Sunday, 13 May 2012

Race For Life

Today, I took part in Race for Life for the first time.

It must be said, that I think it was one of my favourite experiences.  I never knew how many people were involved, caring and supporting.  Of course, everyone hears figures, but being amongst that throng of people all shuffling forwards in an effort to start the race is something else.  What people write to stick on their backs, ("I'm racing for my dad"; "I'm racing for Tril") became all the more moving when no matter where you looked, you could see them.  There were huge groups of people all running for one person, which was amazing.  Becca and I wrote on our backs that we were running for "one in three people", the statistic of people who are diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives.  One that I thought was brilliant was someone who wrote on the back that they're running for "you"; and another that was "me".

Every time we ran past the people watching, clapping and supporting us, I picked up slightly, or smiled, or both.  There was a samba band at one point, playing throughout the race, giving us a beat and some energy.  At the end, we got a card saying "we have something to say..." (open said card) "You are awesome!" Which has, unsurprisingly, gone straight on my notice board; and a medal and a free bottle of water and packet of crisps (B and I were grateful for them!)

I don't think that, throughout my life, I've ever felt quite so much a part of something, especially something that actually could change someone's life.  The fact that we (though this is only me and Alice) raised £220 and ran 5k for it just makes me actually wish I had done more.  I would love to have a life like that; to work with or even just do something every year that actually makes a difference to peoples lives.

Ooh get me, feeling all inspired..

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