Friday, 11 May 2012

Photo Forty One

Another amazing night last night.  Out with the pole dancing society, as you do..  Met a right babe called Jake who I've been talking to all day, met a right dick whose Irish mate Becca got off with, and danced with an old man local - and even was out in the vicinity of my boy, which was nice.

We started in Weatherspoons (where we voted for social sec etc for the soc & had a pitcher), went to Cambrian (lovejuice. Got Dai one because I still owe him a fortune - though will now count us even - and straight off was down about a tenner), then Salt (boring, not looking promising cause it was Fe's choice and she's now social sec), then Varsity (where we met the dick and his friend, who turned out to be a bit of a dick too, actually), then Academy, which I have no memory of, then Inn on the Pier (where my Viking came up behind me and hugged & kissed me, sehr sehr nice), then pier (dead but awesome, where we saw some really cool people and met Hologram Jake) then Yokos, where we saw Tom and his flat, which was awesome because they're awesome.  Awesome.  (I keep saying 'awesome' and 'pro' today... So cool.)

I couldn't get into the Viking's last night though, I went home and got changed and Dai passed out on my bed.  Then I managed to leave my phone at home, which I decided not to get for some reason, so I rang him off Lottie's phone several hundred times before waking him up and telling him to stay awake for 2 minutes, which he didn't; I ran to his to get there before he went to sleep and couldn't get in.  Drunk Kitty decided it'd be a great idea to chuck my keys at his window too, then couldn't find them, so I couldn't even get into my flat.  I ended up knocking on Lottie's window and scaring the shit out of her before basically passing out.  I woke up at 9.30 this morning still drunk and went straight to see the Viking, get my keys and have a cuddle.  I was late for my riding lesson but it was totally worth it; and I think Caryll appreciates a bit of honesty when I rolled up late and said "sorry, I got terribly drunk last night and just couldn't quite make it..." Bless her, she just laughed.  I can't believe I was allowed on to be honest, I was steaming.  Rode pretty well though, even if I do say so myself ahah.

Well, there we go.  I've done no work whatsoever but am about to do land use, go for a run, then come back, have a shower, then head to Lottie's to study Breeding and Stud all night.  Goodo!


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