Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Half a dream, half just hope.

I just woke up from a dream about the future. Deri and I were lying in our bed naked. We looked into each other's eyes and smiled and then I looked down. There between us lay a beautiful baby girl, Phoebe Graham Marshall, who slept and smiled. We kissed each other over her head. She woke and asked for food and I rolled onto my back to give it to her. I looked back at my partner and smiled. I had the two most beautiful people in the world. I was te luckiest woman in the world.

I would say "and then I woke up", but I was Lisa half awake - hence the title of this post. Half hope. I've never wanted children before because I've always wen so scared of splitting up with the father or of ruining their lives. But Deri makes that go away. I hope that he is always happy and pray that this happiness is with me.

Now wasn't that more serious than you expected at 9.20 on a Tuesday morning?
It certainly was for me.


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

I have recently been feeling a little shit. Makes a change for a post on this blog, right?

Then on Monday, I have no idea what happened - I suppose it was a damn good weekend, really... with success, promises of escape, nearly just driving away through the night, a plan to go out with a mate somewhere new.... I was in the best mood. I felt like my usual self, laughing and joking and taking everything in my stride again. It was fabulous. Same again yesterday.

Until Deri and I went to the pub.

I had an amazing day yesterday. I jumped a metre ten in my lesson because I was told to, I then got a free lesson because I helped someone collect sweat from the same horse. It was fantastic. Afterwards I sent Deri a text saying "best practical" or words to that effect, conveying my excitement. He replied saying "good" and we made plans to meet after the things we had to do and go to Cambrian to see his mates, then come back for a dinner that I had wanted to cook last Friday but hadn't because.... because stuff and reasons.

While we were at Cambrian we had two pints. And when we were about to get the second I realised it might not be a good idea but didn't spare it enough thought to talk to Deri about it. If I had mentioned it even in passing it would've been fine. So we had the pints and he was given a shot of Jäger by the guy who always gets us shots of Jäger. Of course I didn't have one because I was driving. After this Deri said that he was going to fall over because he'd by then had 4 pints and the shot. It was a joke and I bit his head off, saying that I didn't want to cook for him if he was so pissed he wouldn't taste it.

Even now I can see where I was coming from, I was just /awful/ at putting my point across.

It must be said that I am sick to death of feeling so weird. I don't really want to be with anyone unless I can dictate exactly how long for and exactly when and exactly who. I want to spend time with my boyfriend when he's not completely exhausted and I want to not even consider biting his head off. I just want to be the person that I think I am again. Not feel tired and worn out and not even quite like everything's on top of me...

That was another thing. In the midst of this, because I really did not have a good night last night, I was clinging to Deri like he was a child's protective blanket and not letting go and I feel now like I was screaming into him saying again and again that I didn't want this to happen...
Then Lottie texted me (though I didn't read it until this morning) saying that she was unhappy.
It just made me realise how little anyone seems to know or ask or care about at the moment. Maybe I'm just getting better at hiding it in day-to-day life because to be fair I don't want people to be asking all the time. I just need to remember to open up to some people, because if I don't I'll dig myself a hole.
Also need more pony time
And to start cycling
This is all going to happen
It'll always be alright. :)

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

"My world's on my shoulders"

One of the things that's really hard when you move out and learn to survive and, especially, when you start paying for yourself because there's no one else who will, is that it's all down to you. You make the chances and you manage the time and you take the breaks. And let's not lie: that's really fucking hard.

What I find hardest is definitely giving myself the time to stop, wait and take a moment for myself. I'm always looking at the next thing to do, what tomorrow will bring and how hard it will be to keep it up. What I need to learn to do, and it takes me a long time to every day, is just relax.

My top tip for all of life is: find out what makes you tick; and find out what makes it better.

When you know how to relax, your life becomes so much better.

Even saying this now, I don't really know what works for me. I'm sat on my own, in my room, having spent the last of my money on cigarettes that I only brought because my boyfriend's at work and the guy that I wanted to talk to wasn't giving me the time to listen (to be fair I didn't tell him anything was wrong; and there's no way I'm going to infringe on his first year. I'm sure I did it to him and other people in mine, it would be unfair and selfish and it's been a long time since I spoke to him and he sounded like he was actually alive.... that was a present in its own right), then having sat in the garden and smoked two of them and thought "this is crap", I just came upstairs and looked through old photos that I have on flickr.

This was the one that got me thinking. It seems to be the one that reminds me that actually, we all control our own fates and, although I do believe that some things are thought out and scripted - like when we meet someone; if we get hit by a car; when we die - we should still make the most of everything that we can.

Tomorrow, I'm going to have a lie in then write a seminar then go to a lecture then do interval training then go to work
Friday, I'm going to go to lectures then ride 8 horses in 3.5 hours then buy my mate a pint because I will owe her one after helping me with that.
Saturday, I'm working and will upload the data from the past two days.
Sunday, I'm working and will analyse some of the data I already have.
Monday, I'm going to get paid then go to lectures then go to work.
Tuesday, I have one lecture and lots of time for my horse and my work, then will go out for an Indian with my friend whether I can "afford" it or not (because let's be honest, I'll make it work).

It's all manageable, and it's all ok. It's just a psychological thing, I think: make a time table. Write out what you'll do in each day, and do it before you get tired and upset and when you have done all of that have a pint or watch a movie or whatever gets you unwound.... And be ready to start the next day.

The trick really is enough sleep, taking care of yourself, and knowing when to say when.

It's all okay.


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

I can't help but worry.

There's essentially no reason, but I can't get over the worry that I have about money and time and stress.

Well actually, it's money originally. I've got no confirmation that my student finance will be happening so I have been working. Now I have two jobs. So actually, there's no problem with money; I have the income from Penrhyncoch FC job and will have stuff from open days that I work and will have stuff from Spar. I just can't help but stress.

Anyway, two jobs; dissertation research; lectures; essays and horse time means that I'm spending a lot of time rushing around and I am getting very wound up by this particularly when I look at my bank balance, which is currently £5 - having purchased a tank of fuel, shavings for my horse and a bag of feed. I get paid cash in hand and have £50 at the moment, which I can't spend because I need another week + £10's work so that I can pay my livery this month.

A vicious cycle and I don't see any way of breaking it.
Obviously, this is over the top; there are ways of breaking it and all of them are starting work.

I'll get into the swing of things, have a routine and get on with it.
It'll be fine!
I just need to get on and get a break and, actually, just start it all. Sooner you start, the sooner you finish; and sooner I start, the sooner the routine starts and the stress will ebb.

Deep breath.

I needed that.

Thanks for listening, I feel better now :-)


Saturday, 28 September 2013


I feel like, recently, I have become impossible to please.

