Monday, 31 August 2009

Day 334

We visited Clermont Feron today with Frédérique and Matis. It's a nice place. F. took me into shops looking for shorts. Dad bought me a book in French and a reading of Fantastic Mr Fox also in French. The book's by Anne Fine, which I found amusing. I'm hoping it'll help me learn. Clermont is interesting; the cathedral's stone is black because of volcano.

Day 333

We spent a lot of today in the car, because we were going to Orcet, which is close to where Frédérique lives. F. looked after me when I was about one. It was strange to see her again, she's very similar to how I remember her. Her son, Matisse, is pretty cute. Though he kept making eyes at me, which I craftily avoided until Pod distracted him with car towers and tickling.

Day 332

Finally spoke to Jack today. He should start /doing/ something so that he isn;t just bored. Dad thinks he'll end up annoying me if he doesn't. I miss him, though. I try and distract myself, but at night I think of him a lot.

We played Minigolf which was vair amusing =). Futuroscope was really good - better than yesterday. Dynamic rides are aweseome fun!

Our chocolate died =[

Day 331

Just got asked over to the site of a guy who's been looking me up ever since I arrived. It freaked me out so I said no, which is kinda a shame because his sister strikes me as awesome. Though being with a bunch of teens speaking French and not understanding it wouldn't be great.

Spent the day in Futuroscope, it was great. It's fucking hot here.

Day 330

Spent day driving to Poutier. Kinda uninteresting, but I really love France.

Found photo amusing; when I looked in the mirror I thought shots of me would be similar to those of a rather typical famous person.

Day 329

Just got back from going to the hypermarket with Dad. I got hit on and have no idea what the guy said, though dad thinks it was something along the lines of "bouncy bouncy?"

Day 328

Today I spent, largely, sleeping. The ferry was last night so I slept for four hours then; two while Dad drove to Chatres (v. pretty French modern bits all blends with old bits, vair perty); then another hour in the carpark of Carrefour, a hypermarket. We bought food for dinner for two days then spent ages finding a place to eat, after finding out where the campsite is. I fell asleep at the table. After breakfast, we put up the tent and went out to get lunch, which we ate then I almost fell asleep again. No idea why I was so tired. The waiters weren't very nice. After lunch we went to the cathedral which was very pretty, and then back to the campsite, where I fell asleep and read my book.
Managed to forget adapter for the chargers I so cleverly remembered.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Day 327

Day before I go.
Like this photo; dislike the feelingses.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009


And to celebrate, I have stolen a quiz from Kati's blog.

honestly, how mαny people hαve you ever hαd strong feelings for?
three. gah.

honestly, whαt color αre your underweαr?
Umm. Blue.

honestly, whαt's on your mind?
The answers to this quiz, primarily.

honestly, αre you jeαlous of someone right now?

honestly, whαt mαkes you hαppy most of the time?

honestly, do you wαnt to see someone this very minute?
Wouldn't mind, shall we say

honestly, do you hαve deep secrets?
Yeah, but they're not very interesting.

honestly, αre you meαn?
I like to think I'm not

honestly, where did you copy αnd pαste this from?
Kati's blog

honestly, where would you rαther be right now?
In bed, probably

honestly, who wαs the lαst person thαt sent you αn im, whαt did it sαy?
Amy and "byebye :) xxxx"

honestly, hαve you gone out of your wαy to mαke α new friend?
I've no idea. Probably. Well possibly.

honestly, αre you desperαte?

honestly, who wαs lαst to sαy good night to you?
My dad..ish..

honestly, did you ever lie to someone you loved?

honestly, when wαs the lαst time you reαlly cried your heαrt out?

honestly, do you think its right to cheαt if your boy/girlfriend cheαted on you?.
No. It's an exclusive relationship, there'd be no "except..."

honestly, whαt mαkes you mαd?
People who turn their cars on so that they can use their air conditioning when they aren't going anywhere.

honestly, does being with your friends make you happy?

honestly, do you believe in yourself?

honestly, who cαn you go to for αnything?

honestly, hαve you hugged α girl this week?

honestly, hαve you hαd α kiss on the cheek this week?
Yeah. I have been in France after all.

p α r t t w o

hαve you ever wαlked in on αnyone mαking out?

ever been in α cαr wreck?

