Saturday, 31 December 2011

Photo Twenty Two

Hello, Blogger.

I feel horrific today (ergo - no face in the photo) with a high temperature, throbbing headache and swollen glands. So I'll be ringing in the new year at home, in bed. At least probably in bed - hoping I don't just pass out on the sofa!

Have a good one y'all, enjoy yourselves and all the best for 2012.
Make it the best yet.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Photo Twenty One

Should 21 be hyphenated? This is why we English people need to be taught English properly. I genuinely am not sure.

Btw I look like crap at the moment, hence the photo is only lips/chin. (Y)

Anyway. Thought of the day: don't go out with someone that your friend sets you up with. Because when you break up, the first friend is still friends with the person they set you up with. So when the person you were set up with says "how about we go to (my new lady)'s house party on new year?" there's no reason why the first friend should say no. But like HELL are you gonna actively ruin your new year, no matter how your expectations of it are every year. Ergo: none of your close(ish) friends on New Year.

Though that's probably a good thing. I think Amy and I are going to a house party with Tom and Millie, who are pretty good fun. Millie in her hilariously slutty ways and Tom in his retarded, somewhat chav ways. Good fun chap, he is. Like in Coalition smoking area when we were out, we started squaring up to each other. It ended in a hug and calling each other awesome, which is always nice.

Today I'm trying to get some work done, then I'll have a nice invigorating shower, go into town and wander around Snooper's Paradise looking for a bread bin for my dad, then come back via my mum's so I can get my yoga book and money (I don't trust whoever she's letting sleep in my room and I've been chucking all my change in a glass jar thing.. I have at least £20 in there), do some yoga, clean my Dad's house a bit (bathroom and kitchen today, I think), see what time it is and maybe do some more work, maybe see m'boy Jamaz....then decide whether or not to go out tonight. Could meet Byard again, he's always good fun. We shall see :)
I will do this all while attacking my ear with TCP at regular intervals throughout the day (new piercing infected - boo).

I feel so much better today. In case you hadn't realised. :)

(also... one week. teeee ^,^)

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Photo twenty

I've done nothing for a few days, and it's really annoying. I'm not using up the energy that I produce and it's driving me round the bend. I want to go and do stuff but I don't have anything to do, anywhere to go, or anyone to do it with. All my friends want to do is go out and get pissed; no one seems to be up for chilling out, swimming, going somewhere. A little exploration.

I miss my Viking, he would usually have cheered me up by now.

I need to do something. Aaaah.
I would go riding but there's not really much point, because Ray doesn't teach me anything and the horses at Hamsey aren't that amazing at the moment; they're not what I want, because I want fun and fizz and bouncing, which they don't really do. Goddamn. Damn damn damn.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Photo ninteen

So this photo was taken ages ago but it'll still count. It's not like there's any reason for me to be numbering these photos anyway, it's more of an excuse than anything.

Anyway - merry christmas!

I've done the merriment and the board games and now I'm, well, bored. I should go to bed, like really should, because I'm hurting from a fall from a horse on Thursday (more serious than I thought - bit silly of me tbh. from what i can work out, i landed on the right side of my back then rolled with a fair amount of force into the wall, which was the most painful bit and the reason so much of me hurts. Bummerrrr.) and am so grouchy that it's painful .. Amazing how 3 months of being all active and stuff can get to you.

It's annoying, I wanted to swim and stuff over this holiday, so that I could at least come away from it feeling okay, but I got my ear pierced (eee!) so can't swim, but I also can't work out at the gym or anything because my muscles hurt from Thursday. Lucky thing I just found a yoga plan - I'm sure that's a good thing.

So what's new? My dinosaur onesie, mostly. LOVE it. I had a really good day with my family today. My dad and bro. We had so much food that we're having to postpone Christmas dinner until Friday though, hahaha.
I got my onesie, a book of Edgar Allen Poe's complete works, a book called 'The day Aberystwyth stood still', a helicopter ride (!), insurance on my car for when the Viking's down, fuel paid for the previous, and more to come from my moma. Two christmas celebrations can be odd, but also awesome.

I also miss my Viking like crazy. But I'm not sure how new that is..

Anyway, I've run out of things to say, and the tiredness has finally hit.

Night, beautifuls (L)

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Photo Eighteen

Not gna lie guys, I feel crap. It was great to see my friends again and Patrick walked me home and we had one of our long talks about everything which was amazing. I've missed him.