I spent the best summer travelling Europe with the man I love and since we got back, I've been working non-stop; or so it feels. I was stressed beyond belief because I don't have a laptop to put my research onto, then have been stressed about money because I don't have any.
I've been supported through all of this by Deri but I can't help feeling like because he's the one closest to me, he's going to have one hell of a time with me.

 Take last night. He asked me to do two little things around the house. One, I accept completely; the other (not to leave dishes in the sink) was the most annoying thing because I'd only started doing it since being in they house because he did it. He says that's different because he's going to do it the next morning. He doesn't, not necessarily; and anyway, how is that really fair? If you want something done then don't do it yourself. It's natural to say "oh no no I don't so they", it's also very easy to do, but saying that it's different when you do it is absolutely wank and a sure way to piss off anyone, especially your lady friend.

I always later think to myself "come on Cait, it's only the fucking dishes", then remember that a) if it was only the ducking dishes, he wouldn't care about it; and b) I've been told before that things like that break people up.

I know that's weird and paranoid but I really don't want anything to be wrong between us so if there's a way of not having it happen, I will obviously do that. So I guess it's time to talk about it.

Though another thing, he said yesterday that he felt strange. I thought that meant ill so when he told me it meant strangely pissy I was completely useless. I meant to say that I'd been worried because I didn't want him to feel ill and wanted to take care of him but only said that he should've told me he meant pissy. That's not a helpful comment, Cait.

I worry that living together with another person there is harder than anticipated. Because this didn't happen when we were alone... But that said, maybe it would've anyway. I really don't know.

I just hope that we get time together, try actively for neither of us to be hypocrites about day-to-day life, and I manage to relax and get time to myself too, because I bet having none of it is related.

Once again; a deep breath to begin. (...or rather, continue)


Sunday, 22 September 2013

I sometimes wonder.

What I want to look back on my life and see. Will I regret that I don't want to go out and haven't been? Will I give a crap? I really like to think that no, I won't; I'll be too busy being glad that I met the people that I have, worked in the PFC (Penryncoch football club), and had my best friends to my house to poison them with rum. What's important is that I get to spend time with my horse and get the most that I can and the most that I want to out of him. I just hope that I remember that; it's genuinely a little bit of a worry, even though that feels ridiculous.

I love you. I get the feeling that that's all I'll care about at all.


Yet another breaking of the silence.

Since I spoke to you last, I have driven through Europe; I have had the words "marry me" said to be (don't tell, though; it doesn't count. I want it to genuinely, but it didn't happen in a way that meant it would mean anything if you know what I mean...and now it doesn't. I so want to be with him forever. I want to be engaged to him); have moved in with my boyfriend and have had his friend move in.

Fraser is his friend and is a man whose concept of money is very different to mine and Deri's. One of the problems I had when we were moving in was that it was hard to realise this place was ours, because my Dad was here for a week then Deri's parents were here and only the did I get the chance to settle in at all. Now, I'm used to Deri being here and we cohabit fantastically, working around each other and getting on easily. It's a beautiful place to come home to.

Today, I came home from work (oh yeah I got a job too) with tired eyes and a wish to speak to my daddy. Fraser was sat on his big expensive TV with his PS2 SO LOUD. No one can be so deaf that they need the shouts of their war game THAT LOUD around them. I now have tired-er eyes and a sore head, so I'm going to make a cup of tea and cuddle up in bed with a film and wait for my boy to come home.

The thing is that Deri, Fraser and I haven't had any conversations about electricity and things. Deri and I both know that we're tight bitches who can't afford to leave lights on, etc. Now I just walked down from my room (I do feel a bit bad that I said hi to Fraser briefly then went straight upstairs to talk to my Dad, spoke for an hour then he was gone by the time I left so it genuinely looks like I'm doing this on purpose. Good thing he doesn't take shit seriously or personally really) - and there were three lights left on, none of which he was in the same place as. Not even lights in the place where he was! ... We just need to all talk about it, is all. Because he has a different attitude to us. I turn everything off at the plug because I'm paranoid and last year I paid about 90 for a quarter, meaning that two of us spent about £180. I hope that it's not much over that this time.

When I walk beside her, I am the better man.

I love Eddie Vedder.

Anyway. My new job is in the same place as Deri's, waitressing on a Sunday. That's a shame because it means that I won't be able to go to a show with Lucy and Amy which would be completely amazing, but it does mean that I'll be able to afford to live no matter what, because I'm still not sure that my student loan is going to come through. That's not a lovely feeling.

I've started work on my dissertation, too. Interval training on riding school horses, which means that Shelley has been trotting 4 horses up a hill for me twice weekly. I am immensely grateful and am really enjoying the work, but haven't been able to get a computer yet which is really fucking bad. I hate that. I need that. It's been so, so stressful: at the moment, all of my dissertation information is on ONE device and there's only one way that I can get it off, and this computer is it. Luckily, a lovely man called Colin is going to be giving me one tomorrow - which I'm very happy about.

Basically, I'm fucking happy. For everyone in my life, who are all getting on and doing what they want to; for myself, who has the man of her dreams and the horse of beyond them and the friends that she wouldn't change for anything; and for everyone who's happy anyway.

Ohh chin up world, it's fucking beautiful out there!


Sunday, 28 July 2013

"I'll read it, 'cause it's your favourite book..."

I gave him my favourite book to read and he hasn't; and I'm trying to learn his language because I feel that without knowing that I can't know him. If I want to spend the rest of my life with him, especially if it's here, in Wales because I wouldn't be accepted without speaking welsh. I told him I would read his favourite book And my birthday present to him was my favourite band doing his favourite song ....... But he didn't say he'd read mine. I wish he would. Other than that, my god he's beyond perfect. Makes me feel better than anyone has before, even Oli. nd I thought I could marry him. "In dreams we enter into a world that's entirely our own. We can swim in the deepest ocean, or climb over the highest cloud." He takes me to those dreams. I just wish he'd return what he appreciates so much a little more. Cait.X

Saturday, 20 July 2013


It's something that I've realised by working long hours at tiring, stressful jobs, that when I get stressed and exhausted that I want to go home. It is recent, however, that this concept of home has changed for me.

 When I was younger, it was my house. If I got home after being away I would take some time and sit, relax on my bed. I remember once being bullied at school so I went home and lay on the green carpet at the bottom of my stairs on the flat of my back, and let it all go. An emotional moment, I released it all; just because I was at home. When my parents split up it was a little different: I couldn't decide where I was more comfortable, where I was more at home. It depende on who I wanted to be with, what mood I was in. I suppose this change could have began then: it could have stopped being a place and started being a state. Though then, it was only the state of which parent I would rather be nearer.

