Friday, 25 November 2011

Photo fourteen

This was actually taken 5 ays ago, I'm not gna lie. I just cba to take one at the moment, because I'm ill and really hot because I'm trying to sweat out a fever. Sexy, innit. This was after the UV party and before the shower which followed. Damn, that was a good night.

So update:
On Wednesday I saw my brother again! This was when I was illest (of course. I'd been fine until that morning then woke up with swollen glands.. ridiculous) We went to Frank Turner and it was as amazing as ever. He's bloody brilliant, and seems to get better every time we see him live. He played Photosynthesis as his last track and it was amazing, he controlled the audience so well! There was a surprising lack of pits though, which I could see because I was sitting down for most of it because everything hurt (-.-)

We stayed in Newport, where the gig was, overnight which was my dad's birthday present to me (FT was Pod's) and I slept in a double bed! Oh my, it was weird. I slept diagonally most of the night, and kept on waking up in weirder positions than the last time.

We then got the train back to Aber and had a curry after Pod met Henrik, who's lent me a scarf which is brilliant tbh. They seemed to get on well, and Pod liked him, yey. And mum sent him a text that eve saying "Have you met Henrik??????" which is hilariously enthusiastic.

We watched Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist (cute) then Mr and Mrs Smith, which I made myself fall asleep in. I slept badly. I miss sleeping with the Viking already, but it's probably just as well that I'm not because I'd disturb him so much with the amount that i'm tossing and turning and waking and whatnot... and that wouldn't be great. He is very cute though. Going out with him and some other people tonight which I look forwards to (I fucking dread tomorrow though - feel rough already and out with Pod? Oh gawd), not least because it means that I can get some hugs. Just don't want to infect him though, as that'd be so darn crap.

Well, B Colon is late showing up here which means that I'll have to be ready when she does. So I'm gonna go. Bye, y'all.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Photo Thirteen

Damn, too cool for school! ... Hence why I'm at uni. I went to lectures wearing sheep slippers, this here night cap and matching trousers that I stole off the Viking today, as well as my flatmate's hoody. I should really wear my own clothes more.

Debating whether or not to buy this onesie: ... it'd be beyond awesome, but i can't afford it really.... then again, i've not spent much this week.... HMM.

Anyway. Today's been pretty alright, mostly because I've been wearing PJs all day. It's a good way of doing loads but still feeling like you've done nothing, I'm not gna lie. I do, however, also feel lazy because of it, even though I've been at the stables mucking out for 2 hours, learning shit about a progressive riding test (it sounds like a waste of time, tbh), in a business lesson for 2 hours (i'm going to fail), been writing an anatomy lab repot, and have been playing Odd Socks on Facebook loads. It's addictive and lame. So lame that my friend Alice called me lame. That's not a good sign.

It's this evening that I'm looking forwards to. The viking's coming round, I'll cook for him (even though I have shit all food... I'll have to pop to the shop!) then we'll watch Sweeny Todd because it's awesome. Then I'll get a lie in with him tomorrow (unless he has to get up early.. I hope he doesn't.. but think he does.. d'oh) which is always awesome. I wake up happy when it's with him. Genuinely, I usually wake up pretty "meh", but every morning I'm with him I'm happy. It's pretty awesome, it must be said. It's weird to think that we've only been together about a month; it feels longer than that, because i'm so comfortable and relaxed around him. It's almost like it's too easy for the beginning of a relationship. But I'm not complaining. It feels fantastic.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Photo Twelve

sorry about this photo, i know it's beyond gross.

Morning all. i feel properly rough today, haven't gone to lectures because of that. might have to go to the doctor's so that i can be excused, because i'll need a doctor's note, but i'm not really that level of ill. I also don't know where my doctor's surgery is and can't afford £6 for a taxi to and from town... so that's that, i guess.

on the good side, my man the viking is ever so sweet. he said that he wished he could take care of me (he can't because he's all clever and stuff so has like a million essays to do for really soon) and that he thinks we're getting to know each other really well... he seems to be a lot of what i've hoped for before. fingers crossed this doesn't fuck up. i really hope it won't. it doesn't feel like it will - it feels too much like what i've hoped for. honestly, the only thing that worries me is "what happens in three years?" - when we leave uni. i'm sure that if it's meant to be, it will be, though. so fingers crossed. big time. that's one of the things that i like about him.. because i knew him before we were together, i feel like i know a real, genuine version of him, unlike with chris, i don't worry that he'll change in a couple of months. it's good. it's good feeling this secure. so, so good.


Thursday, 3 November 2011

Photo Eleven

When me and the Viking got together, we were sitting on a ruin in a field and being stared at by some sheep.

Last night, he took me back there and lit a scented candle and gave me cupcakes and wine. I have never been so romanced in all of my life. I'm about to go to his for dinner and then the theatre.. No idea if I'm dressed for the best. I'm wearing a skirt and two pairs of tights but have a feeling I'll freeze anyway.. and why don't I have a nice coat here? I'm going to have to still wear my hockey hoody. D'oh..