But Chris was out, with his new lady, and they were making out a LOT. When they weren't, Chris was entirely ignoring her and often trying to disrupt my conversations. I say this but it's a complete overexaggeration - I was talking to Jimmy at one point and he tried to talk to him across the circle of people, and I was singing at Bassey at another point and Chris just took Bassey's attention. So nothing big at all. Just awkward. Just annoying.

His lady has a piercing in between her two front teeth. Patrick had to explain to me that it was a piercing, not a defect. I find that weird. Why would you want that? So indie she has bleeding gums.

I hate that, because of how she's looked at me, I know what he's said about me. That I'm a complete bitch who broke his heart. Ignoring how much I had to deal with, how I put so much into our relationship and got essentially jack shit back (to be fair he might have been nice I just can't fucking remember it. We had good times out (when I paid or I took us somewhere - not charging him for petrol, of course.)....), and how much money I spent on him. He still owes me at least £50 I'll never see again. Not to mention the amount of entry fees and drinks and god knows what else I paid for him. Never, ever get money involved in a relationship. Ever.

I'm still the bitch. The bitch who couldn't take it any more.. but like that matters. Makes me feel a bit like I shouldn't bother. On the good side, I recognise that this doesn't apply to everything and doesn't mean that my life is pointless or whatever. It just means that I need to break the cycle. Fingers crossed then, viking.

On the other good side, Skah was amazing at ripping the piss out of them.

So, well, it was okay overall. I'm not sure how tomorrow at Carolina's will be, but we'll have to see. I'll just remember to stay sober enough to understand myself and get drunk enough to be better at ignoring him.

Still. Peace out y'all.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Photo seventeen

Several things, today..
1. I'm home again. So Hello Brighton! It's good to see you.

2. He makes my heart go boom.

3. What I was thinking about on the way home yesterday. Life is so much easier if you stop thinking about the goodbyes and start thinking about the hellos. That's a terrible way of phrasing what I'm trying to say, though. Basically, if you start thinking "I'm going to miss you like hell", you get all sad and stop doing what you want to spend your time doing. However, if you think "It's going to be amazing to see you again", you become excited; have things to look forwards to. Of course, you still miss the person, but it's a shit lot easier when you plan what to wear when you see them again, where to take them, what you'll do together. So I'm employing this idea both now, while I'm missing the Viking over Christmas, and in life. "I may miss you but I'm going to meet some amazing people" will come up a lot, I think. Just remember to keep the best ones around. And the best ones aren't necessarily the obvious ones. In fact, they're often not.

4. There are better places to read about how to breed horses than on a train. And that's a fact.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Photo sixteen

I'm going home soon. I can't wait to see my pappy, and it'll be good to see some friends and things. And what's grand is I always have an excuse to not go out, which is that I can't afford anything. Christmas absolutely rinsed me, I'm skint now! I think people have good presents though.. well, I hope that they like them. Tee. Family meal with Becca and Alice tonight, which will be lovely. I can't wait. I'm excited to go home now, though I will miss Becca and Alice and H ever so much! Ah well - 3 weeks isn't tooo long :)

Teeee. Back to packing I go!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Photo fifteen

I look shit & feel shit today. I was expecting to see the viking tonight and haven't because he went out which kina sucks. I've not been out for ages and miss it. Feels like I haven't had fun for ages. I have, it's stupid to say otherwise, but I just feel shit.

I'm talking to someone who's meant to be caring enough to make me feel better but she kinda isn't, like, at all. I got Alice round for the evening and so I stayed sane but now I'm having trouble doing so because I'm having stuff I'm not interested in told to me. This is boring, Life is boring. I feel crap. I'm so glad I can get away on Saturday, at last.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Photo fourteen

This was actually taken 5 ays ago, I'm not gna lie. I just cba to take one at the moment, because I'm ill and really hot because I'm trying to sweat out a fever. Sexy, innit. This was after the UV party and before the shower which followed. Damn, that was a good night.

So update:
On Wednesday I saw my brother again! This was when I was illest (of course. I'd been fine until that morning then woke up with swollen glands.. ridiculous) We went to Frank Turner and it was as amazing as ever. He's bloody brilliant, and seems to get better every time we see him live. He played Photosynthesis as his last track and it was amazing, he controlled the audience so well! There was a surprising lack of pits though, which I could see because I was sitting down for most of it because everything hurt (-.-)

We stayed in Newport, where the gig was, overnight which was my dad's birthday present to me (FT was Pod's) and I slept in a double bed! Oh my, it was weird. I slept diagonally most of the night, and kept on waking up in weirder positions than the last time.

