαke?
Well, yes, I am human.

whαt song do you wαnt plαyed αt your funerαl?
Let Your Love Flow - The Bellamy Brothers

whαt would your lαst meαl be before getting executed?
Steak frites

if you hαd to pick one person on earth to die, who?
Dunno. Really dunno.

hαir color you like on someone you're dαting?
Dark. I've only ever liked one and a half blond people, soo.

whαt do you do αs soon αs you wαlk in the house?
take a step

who is the person you cαn count on the most?

if you could dαte αny celebrity pαst or present, who would it be?
umm, probably Russell Brand.

whαt did you dreαm last night?
no idea

hαve you ever been in love?

hαve you ever been αrrested?

p α r t t h r e e

do you believe in love αt first sight?

whαt αbout true love?

would you kiss on the first dαte?
depends if i'm interested.

do you look for hook ups?

p α r t f o u r

whαt's bothering you right now?

would you shαre α drink with α strαnger?
doubtful. Depends how strange.

wαllpaper on your computer's desktop
me and jack, i think

next time you will hug someone?

where wαs your profile pic taken?
no idea. what is it?

whαt is the lαst thing you αte todαy?

who wαs the lαst person to send you α text messαge?
my mum.

hαve you ever kissed αnyone nαmed jαke?
No. Ew.

whαt do you smell like?
cars and deodrant

hαve you hit someone todαy?
no, i don't make a habit of it.

do you believe in soul mαtes?

whαt is one thing you'd reαlly like to do right now?
type this. It's my life now.

whαt did you do last weekend?
Speak French and see people I've not seen for at least 10 years.

who do you miss?
Jack and my mum and Alice and Kati

whαt αre you going to do αfter this?
Sit here

Saturday, 15 August 2009

I just.

Sent an email to Seona.
Confirming my purchase of Buzz.


Day 326

The boys came down today and Jack spent a lot of the day deciding times to leave, then not. It became dinner, then he ended up just staying over. It was good, I had missed seeing him for about a week.

Day 325

Today was showtime. It went really well, especially Ryan's one; we had fabric and all sorts going wild. It ran smoothly and felt like it was real quick.

Jack then stayed over afterwards. It was very good to see him =)