Friday, 25 May 2012

Since Then, I've..

This time tomorrow, I will have finished my final exam and will have started on the half litre of vodka which is sitting above my head (on a shelf, not levitating, that would be weird).  That means that I will have finished my first year of university.. and after that, I will be jetting off to Ireland, from there Spain, and from there Norway, to see my Viking.  So, as influenced by Gracie's post, I think it's about time that I did some looking back.

Up to and including the 23rd of September, 2011:
I was being given new levels of crap from my ex boyfriend, who appeared to have come away from a conversation in which we broke up with no inclination of us having done so.
I was a wreck because of said boyfriend.
I was outgrowing home and my friends there and my opportunities there.  I was hungry for life, adventure and new, exciting things.
I was one of those people who always said "I'd love to do that", but never did.
I didn't know every word to Party Rock Anthem, or the dance to Avacii - Levels.

On the 23rd of September:
I was someone I've never been before.
I moved into my new room (number 69, flat 6, block A, Cwrt Mawr) and was instantly greeted warmly by a guy I thought was good looking and a room of other people who were already drinking.
I left to finish unpacking and have a last supper with my dad, and when I came back there were more people, including one certain ginger guy who was rather good looking and was surrounded by people.  He seemed energetic, exciting, cool.  I thought he was with the girl that he'd taken there, because she was so quiet, only really talking to him.
I met someone off my course and took them up to my flat, which was somewhat defeatist. She didn't do anything.
I spoke to my +1 flatmate,  Mike, a lot.  He lives across the hall from us and because our flat is so insane when it comes to going out, but his is so quiet, he joined us.  He kinda has the best deal, because he didn't have to live here when it got to its worst.
The ginger guy turned out to be Norwegian (cool accent yo), called Henrik, and gave me Martini and shuffled with me by the fridge.  Genuinely one of my favourite moments but I'm probably somewhat biased.
We left the flat and I was walking behind the ginger thinking that he had a nice back.
The friend from my course couldn't afford going to the Union so we went down the steps where we met two people, Mike and Josh.
We walked down into town bantering and laughing, essentially ignoring the girl off my course and her boyfriend.
We had some drinks; went to Harry's; and Josh and I admired Mike's skill as he went around a group of 7 girls, coming out with 5 phone numbers.  The girl off my course's boyfriend wasn't allowed into Harry's because his ID was so out of date.
We went back to their flat and somehow by this point I was tipsy but honestly can't remember how.
Josh, Mike and I left them at their flat and went back to Harry's, where we did sambuca challenge, a shot of 'buca, shot of vodka and a shot of tequila, each twice.
Memory from this point on grew patchy and somehow we ended up in Josh's flat, drank the bottle of wine he had been saving for the night after, and I slept with Josh without remembering a thing.
Not something I ever thought I would do.

For the last week of September
I got with the guy in the flat, who I thought was good looking, and I regret it.  However, we never had sex and this is genuinely one of the things I am most pleased did not happen - and I mean ever.
In this week, I made friends with all of my flat
Made drunk friends
Got people to buy me drinks, and had to get Dai to help get me away from some of them
Fell through a roof foot-first, which Bryce repeated and Dai managed to fall through butt-first when he sat down on it
Predrank on rapist pathways
Developed the banter relationships most people have in uni that I had never had before
Had one of the best weeks ever, really.
All of this time I was still talking to that ginger guy; I grew to trust him pretty fast.  He seemed like someone worth knowing.

Much more of a blur.
The course started and I made friends with Becca by running around the yard shouting "every day I'm shuffling" and breaking into dance.  We irritated everyone else but it was worth it.
I made friends with someone I see around from time-to-time by asking them how to spell "shuffling" on a coach to the Llanbadarn campus.
I think it was in the first week of this that Henrik did an air kick in academy and dislocated his knee.  This night gave me hints that he liked me but I was trying hard to be single (I failed; his fault) so kept trying to put him off.
I called him my pet Viking.
He was the one person who could convince me to go out when I had yards in the morning, and we went to a gay night at the union, got horrifically drunk and Henrik started spewing in a bin.  So I stayed with him, rubbing his back, holding a glass of water that I got from Yokos, in case he wanted it.  I then took him home, and he insisted that I stayed the night, forcing me to do my first walk of shame from his house the next day.
I was still being bugged by my ex; one time I turned my phone off over night and woke up to ten texts from him.  Good thing my phone doesn't register missed calls.
The ex once rang me from a private number and I genuinely can't remember the conversation because I listened to so little of it.  I think I was talking to that cool ginger on Facebook at the time.
Henrik and I went for a walk through a forested path, across a creepy field and across the golf course where there were people on a quad bike with a torch, who we decided were aliens.  I slept at his again that night, and when I got back Nick gave me a "oh bless you, really?" look ahah.
The ex then texted me with a problem that I couldn't respond to easily.  I turned to Henrik for help with it because I had no idea what to do.
I learned more about Henrik than I think he realised, and more than people have been willing to tell me before.
The flat dance began.
the 15th... I'd been fighting that I liked him for a while, but when we were both drunk we were kinda all over each other.  And let's be honest, I was probably the worst one.
We went for a walk and cuddled on a ruin until we ended up kissing and the thought crossed my mind "was this a mistake?" until I woke up in his arms the next morning and thought "no".
Best feeling ever.

Ever Since:
We thought it was the UV night at the union and thought UV would be awesome without the union.  So we covered ourselves in UV paint and went town, after doing the Superman in the kitchen while pre-drinking.  That is why we love it when Rach's gay Dave visits.
I've grown up; I've learned what I mean to myself; I've learned what I mean to my Viking; I've learned what more I should mean to myself.
I've learned what I can mean to other people.
I've got the worst sunburn I've ever had.
I've spent time with people I love to pieces; I've got bored of those people; I've needed a break.
I've learned what I need from my university experience and what I want from my life.  Not a career path quite yet, though running a riding business appeals, but I know what types of friends I want and what qualifications I'm going to get.

I've gained the ambition that I had guilt tripped out of me.
I feel so good for the future.
I can't wait.

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