We then got the train back to Aber and had a curry after Pod met Henrik, who's lent me a scarf which is brilliant tbh. They seemed to get on well, and Pod liked him, yey. And mum sent him a text that eve saying "Have you met Henrik??????" which is hilariously enthusiastic.

We watched Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist (cute) then Mr and Mrs Smith, which I made myself fall asleep in. I slept badly. I miss sleeping with the Viking already, but it's probably just as well that I'm not because I'd disturb him so much with the amount that i'm tossing and turning and waking and whatnot... and that wouldn't be great. He is very cute though. Going out with him and some other people tonight which I look forwards to (I fucking dread tomorrow though - feel rough already and out with Pod? Oh gawd), not least because it means that I can get some hugs. Just don't want to infect him though, as that'd be so darn crap.

Well, B Colon is late showing up here which means that I'll have to be ready when she does. So I'm gonna go. Bye, y'all.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Photo Thirteen

Damn, too cool for school! ... Hence why I'm at uni. I went to lectures wearing sheep slippers, this here night cap and matching trousers that I stole off the Viking today, as well as my flatmate's hoody. I should really wear my own clothes more.

Debating whether or not to buy this onesie: ... it'd be beyond awesome, but i can't afford it really.... then again, i've not spent much this week.... HMM.

Anyway. Today's been pretty alright, mostly because I've been wearing PJs all day. It's a good way of doing loads but still feeling like you've done nothing, I'm not gna lie. I do, however, also feel lazy because of it, even though I've been at the stables mucking out for 2 hours, learning shit about a progressive riding test (it sounds like a waste of time, tbh), in a business lesson for 2 hours (i'm going to fail), been writing an anatomy lab repot, and have been playing Odd Socks on Facebook loads. It's addictive and lame. So lame that my friend Alice called me lame. That's not a good sign.

It's this evening that I'm looking forwards to. The viking's coming round, I'll cook for him (even though I have shit all food... I'll have to pop to the shop!) then we'll watch Sweeny Todd because it's awesome. Then I'll get a lie in with him tomorrow (unless he has to get up early.. I hope he doesn't.. but think he does.. d'oh) which is always awesome. I wake up happy when it's with him. Genuinely, I usually wake up pretty "meh", but every morning I'm with him I'm happy. It's pretty awesome, it must be said. It's weird to think that we've only been together about a month; it feels longer than that, because i'm so comfortable and relaxed around him. It's almost like it's too easy for the beginning of a relationship. But I'm not complaining. It feels fantastic.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Photo Twelve

sorry about this photo, i know it's beyond gross.

Morning all. i feel properly rough today, haven't gone to lectures because of that. might have to go to the doctor's so that i can be excused, because i'll need a doctor's note, but i'm not really that level of ill. I also don't know where my doctor's surgery is and can't afford £6 for a taxi to and from town... so that's that, i guess.

on the good side, my man the viking is ever so sweet. he said that he wished he could take care of me (he can't because he's all clever and stuff so has like a million essays to do for really soon) and that he thinks we're getting to know each other really well... he seems to be a lot of what i've hoped for before. fingers crossed this doesn't fuck up. i really hope it won't. it doesn't feel like it will - it feels too much like what i've hoped for. honestly, the only thing that worries me is "what happens in three years?" - when we leave uni. i'm sure that if it's meant to be, it will be, though. so fingers crossed. big time. that's one of the things that i like about him.. because i knew him before we were together, i feel like i know a real, genuine version of him, unlike with chris, i don't worry that he'll change in a couple of months. it's good. it's good feeling this secure. so, so good.


Thursday, 3 November 2011

Photo Eleven

When me and the Viking got together, we were sitting on a ruin in a field and being stared at by some sheep.

Last night, he took me back there and lit a scented candle and gave me cupcakes and wine. I have never been so romanced in all of my life. I'm about to go to his for dinner and then the theatre.. No idea if I'm dressed for the best. I'm wearing a skirt and two pairs of tights but have a feeling I'll freeze anyway.. and why don't I have a nice coat here? I'm going to have to still wear my hockey hoody. D'oh..