For te first year of university it wasn't really anywhere: uni and Brighton were both home. It definitely ha begun by then - home wasn't where I had come from, it was where I was comfortable and where I wanted most to be. It is only in the last 6 months, however, that the man in my life who I never want to leave it has made me feel like home is definitely a state, place where I feel safe and comfortable and happy. Often his arms; usually a good mood that only he will put me in, and usually laughing. A place I can't usually describe that I somewhere I always want to be, always want to go back to. Now, "I want to go home" means "I want him to make this feeling go away, I want him to make me laugh it off then hold me until its all gone away". I never expected that to be what I want.

For him, last night, it was sat outside the common room, having had a cigarette, with the bright moon glowing over the sea, casting its reflection over te smooth water. We were sat side by side and he was stressed. He closed his eyes and breathed in, while say cross legged on the floor. Then he looked at me and put his ham on my leg and said that it wa lovely doing things that he would usually have to alone with me. That was when I realised that he really means it: he really does feel the same.

That makes me incredibly excited for the future.

I can't wait for us to live together, to go to that physical home to each other every single night. It will be the best. Last night I found myself looking at him through dying light urging him to ask me the question that wouldean we are together forever and have signed some paper to prove it. I've never wanted something so much. I can't wait for the future.


Saturday, 8 June 2013


Reasons that I'm really happy right now:
I've decided that the people who aren't worth my time are now going to be ignored
My boy comes back on the 11th and I'm going to meet him at the station and jump on him and cuddle him into submission. I really can't wait.
I'm going to get my henna soon
(But am genuinely considering getting the tattoo straight away... I suppose I'm not certain enough for that, though... Possibly. I just kinda want it. Anyway..)
I'm going to see Katiy soon and she's awesome.

Reasons why I'm less than perfectly happy:
I miss having people I like and respect and way to spend time with in Brighton
(I want to have people I would at least call up and have a night out with but I literally don't have anyone I like enough to do more than go to the pub with. Even that I prefer when deri's there... Though at least he will be soon!)
.. I suppose that's it really. Don't I feel pathetic. I just want people I can rely on better and whatnot

On the other hand?:
In 3 days exactly, I'll be with Deri again
I'm about to see my daddy
I've had a really nice time with my mum recently
I got new shoes today (tee!)
I can do what I want with my time
I remembered that jimmy is awesome

I guess I'm just really tired, I want to be able to slow down and chill out. But I've had a lot happening and have been there for a lot of people... But I've sort of taken a step back. P texted me today asking if I was around but I didn't reply because I didn't want to deal with it. I will, and before deri's here probably too but still. I'll see when he's around. Still the same person, just need a fuckin break.


Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Rock vs. frying pan

I've always been the person that almost anyone can turn to and I'll always go out of my way to help people out. It's the way I am and it's pretty detrimental for me in all honesty. My dad always tells me that I should focus on myself because I'm the most important person in the world... and I really need to listen to that, employ it more.

One of my mates (A) went out with another of my mates (P) and I love P with all of my heart and I love A ... less. But A has been ranting at me, not realising that P and I are so close. So now she feels that she can't talk to me about stuff, but does anyway. And it's annoying and upsetting because she's terrible at getting her point across and she really kinda upsets me with some of the shit she spouts. She compares P to Chris and what I went through and I don't know what to believe. I can understand where P is coming from which kinda makes it harder. He rang me when he felt like he was at the end and ever since then I've felt like I have a loyalty to him; then recently she told me that she's "taken too many sleeping pills" before. I don't understand and I can't deal with it all.

From shit that was getting me down in Aber, to shit that's getting me down here.

I hope that my boy gets back safe. I was trying to speak to him yesterday and my dad was being a complete prick, saying that I shouldn't off-load all of the shit that other people have told me onto Deri because it won't solve anything. It's like he's forgotten what it's like to be in love. It just really upsets me because of how he was acting. I snapped at him and told him to shut up and burst into tears and I couldn't fucking deal with it, yet my dad was still being a prick. I don't know how I'm meant to deal with it, I just want a break. I was hoping that this would be it but I kinda knew that it wouldn't be, that this would happen.

I asked my dad last night if I could get insured on the car and he said no because he didn't think that it would help. I know me; it would. I would say that it'll teach me to deal with facing things but it won't, all I want to do is not bother seeing anyone and run and not quite work, but try to. It really irritates me that I do it but I literally can't help it. Fucking annoying.

I only want to see 3 people around here and one of them's not actually here because he doesn't even live here and that's Deri. Patrick just drags me down. And the 3rd I get to see some time next week, so that's good!

I'm getting sick of thinking like this, so I'm now going to pick myself up, read through some scientific journals, go for a run then have a shower and meet Jimmy who I haven't seen for ages. Might go for a pint with him or something. Can't help but feel like I'm becoming an alcoholic, but I tihnk I'm just paranoid. It's a nice day outside, why the hell not go for a pint in a beer garden?
Just have to not come back in a bad mood like I did last night and have a glass of wine while on the phone to my boy. I was ever so glad to talk to him last night, he cheered me up so much. I miss him like hell.

Have fun people; think big, and don't let the bastards grind you down.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

What a change.

From spending all of my time, waking and not, with him, to spending none of it with him. This feels weird.

Especially given what's happened this week... I feel like he was helping me hold my chin up and get on with it, so now I'm finding it much harder. I don't really feel like there are many people to talk to about this because I don't want everyone knowing. I don't want people to say "what an attention seeker; there's no real reason why this would effect her".

I guess everything's piled up, really. All of this semester, which has actually been pretty tough given what other people have been doing... I don't know why everything feels much harder, but goddamn, I want to go home. I just don't want to be here any more. And I can't even escape alone to my horse because I don't have a way of getting there... It's gotta be with other people, whenever's best for them.

I also don't feel like I can tell him this. I think he'd say I'm just moaning. I also think I might just be being paranoid, but I don't want to moan at him. I think he's having a fine time at home so I don't want to complain about nothing at him, there's no fucking reason. It's a waste of time for both of us.

I'm pretty sure I should stop moaning about not wanting to moan now.. It's irritating me, so I can't imagine what it's doing to you.

Don't worry, I'll be bouncing around again soon enough.


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Well that was a failure of a 365.

A lot seems to happen all at once, then I can't be bothered to blog, and when nothing of note is happening I'm perfectly happy and content so don't feel the need to.

It's been weird recently, because none of my friends are particularly doing anything, but Deri keeps wondering if there's something on my mind because I start looking like I have it; and I think I keep looking for someone to talk to. I don't think I've ever been that good at only having one person that I talk to about everything. I don't think I've really ever had that to be honest; not one person that I can tell absolutely everything.. I've usually had something that I've needed to confide in other people. Chris, Oli, Alec, Jonny... I don't think they ever knew everything. The closest that they got was if I gave them this blog and most of the time I ended up changing the way I wrote because I didn't want them to know everything.