αre looks importαnt?
To an extent

do you hαve αny friends thαt you've known for ten yeαrs or more?
No - they're not friends any more

hαve you ever mαde α mistαke?
Well, yes, I am human.

whαt song do you wαnt plαyed αt your funerαl?
Let Your Love Flow - The Bellamy Brothers

whαt would your lαst meαl be before getting executed?
Steak frites

if you hαd to pick one person on earth to die, who?
Dunno. Really dunno.

hαir color you like on someone you're dαting?
Dark. I've only ever liked one and a half blond people, soo.

whαt do you do αs soon αs you wαlk in the house?
take a step

who is the person you cαn count on the most?

if you could dαte αny celebrity pαst or present, who would it be?
umm, probably Russell Brand.

whαt did you dreαm last night?
no idea

hαve you ever been in love?

hαve you ever been αrrested?

p α r t t h r e e

do you believe in love αt first sight?

whαt αbout true love?

would you kiss on the first dαte?
depends if i'm interested.

do you look for hook ups?

p α r t f o u r

whαt's bothering you right now?

would you shαre α drink with α strαnger?
doubtful. Depends how strange.

wαllpaper on your computer's desktop
me and jack, i think

next time you will hug someone?

where wαs your profile pic taken?
no idea. what is it?

whαt is the lαst thing you αte todαy?

who wαs the lαst person to send you α text messαge?
my mum.

hαve you ever kissed αnyone nαmed jαke?
No. Ew.

whαt do you smell like?
cars and deodrant

hαve you hit someone todαy?
no, i don't make a habit of it.

do you believe in soul mαtes?

whαt is one thing you'd reαlly like to do right now?
type this. It's my life now.

whαt did you do last weekend?
Speak French and see people I've not seen for at least 10 years.

who do you miss?
Jack and my mum and Alice and Kati

whαt αre you going to do αfter this?
Sit here

Saturday, 15 August 2009

I just.

Sent an email to Seona.
Confirming my purchase of Buzz.


Day 326

The boys came down today and Jack spent a lot of the day deciding times to leave, then not. It became dinner, then he ended up just staying over. It was good, I had missed seeing him for about a week.

Day 325

Today was showtime. It went really well, especially Ryan's one; we had fabric and all sorts going wild. It ran smoothly and felt like it was real quick.

Jack then stayed over afterwards. It was very good to see him =)

Day 324

I totally spent today on a buzz. That is to say going "ee". I rode James in the afternoon and he was lovely. Before that, we totally raved it up in Earwig. Awesomesauce.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Day 323

I met Buzz today and OH MY GOD i want to buy him so much.

i have to talk to my mum first, but I really really want to.

I might have to move stables though...not least because I'd hate to see the look on Seona's face when she dropped Buzz at hamsey =/

Photo to follow because i'm lazy.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Day 322

I don't like my face in this photo but my shoulders look less offensively wide, so there we go.


I now know his real name. o=!

So today.
musical theatre was first and that was genius because we did a song from We Will Rock You which is wicked. And the guy who was running the session was brill because he was so camp in a friendly and approachable kinda way, which is rare and good.
Second was something apparently uninteresting because i've forgotten what it was.
Then was break which amused me because everyone blocked Tim and me out of the circle so we sat behind them and said that we didn't like them, then spoke of Twittr internet and biscuits.
Then was..Ryan and makeup and I dressed as a weirdly convincing Elvis with gold glasses and a gold mic and all. We have a performance piece with him which is gunna be really really good from the sound of it =D
Lunch was relatively uninteresting. Spent it with Phoebe and Tim basically, wihchi was cool cause Phoebe's really nice
Then was Ben MW (hawhaw) with Shakespear which was good because he gave us the main elements from Macbeth and we in two groups came up with different interpertations of the things which was really interesting..
Then break, Tim and Phoebe again but with a succesful trip to the student shop and filling up some water.
Then Kate. Kate's brill and we have her for a performance too so it was great. We made an advert for selling kids which was funny; I was a couple with Phoebe and we sold our kid (then Phoebe was the kid who was sold which was a bit confusing). But yeah.
The opera afterwards was also really good even though my mum was tetchy with me being hungry and was trying to get me to take opera singing lessons.
It was the little mermaid without the air of disney.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Day 321

Tee, 3..2..1..LIFT OFF.

It was the first day of Earwig today!

It was truly genius I say.
Tim and I spent ages in the dance session raving it up with Sam and a guy who looks twelve and fancies me (Rory).
The guys in that group - aside from Tron - are really odd.. yeah.

Good times dude.

I dislike this photograph.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Day 320

In contrast to how this photo looks, I've been really happy all day. I woke up happy after going to bed happy being so pleased with my Hallelujah recording that I youtubed it and listened to it more than once. That's saying something.