I'm scared. I have all my eggs in one basket, almost, because my friends didn't want anything to do with me when Deri and I got together so most of my friendships are now on a much more superficial level. I don't have friends in Aberystwyth that I can confide everything in... I don't have friends I see up here who listen to me. I'm there for them and they don't even know if something's wrong. I've usually been someone with quite a few friends around me, ones that I can tell all sorts of things to. This is a weird change.

That said, I'm sure that I could ring Lottie if I needed her properly. And Fe.
It just feels funny that Deri and I are so close. Like so, so close.

On the way back home to Aber we stopped overnight at Deri's grandparents' house. His nan is ill (I can't remember the word for the life of me right now, but basically had a stroke and hasn't been right since - she's losing her power of speech. It's amazing how aware she is of everything, she just can't communicate necessarily. Sometimes Deri can call her or her neighbours can come round then she can talk fine; but she can never talk to his grandad normally; and he finds that horribly hard...) Anyway, that was an amazing experience. I've never known love like that. 60 years together and Joan said "I'll just go and see how he is" just, literally just, before her husband called for her from the kitchen. A kind of telepathy. I think that Deri and I could end up like that and that terrifies me.
What I wouldn't be able to deal with is what followed. His granda talking about how hard it is to have the person that you love unable to talk to you.

It's fine because I know that I have friends who will be there for me and Deri who I'm 80% sure would actually drop everything for me. I do adore him. It's just scary, sometimes.

Well world, let's keep going. Stay excellent.

"What about you Joan, what do you want to be when you grow up? Happy? Say happy."


Monday, 1 April 2013

Day 54.

Taken: 28/03/2013
My horse enjoying the view from Tal-Y-Fan

Seeing as I'm completely failing at doing this daily (I don't really know why, I'm not actually doing anything, just seem to be doing other things all the time...), I'm going to just keep counting the days but have massive gaps in between them.

I haven't been myself for the past couple of days. I think since Deri's parents came back... They bought Deri, Joe (his brother) and me presents of Toblerone and cider back from France. I've never in my life felt so welcomed into a family. It makes me so happy, makes me glow that they like me enough to think of getting me a present while on their holidays. However, it also makes me so, so homesick. I've not been home for a long time and not seen my family since mid February, and goddamn it I want to. I tried to convince Deri to leave earlier but he doesn't quite understand how much I want to go home; he wants to finish his essay first, so he can give the books he's using to his friend, but that means that I still have to be here until Friday, and get home on Saturday. That's only a day early. He says he knows what I mean when I say that I want to go home but I'm not sure he gets quite how homesick I am. It wouldn't be as bad if I wasn't in such a lovely, welcoming and warm family, homey environment. But as it stands, I want to be in my lovely homey environment. I want to see my Dad, lie on the sofa chatting shit while watching CSI. There's nothing like going home after being away for a long time, and I desperately want to be able to do that now.

I love it here, don't get me wrong. The mountains I'm staring at as I write this are unutterably breathtaking, and the opportunities I'm getting from having my horse here are amazing. The family are the nicest in the world... But there ain't no place like home, and the level of missing it that I'm experiencing is putting a strain on me, which is making me get tetchier with Deri. I don't want to do that, he doesn't need to have this taken out on him. I guess it's something that he just doesn't understand, no matter what he says.

God bless him; but I hope I get home soon. I hope I get rid of this feeling, because it's going to take a toll and I'm not sure what on yet.


Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Day 53.

A fairytale ride through Narnia!

Deri and I went on a ride up Tal-Y-Fan, a beautiful mountain just beside his house. Nomad was pulling forwards the whole way, keen to go and loving what he was seeing. Covered in snow and wet through, he was shaking by the time we reached the open spaces at the top of the mountsin. So we let them trot and canter the way back, stretching up small hills and pacing out like racers. Spectacular stuff!


Day 52.

Nomad and his new lady friend Celine

Last night, Deri and I stood by the gate to this field, having a smoke. We stood with Molly the Collie at our heels and Nomad and Celine in the dark, getting on in a way that Deri and his mum have never seen Celine do before. It is beautiful to see.

All I thought while we both were stood there was, "This is what I've always wanted".


Day 51.

Nomad in Rowen :)

I just found out that the business work I hadn't submitted electronically was NOT extended for a week, but for THREE HOURS.

I am shitting myself.

In other news, until I found that out, I was outrageously happy: my horse is up here in Rowen at Deri's house, has made friends with his mum's horse and looks very well for it. I'm seriously glad that I'm getting a break - I'm a very happy girl!

..... Until I realised how badly I've fucked up. I hadn't slept in three days before that, not properly. I wouldn't have had to do that if it wasn't for my uncle getting married which meant that I had been to Ireland for the weekend before and hadn't worked enough.

Ohhhhh let it be. Penri has updated and said that he can accept my work so, it could be worse. It's ok. :)


Friday, 22 March 2013

I don't think I have a prayer of catching up now.

Sorry for the radio silence people - I have had so much work on that I have been drowning. However, the last deadline was last night and I can now update you all with the photos I've taken.. (probably. Might just make the whole thing last longer at the end of the year... Yeah, I'll do that. Nothing interesting happened until today, anyway!)

Here, have some of a story I wrote (ages ago, just found it) to make up for it:

Francesca stared across the table at the large screen being pointed at, but even she found it hard to concentrate with the heat and the complexities of the lesson.
“FOCUS, ASHLEY! You'll NEVER understand UNLESS YOU FOCUS!” The teacher roared towards the back of the class where Ashley Banks and his group of friends were sitting. Francesca looked round to see the tall, handsome, brown haired boy sitting innocently and looking at the teacher without smiling, while around him three girls and two boys tried hard not to laugh. They all did remarkably well.
“What was I doing, Miss?” Ashley asked politely.
“You know darn well what you were doing.”
“I don't.”
“Well don't do it.”
“I can't not do what I don't know I was doing if I don't know what it was that I was doing, Miss.” The people around him looked as though they would explode with laughter.
“That's it,” Miss Hinkly screeched, turning slightly pink. “Get out! Go on! Out! Wait outside. I'll decide how to deal with you later.” Various whooping noises came from the back from those who hadn't already collapsed with laughter.
“Oh yeah, better beware Ash, she's gonna deal with ya!”
The people seated around Ashley laughed harder and harder, but weren't sent out.
“Maybe you lot,” she cast a wary eye over those at the back once Ashley left. “Will behave better without Ashley distracting you.”
They eventually quietened down until Miss Hinkly could continue with the lesson. As she droned on and on, Francesca found herself drifting away from the lesson. She imagined that she, not Rachel, not Lei, not Di, but she was going out with Ashley or Max or Gary, that she was popular and funny, witty and cool. She wished that she could lose her virginity when she wanted to, and hadn't already especially seeing as she had–
“Francesca! Not you too! Focus!” She looked up and realized that it was almost the end of the lesson and they were concluding. In Hinkly's case this means fast and furious questions. Even Rachel, Di and Lei, the bad girls, and their boys, Max and Gary (obviously Ash is outside) had answered theirs, so Miss Hinkly was very disappointed when her star pupil wasn't listening.
“Sorry, Miss.” Francesca said as the bell rang.
Miss Hinkly tutted but set homework and dismissed the class, saying nothing more.
“Alright Francesca?” It was Max and Gary, one on either side of her. “Reckon you could us do a favor?” Asked Gary, as Max put his arm around her and played with her hair.
“Please? Just a bit of homework, we need some help. Reckon you could come over tonight and ... help us out?” Max said in his brilliant, sweet, suggestive tone that always melted Francesca's insides.
Y – y – yes. OK,” Francesca stammered. “Where do you live?” Francesca actually already knew the answer to the question, she had once stalked him and Lei to his home with her friend Mary, then watched them get off on the sofa. Disgusting though it may sound, Francesca was exceptionally mixed up at that point, and was obsessed with Max. It was almost like having OCD about him, if she didn't talk to him at least once a day, even saying 'hi', then she would bang her head against the wall ten times minimum. And she had the marks to prove it.
“I think you already know the answer to that one,” he smiled, tapping her playfully on the cheek then walking off to Lei and doing exactly the same to her.
“We'll bring someone for you,” Gary winked, then walked to Di and slid his arm around her shoulders.
What did he mean by that? Francesca wondered, walking out of the door last, as usual, then meeting her friend Joella who was waiting in the hall.
“I saw Max flirting with you!” Joella exclaimed.
“He wasn't flirting,” Francesca mumbled, suddenly feeling very tired. “He wants 'homework help'.”
“He does now, does he?”
“Yes, now drop it for God's sake!” Francesca snapped unexpectedly, and Joella walked up the hall beside her in silence.

“Di Stratford has always been amazing. She's always been a gorgeous, popular person, every girl's idol and the person every boy wanted to go out with. She and Max are now common knowledge, and I doubt that they're going to be breaking up soon. She's had a hard life and I doubt she would want her 'one certainty' to be ruined by some bloke with a petty little crush. Can we now change the subject please?” Craig stared at Mitch staring at Di laughing around with her mates.
“Just ... just look at her, man. She's amazing. She's something else. She's ...”
“Taken and even if she wasn't she wouldn't even consider you. She hardly knows you exist!”
Mitch couldn't deny this truth. Di passes him loads, even if he manages to say 'hi', she either half-glances at him, eyes flicking up and down him, then she passes by, or she ignores him completely.
“Yeah, but ... if I could speak to her. If I was her partner for something ... I dunno. I'll find a way. She will talk to me! She will know my name! She will want me!
Holy shit, thought Craig, still staring at Mitch, This is a man on a mission. He means it. He will.

Di moved her knees either side of Max's legs so that she was straddling him and he dropped himself from leaning on his hands to leaning on his elbows, so that he was lower, closer to the bed on which they were lying together.
Max saw the cross on the gold chain he had given her hanging around her neck and lying between her breasts hang lower and nearer her face as she lent towards him, stopping about two inches from his face. He closed his eyes and moved his lips upwards to meet hers. They kissed for a long time and –
“MAX! Tell me one thing I just said,” Mr Grant fumed, turning a violent shade of purple.
“Spain is near France?” Max guessed at a reply, making Gary who was next to him snort with laughter. Max didn't get the joke until after it was elaborated slightly by Mr. Grant.
“Incorrect. As a matter of fact, I was explaining how working down through Europe, there is France before Spain ...”
“So I was right, then,” Max pointed out. “I said the same with different words.”
“Exactly. Different words, Max.”
“But you didn't as for a word-to-word interpretation, sir, you asked what you said, so I replied with less words.”
“Uh ... well ... Max. Are you arguing with me?”
“Well I'm not wanting to Sir, but it seems to me that that's unfair. I just answered your question and you're saying it's wrong even though everyone here knows it's right. So I'm merely making my point known and giving you reasons why you're wrong ...”
“Or, in short, arguing with me.”
“I thought we aren't shortening things? Because that's all I did, sir ...”
“Out! Go on! Out of my class! Honestly, last thing on a Friday and all you can do is think about arguing. Honestly! And another word from you,” Mr Grant added hastily when Max looked as though he was about to speak, “and you'll be lucky to get away with a fifteen minute after-school detention.”

Friday, 8 March 2013

Day 50.

Lou cooked dinner :)

Yet another fail on my part - this is actually from Tuesday. I ate the dinner Lou cooked for me and Lottie sat on my box outside my stable, talking to Lizzie and letting Nomad munch his hay, sometimes saying hello to me. What a lovely pony I have :)


Day 49.

With the sun in your eyes, and on your own.

I became a qualified first aider today :)
...Please don't die on me.


Day 48.

Poll guards look funny.

I had a day of few lectures and lots of laughing (and reading about potatoes). It was pretty fantastic. The boy does have a way of making it all the best it can be.

We tacked a horse up for travelling so Cadi had to wear this here poll guard. Poor sod.


Day 47.

Dopey the Pony.

I hated being back, bar getting to see this face and the face of the man I'd been away with anyway.


Sunday, 3 March 2013

Day 46.

Good morning, Wales.

Woke up after the night of unutterable beauty, love and excitement to be bought a cup of tea in bed. Deri then offered me a bacon sandwich so we went, said morning to the horses while getting something from his car, and had such sandwich (toasted bread and all. Though it ended up pork. Kinda made it better. Om nom.) and ate it overlooking this view, unable to tear my eyes from the amazing Welsh countryside.

I'm in love with it.

Deri's ma offered me a ride on Celine, her horse, but we had to leave so I couldn't accept... Now that was a shame. I hope that the offer stands.

Pete & Jacqui offered me to bring Nomad up for Easter which would be beyond fantastic. I couldn't think of anything I'd rather do. However, I have to figure out how to get him there because they can't... Unfortunate, because I don't know if it's possible. I want to just ride him there. Not sure it'd be possible but damn, it'd be good.

Deri drove us around the Welsh countryside showing me spectacular sights and telling tales the whole way home. It took a lot longer than it should have, but was most definitely worth it.

Completely in love.


Day 45.

We got away! :)

Deri took me to his homeland today. I'm unutterably in love with it! The most stunning rolling mountains, patches of sunlight illuminating an otherwise darkened field or hillside.

His house is heaven. His Dad bought it on a whim and they've made it amazing. There are holiday lets around that people rent because they're genuinely picturesque. The three horses his mum has care of are all in a field to the left of the drive. We met them before the people. They're lovely animals! We then went in and sat down with a pint of guiness between us in the conservatory which overlooks rolling hills and miles of valleys. His family came back and I met them all - they're all completely lovely. His Mum's very easy for me to get on with because of the horse mutual ground we have, which is pretty awesome. His Dad walked in at one point and refused to let us have tea, and inflicted glasses of wine on us instead. Fantastically friendly bunch.