I spent time with my dad today, and found it really nice. I've not just relaxed at home much recently. Or it feels so.
I like home.
It's a good place to be.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Day 319

So far today I've been on a bikeride and realised I'm getting fitter/better at cycling/combinations thereof.

I'm about to contact Jack and find out what he wants to do, but even though he says not to I still get nervous of waking him up.

This evening I spent an amazing time singing and making a video in which I sang Hallelukah. I'm actually pleased with it! Teeeeee.

Day 318

Saw Kati, went to Lush, bought something to help with headaches and mood swings (i hope). Sang on the beach and enjoyed it.

Ate steak pie and instant mash which I didn't mind.

Got a reply from Oli about a mail I sent him.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Day 317 / I should be asleep.

An eventful day.

The morning was what I do on most days; saw Jack and drank milk and ate a ham sandwich cut into triangles (^,^) and looked for Kati's top and got Jack's pocketwatch back.

I decided to cycle to riding. I got very close to all the way before passing too close and too fast to another biker (thus my fault and I get that) before coming off. I pushed my bike to Hamsey slightly shakily and these guys beeped and gestured to see if I was OK. Then they pulled over, opposite Hamsey, in the bus stop, as I found out when I saw them. (dur). One, the driver, asked for my number. I didn't hear what he said exactly, something about how he'd take me out and (following is what I've basically made up) make me feel better. Lulz.

james was good in the lesson but it was horrible to tack up James. I washed off my elbow (coming off I had made my elbow bleed and given myself some gorgeous bruises on my right knee. Wonderfully enough the small one on my left knee is close to hurting more because it's right on the joint.) and tacked up the lovely beast, looking at another which Marc was grooming and Ray later tried to sell to me, then went and found Sue who was very nice and bandaged up my elbow (put a sticky plaster on it then cut off the end of another so that it was long enough. Which makes sense only to me but whatever).
I then fed round using Robyn and whoever I rode with as tools. The girl who helped feed came off when Paddington swerved nastily (as Ray pointed out, he did a Goulash o=), but was fine. The other girl in the lesson was good; bulshy. Needs confidence. Doesn't give the chance for the horse to take the piss. Good start.

I went to the co-op and hurt a lot.
I got home and hurt a lot.
I didn't eat much.

I went to bed and got depressed again. I keep cutting myself off when I'm not happy; I go offline from everything and cocoon myself in words; this time Dido's and Tracey Chapman's (Fast Car and Don't Leave Home, mainly).

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Day 316

I spent today with Fi and we cycled to Devil's Dyke and back. It was good, very good.

We watched Harry Potter 4 when we got back. It was bad, very bad.

Day 315

I cannot remember anything from today except that I spent the evening talking to Kati and Jack.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Day 314

Left earlyish, after spending most of babysitting money on lunch.

Tried to sleep on the train but it didn't go well, so I ended up just leaning on Jack and reading my book.

When back, I slept through Indiana Jones 4 and Jack gave me many many hugs.

I love him.

Day 313

Woke up early and Jack, Roxy, the boys and I went to an urban farm. It was really nice; the animals were very healthy and happy seeming.

The boys went down when we got back and Rox, Mark, Jack and I sat around talking.
or soemthing; I don't completely remember.

In the afternoon, Jack and I went to Greenwich and lay around in the park like thing, me taking photos and Jack not doing a lot. We walked quite a way back, got the bus for a few stops, then it stopped, so we walked further back. At one point we were crossing a road and a motorbike overtook someone waiting for us to cross which really scared me because I didn't think it was going to stop and if it hadn't then it would've hit me. It really did scare me.

Jack and i babysat in the evening, which basically meant that we had R&M's house to ourselves. We being the ravers that we are, we watched the Lion King (it was the first time I'd seen it o=) and ate marshmallows. Yum.

Day 312

I can't remember much about today; Jack and I went to London and it was k00l.

Boys = v cute.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Day 311

I love my new shirt. Bought when with Fi, worn today, looooved today. Rocking.

As ever, I spent the day with Jack and had a good time; we were v much raving it up. Ish.

I left early and made brownies, which will be eaten tomorrow for desert because they're nicer the day after they're made. The mixture was nice, I must say =P.

Then spoke to Alice and Jack.

Then Rachael, Ed (her boyfriend) and Beccy came round bringing Dave (R&B's father (lol)). Rachael's alright, and Ed reminds me of Victor which is weird because they are /completely/ different. It's just the smile and way he makes eye contact mostly..I mgiht actually be making it up about Victor, but it still reminds me of him xP

Then I spoke to Jack and went to bed. It was wild.

To gay pride or not to gay pride tomorrow?

PS: please ignore my face in this photo.