We went down to the pub for some dinner which was spectacular. Fantastic lamb and copious amounts of beer. At the end of the night, all the farmers stood around drinking and singing Welsh hymns which is definitely an amazing experience. I couldn't believe it.

Deri and I went outside for a cigarette at one point. We stood at the top of a stream bubbling as it passed us; I've never thought something so beautiful solely from how it sounds.

An experience I would adore to repeat.
Roll on Easter.


Day 44.

G & Milo, actually taken 02/03/2013. Sorry, I forgot.

I literally can't remember what I did today.

Apologies.  The post about the 1st March will be much more interesting. Promise.


Day 43.

Stormy. Nomad's neigh-bour.

One of those days that just sort of happened; nothing really to report.


Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Day 42.

Jesus christ I look like a devil.

Today. I found out that Radar had been cheated on by his woman; that one of my friends is entirely untrustworthy (I knew it anyway but it was shown more); and I realised how much I don't want to be in Aberystwyth - how much I need a break.

I'm exhausted of putting effort into friendships only to get nothing back. There's no point in me spending so much time working for other people's happiness when all I have to do is spend a bit of time with them and a lot of time with Deri and Nomad to be happy. They don't seem bothered whether I'm there or not, so what's the point in actively being there? All they want to do is go out and drink which is something I physically can't afford to do.  They don't understand that. When I say I'm broke, they assume I mean what they say: I have my parents on tap and actually no problem but it's fashionable to have no money.

But no, I can physically afford 2 more months (excluding food) then I have a serious problem. I need to find somewhere to move Nomad to as soon as I can, and find a job badly. This will be easier once I've moved him, when I can apply for jobs like cleaning hotels, but I haven't got the time at the moment because I have to be at the yard for 9 then have lectures. It's a tricky situation. That said, I bet that Deri would help me.... That's a point. He made me promise to tell him if things got too tight, money wise. God bless him. I am one lucky girl. I hope to God I don't have to do that.

At least I spent the night with my man. That made most of the bad stuff melt away completely.


Day 41.

Noey, Milo and Grant all being stallions together; the first time they've been out together in a while.

A day of lectures and very little else. Learned about tacking up for events, and rode Nomad after lunging him... He was completely spectacular. I was absolutely chuffed!


Day 40.

Victory: shot glass pyramid!

Cambrian quiz. Every week it calls for a never ending battle between me, Fe and Risby: who can keep the shot glasses so that we can make pyramids, as above. Boom. No single layer bitches for us.

Our team name was "sponsored by smarties" (the losing team gets smarties), but we didn't lose! Never been so upset not to lose. No real complaints though, let's be honest!


Day 39.

Nomad the stallion vs. Nomad the mature grazer. Never ending conflict.

Ngl guys; I have no idea what I did this day. Lectures, perhaps... But I can't even remember what day it was. These photos weren't even from it - they were the day before.


Day 38.

Cookie made Fe and I the best sundae ever :)

A day in which I had a lovely catch up with young Irishwoman Fe and ate copious amounts of food. She got me a cooked breakfast (American one too, got pancakes and hash browns and I'm gonna stop explaining before I start drooling), tea, coke and this sundae... Then we went up and sorted Nomad before I came down and saw the boy and whatnot. Lovely stuff!


Friday, 22 February 2013

Day 37.

Very, very loved up.. & ecstatic about it.

Slept in because Georgie did Nomad for me, then went up to Event Management where I had the best lecture because we were planning an event, it was awesome. Then Deri picked me up and we got Lottie, who we bought to the bottom of the hill to mine where we got my kite and had bacon sandwiches. Then we went for an adventure.

We drove down the Elan Valley again and showed Lottie just what she had needed to be shown because she wasn't at her happiest.

We stopped at the same dam we had before and walked across it, Deri educating Lottie and me about Wales and what was there as we went. Fascinating stuff.
On the way back across Lottie decided that she wanted a photo of Deri and I walking off hand in hand, so we ran across and pretended to drive off without her :)

We explored an old church that seemed haunted and romantically gothic. It was beautiful; Deri and I plan to go for a service there (not that I would understand anything really, apart from 'cariad' which is all I seem to pick up on and probably wouldn't be present much as it means 'love'). Lottie took our photo standing under an arch; damn that felt weird.

One of the best moments was reaching a fork in the road with two roads which could be driven down... Both of them were dead ends. We drove down one until Deri realised the other would be better, so went for that one instead. I have never been somewhere so beautiful. We sat in the car and each had a smoke watching the sun begin to set across a deep lake, light glimmering at the surface. It was stunning.

Driving back through the sunset we watched the sun illuminate hills to the colour of copper, excited for every next  turn.

Deri made me cry laughing by saying "are you saying I'm not the cutest girl in the world?" through a mouth full of cookie.

In the evening Deri and I went to a gig by the Budapest Cafe Club (I think??) at the arts centre which was amazing. Henrik was there with a French girl who was lovely, so we went to have a drink afterwards with them and had a really good time. Very chilled.
Then, free cider from Kyle the builder, a chat with Yogi about everything, and bed. One of the best days ever.

I do adore my boy. I told him a lot of what I thought that night, too. I can't believe I did that.. But I quite like that he knows. Now he knows that we're on the same page; it's not just him.


Day 36.

I ate a horse's head hehehehe

Today, I earned money by being driven around Aberystwyth and talking about how fantastic IBERS is.
I love being a student ambassador.


Day 35.

Happy thoughts on a coaster. Always good.

It's weird being with someone that you feel so strongly for. I know this because basically no one seems to affect me at the moment... I mean, I see pictures of exes with new partners and feel nothing but real, genuine joy that they're happy too and hope that they're as happy as me. It's fucking fantastic.


Day 34.

This is where I started lapsing with the photos.. My bad..

Most certainly can't remember what I did today. According to my calender, I gave in a book to the library about equine genetics. Cool story, innit.

(Don't worry, I'll get my writing mojo back soon as I actually know what to say)


Day 33.

Hey look I'm famous in Ludlow!

Got so far behind on these posts that I can't really say anything about the days. Got to see the boy again and had genuinely missed him. 2 days. I'm so gay for him (so to speak).


Day 32.

Hey, look, it's Pod!

Jolity in Ludlow. Taken on "beauty" setting on my phone, but he still looks the same...... Hurr.

Mum's engaged, by the way.

Ooh la la.


Saturday, 16 February 2013

Day 31.

Took this on the train. That damn cool.

Saw the boy all morning, then worked a lot on the way to Ludlow, where I met the family.

Lovely to see them. I turned into a food snob and drank copious amounts of wine and rum (fantastic moment when my mum walked into the kitchen with a litre bottle of Havana Club. Awesome.)

Fabulous, in all honesty.

Found out stuff.... It had more impact when I was drunk but it's still half shock.


Day 30.

I admit it: I was too busy being romanced and whatnot to take a photo. This is Ludlow and was taken on the 15th.

Doubtlessly the weirdest valentines day I've ever had.

Deri drove me to sort out Nomad then we arsed around and I've literally forgotten what we did. I know it entailed awesome stuff. (Probably)

After sorting the horse out for the evening, we went down to the pool bar on the pier and he thrashed me at a game. Then Henrik and his mum and sister turned up. It was really lovely to see them all, though I did find it slightly weird (weirder than Deri did, he was completely chuffed) at first. After they'd gone, Deri and I had another pint & a game of pool before heading back to Cambrian where we ate quavers and chili and watched Matilda and went to bed.

I love that boy.


Day 29.

 The boy in question.
 The boy in question being a "poetic wanker" (his father's words)
The beautiful Harlech castle.

Photo to follow because I have loads, just none with me as at the moment, I'm in Ludlow. Anyway. I was romanced today!

I got picked up from lecture at 11am, then taken on a drive through beautiful Wales, through the rolling hills layered in frost which sometimes sat directly opposite ones which were so green and lush that they could have been there in the middle of Spring.

We went down roads that neither of us had been down before, one of which went past a cute little stream and a few buildings. So we got out and had a look. It was a disused slate mine, with a pool of crystal blue water that the boy reckoned would be 50 feet deep. Leading to it was a river that ran under and over ground, so we hopped across it and I took lots of photos. It was fantastic, to be there with him and in that situation and doing those things. I adored it.

Anyway we then continued down roads which Deri was basically assuming were going in the right direction until we reached Harlech castle, in Gwynedd. Not far from his house. It was awesome. Huge, huge towers and a breeze so strong it nearly blew us (well, me, he's probably used to it being the hardy Welshman he is) off the top. We kissed in the wind and he made me laugh so hard it was completely ridiculous. I loved it.

His plan was to take me further North after that, to what is apparently the most romantic place ever... I guess I'll see it at Easter, when my boy will take me to the North. I get to spend 2 weeks at his, having a farm to ourselves, and a week at mine. I can't wait.


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Day 28.

Pancake date with Miss Rebecca "Colston"

Bless Yogi at his birthday; gave out little place cards but put a 't' in Becca's surname.. But anyway.

Pretty good day. Woke up with the boy after going to his pretty late, once Becca had fallen asleep. Sorted the horse, went to lectures, rode the horse (he tried to get me off but I put my stirrups up one hole a few days ago so felt much more secure so gave him a good smack and told him not to be an idiot), then came back for a lovely little date with Becca eating pancakes, then Mel came round to say hi and since then Becca and I have been chilling. It's been nice, good to spend time with her in quite a casual way again. Definitely make sure to keep it up: definitely not letting her go far.

Finally got to speak to both my parents, too, which was cool. Still forgot to tell my dad that I potted two balls at once in pool, but I'm sure he'll survive. At least Pod knows (I can't remember if I said but I texted him at the time because not enough people had seen and I was proud of myself). Can't wait to see Pod at the weekend.

I've also arranged to see Henrik's mum and meet his sister on Thursday (probably), with Deri. It was sweet; H invited us both. Deri was really touched by it, bless him. I think there may be a bit of guy love kicking around there.

I've completely forgotten what else I was going to say, because I'm exhausted... So I'm gonna go ahead and take that as a hint that it's time to go to bed.

Night night.


Monday, 11 February 2013

Day 27.

Talking to the boy. No wonder I'm smiling like a goon.

To get off the phone with the boy, he thought one of us would have to tell the other to fuck off... Or tell a joke. So I said: "What do you get if you put arsenic on your cornflakes? ... A cereal killer."


Anyway. Yesterday went nothing as planned except for going out for Yogi's birthday at the end, which I can't even remember if I wrote about or not. Managed to get what I needed but didn't get home until 3, then left late for the yard so literally ran down the hill to get back in time to get ready and leave. Bit awkward but I did make the 30 minute journey in about 20 (including giving Nomad water and getting changed).

I got really pissed off by one of my friends last night. Deri realised and tried to change the subject and all, but the girl didn't realise what he was doing or that it was for the best (dumbo). She really wound me up so I literally didn't talk to her today. I think I looked at her twice.

I did get to spend a lot of time with Becca, though, which was lovely. She's a great person. It's now 9pm and I'm wondering if she'd mind if I went to stay at Dez laa's (one post and I've referred to him in 3 different ways, this is going well) though, because I'm never sure. She doesn't like being here alone but at the moment she's in bed and with her door shut so I'm not sure if she's ok about it or not. It's really weird.. She's hard to figure out.

She didn't even look at Deri last night, and treated me completely differently when he was around. Which is silly, because Lottie spent the night with us and found it really easy; when we're being too mushy or anything, you can just tell us to stop it and we do. I don't see what more a couple could do if they're actually happy being together, in all honesty. But there we go.

The next little while feels like it'll be a very defining time in which friends are worth the bother and which aren't. And I can't say I'm sure, either way. I hope that Becca works out that it's ok being around us together, and she will still get time with me.

On the good side, it seems she does still want to live with me (which was unexpected)... We'll have to see what houses and prices are like, though.

Anyway, time to shower, work, then hopefully see the boy.


Sunday, 10 February 2013

Day 26.

Good morning. :)

Aaand we're up to date again!

It's only 9am at the moment, but today I'm going to be quite busy so I thought I may as well post away. I have managed to so far wake up at the right time but not move, because I got distracted by this blog.

I had the weirdest dreams last night, a lot of them involving Deri in a way but at one point it was him, but I couldn't see him properly, he looked like someone else, who I don't know (and had an outline of a world map tattooed on his face, it was seriously weird).

Anyway. I'm about to go and do my horse (undecided if I'll ride or not: I want to, but don't really want to get wet, and it's pissing it down.... At the same time, he needs to get out because he hasn't been out of his box and can't go in the bark pen because he'd be silly and wind up horses Geoff Billington's giving lessons to people on. I'll think of soemthing, I'm sure. Poor pony; good thing his legs don't fill.

After that, I'll take a lil detour to campus for various things, then come back down the hill and sit in the kitchen working. My theory is that if I'm there, at least I am giving something to Becca and it's up to her if she accepts it or not.
I'll finish my welfare project then send it to my dad, then bell Fe and tell her I'm free to ride her horse (I'm hoping this will be about 2pm, I really should move).. because she wants me to jump it for her, which should be good fun for me. It'll also give me a chance to practice what I want to do with Nomad so I can be better practiced by the time I do it properly with him (I'm very out of practice).

After that, it'll be back to the yard for Noey before going home again to get ready for Yogi's birthday bash, which will be pretty awesome. I plan on staying at Deri's tonight too, because I get an extra 2 hours in bed tomorrow morning which would be lovely to spend with him. And seeing as no one else does anything but complain that I'm getting everything wrong, I want to spend it with him even more. He makes me inordinately happy; it's fantastic.

Have a good day, everyone: it's high time I moved my arse and got on with it all.
Big love.

Day 25.

I didn't wake up until 3.30pm... I think my body was trying to tell me something.

This is the best card that my mother has ever sent me, it made me piss myself laughing. I read it then ran upstairs to share the love with Becca - definitely worth it. I can't figure her out, but I'm certain she's pissed at me.

I keep trying to ring my Mum, but she doesn't ring me back.

I did, however, manage to see Geoff Billington (top level showjumper) give a clinic all about riding. He spoke about balance, about rhythm. Good tips (that I wish I'd written down last night but I was exhausted by the time I got in, it was pretty late).


Day 24.

Aberystwyth at this time of night is fantastic.

Taken while walking home from Lottie's at 1am... Legit.

Today, I met Deri's boyfriend Charlie, who's great craic. We got ridiculously drunk and all passed out at Dez laaaa's.

"I might leave you for Anthony. I know he's gay, but still."
"Not if I get there first."

"Please don't leave me for my dad."

"Why has Deri got a sock rail instead of a towel rail?"

Excellent night.

I also managed to pot two balls at once playing pool, but not enough people saw so I texted my brother about it. I'm sure he loved it.


Day 23.

Spent the evening at the yard, watching people jump. My camera's shit, but you get the idea.

The boy took me for a drive because we had some time before my lectures. We went to the far side of Ynyslas and I was most fantastically happy, as I often am with him. Those drives do tend to make my days better.

Went to lecture afterwards and found out Becca had been ill, so decided to give her space and stay at Deri's because she didn't enjoy me being there when she was ill in Colchester, I could tell. I'm not sure if it was a good idea but I did debate about it for a long time with Lottie.

Lottie was a generally lovely person all day (again), it was really great to spend time with her. I've missed the strange lass.


Day 22.

Proof that I actually slept in my bed.

I jumped my pony today! Lottie was there and I asked her to place poles and everything for me, and it was brilliant. He is a sweet wee man, just didn't entirely understand everything. We'll get there, though :)

I'm one happy horse owner. Lottie cooked me dinner and was lovely all day, it was great to catch up with her.


Day 21.

I have glasses! And a pout. Mostly the glasses. The pout will leave now.

Being able to read the lecture powerpoints in lesson makes life so much easier it's unreal! Happy Tuesday!

I went to meet a lecturer about what I want to do for my dissertation and she was fantastically supportive and everything, so now I'm excited. Have to remember that actually, it's a year away, and my other deadlines (like the one in 23 days) have priority. Good stuff!

Had a girly night in tonight, relaxing with Becca and Fe. It was lovely, was bloody tired by the time I went to bed though. Didn't sleep with the boy so as to keep everyone sweet. Somewhat unfortunate, but there we go. Roll with the punches; keep the important people near.


Day 20.

I must admit: this isn't from the day. Just made me laugh and feels relevant in a way.

In honesty, I've gotten so behind with these that it's slightly tricky to remember what happened on different days.
I will say this, though: having gotten a boyfriend, I want to spend time with him. That means that I get a more functioning relationship and it generally has a better chance for the future (which is what Fe pointed out yesterday: better to neglect your good friends than new boyfriend. Otherwise nothing will happen in the future because you were so busy you didn't bother). So, yes, I've been neglecting my friends a bit, particularly Becca. But the thing is that she doesn't give anything back. With Lottie or Fe, I'll meet them and they'll meet me: it's reciprocal. With Becca, she seems to expect me to do more but I don't know how, or what, and it's very difficult. I asked her the other day if she wanted to watch the rest of The Orphan with me but she answered in a way which studiously avoided the question (i.e., "no")... As it happened, I had Geoff Billington to watch, but that's another story.

I just hope that she'll meet me half way, is the moral to this story.


Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Day 19.

Picked the mould off the bread so I could have some toast. Student life.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Day 18.

I love Wales.

The view you get as you drive over the hill from Aberystwyth to Borth. Spectacular; and this isn't even the best of it.

I spent the day driving around with Fe, exploring places and having picked up a wee 2m kite from Jon (who teaches me kite surfing) so that I can have a play with it. I got a lie in with the boy this morning, then left him to go with Fe, then stayed at his so met him again. Went upstairs and did some work, watched Inside Nature's Giants (amazing - seriously fascinating stuff) about racehorses then went to sleep about midnight. Lovely :)


Day 17.

View from Fe's yard, which may become mine after not too long.

Missed my lecture because I was too slow with the pony. It was behaviour and welfare; it wasn't that interesting last week.. Though that's terrible of me: I've missed a lecture and it's still the first week of term. I came back home though, and have applied for a job at Wetherspoons and blogged to my heart's content and, now that I've finished my lunch (making sure to eat properly because I've felt rough of late), I'm going to write up my notes for Equine Exercise Physiology before continuing with my project for Animal Welfare.

That's a weird project. We have to write about a welfare video and analyse it and all this. It's pretty interesting, the sort of thing I'm interested in, but one of the videos is about racing and it's utterly terrible. I mean, seriously. "370 horses are raced to death in the UK each year" (or words to that effect)... Ignore that there are horses that die naturally, especially thoroughbreds - just drop dead; or the horses that die in British Eventing; or horses that are abused through techniques like rollkur (below - hyperflexion of the horse's neck which is unnatural and painful) in dressage, and instead focus on the one aspect of the equestrian world which keeps it afloat, particularly in the UK. There horses are bred to run and they love it. Passionately. You can see it in any horse: put them in a field and tell them they're allowed to gallop and they will have the time of their life, nine times out of ten. Horses have their ears back because they're competitive and it's their equivalent of telling others to back off, essentially. They're not particularly distressed, not more than any runner who wants to win. Of course, they're housed in a way which could seem like it's not right because it's unnatural for the horse, but that's something that a lot of yards address (I'd know, I've worked on a few of them); and after racing, horses often have a fruitful life of being turned out, exercised casually as either stud stallions or happy hackers. Admittedly it is disgraceful that there is so much wasteage in the racing industry, but that is an entirely separate problem from horses dying in races. Horses die in races because the jockeys and they sometimes get it wrong, as anyone would know if they watched any sport. Horse riding is dangerous, as any rider or jockey knows. And because racing is done more often than any other big event, it's not surprising that it has a high death count.
Shape up.


Now that rant's over, I'll just pop in here one of the highlighs of my day (and it's only 2pm).. The boy texted me earlier telling me to leave Nomad's headcollar somewhere easy to find so that he could sort him out for me tomorrow and Sunday morning, and I could have a day off. God bless him, he is unutterably lovely.