Monday, 31 October 2011

Photo Ten

I'm feeling sexy today, as you can tell...
My best friend is visiting me :) - but she's asleep at the moment because we only got back about 7//8 hours ago and I just generally don't sleep enough so am awake and about to do an essay.
And I stole this hat off my flat mate. He's not here at the moment, but left it in the kitchen so I put it on. I just hope he doesn't have nits.
And my viking is amazing. Not least because he says all these things that I genuinely believe. It's a wonderful feeling, this one of complete trust. God I hope this lasts.


Saturday, 29 October 2011

Photo Nine

He's bloody lovely.

It was my birthday in Aber yesterday, so I went out with several friends and it was lovely. They're amazing people. And now my best friend from Brighton is here and she's lovely! Lovely lovely lovely. And my viking makes me happy. I had an amazing morning with him just doing nothing but mucking around... Did I mention that he's lovely?

Now to have pizza, wine and a heart to heart with my bestie. How I've missed her!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Photo Eight: Return of the Cat Hat!

The cat hat is back, and as awesome as ever. I have done basically nothing today. That's actually not true, I've done loads and had a pretty good day, I just feel like I've done nothing. It's really weird. I went for a ride then dissected a horse's penis this morning (standard), then came back, had pizza and crisps (mm healthy), did my laundry, started researching my essay, started writing my essay, and am now waiting for the viking. So practical, just not with much moving. Will have to be busting out the gym type moves on Monday.. I would tomorrow, but it's the start of my birthday! (actually I might tomorrow anyway, but that's not the point). Tomorrow my friends take me to Aber vaults and then on a pub crawl. I predict it to be messy. I do, however, want to last the night, so might have to stick on the WKDs at first, with no predrinking... ooh hardcore. I have new shoes for it and everything. I'll make sure to post a photo at pome point!

Big love.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Photo Seven

Hula Hoop Hands!! (I really need to stop eating junk food. Or go to the gym more. Or both. (pah))

My Viking is coming to visit me for new year now i'm happy :) I'll only have to miss him for two weeks. Gosh, I hope that this ones last. We've been formal as of the 21st of October :)
I'm sorting out my work experience stuff for next summer at the moment... I want to go to as many places as possible! There's Spain and Ireland already applied to.. New York next!
This Viking is making me want to make everything happen. It's how things should be.. we should make what we want to happen happen, because there's nothing to say that it will otherwise. Let's go guys. Let's take the leap. Head first, Fearless!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Photo Six

This is clearly not going to be a "365 days of my life" kinda thing, because I've already missed loads, so I think I'll just start counting photos and documenting stuff because I find it interesting to look back on. Like really interesting.

Anyway today I've done not enough work and have been on the yard all day. I'm in an amazing mood though.. I think it's because I'm wearing the viking's braces! =)
I have a lab report that I should be doing atm though ooooops!

Last night was a good one too, Henrik got very drunk so we ended up eating chicken and chips and getting a taxi home early, which was pretty good - especially because it meant that I could actually function this morning! He was proper buzzing at his though, it was quite amusing xD I just went to bed though. Very sensible of me tbh! :):):)

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Day Five

Hey all :)

Found a horse that I really like the look of, it's pretty awesome! I'm going to try and go to see it in a week, but I need to figure out costs beforehand.

I slept through most of an anatomy lecture today, which shows great things for my future understanding...

I was also told by the Viking that he has a surprise planned for my birthday. He told what it is to my friend Becca and she seems to think that I'll love it... I am so excited now. I'm not even kidding; I've not been this excited for a birthday in YEARS. Hoping for the best from that boy, in the long run. It's looking promising, I will not lie.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Day Four

It must be said, waking up in a good mood and going to sleep so happy that you're smiling are absolutely lovely feelings.

Today ... I'm not sure how good it'll be because I'm going to be on yard in the evening after a 9 - 5 day of lectures and work and stuff... oh I bet it'll be awesome. Hope I get to see the Viking at the end of it. (:

The hunt for a horse is going well. Well I say that, I mean that I've found some gorgeous looking ones and I bet that they'll be gone by the time I get to call the owners... but that's not the point! It's all good. :)

More later maybe.... we shall see.

Btw, like my towel?

Day threeeee


1-- me and the viking kinda got closer which is lovely lovely lovely (:

2-- my friend and i had so much fun checking books out of a library that it was insane. seriously, it was amazing, you kinda scan the bar code then push it forwards... it bleeps with approval and everything!

3-- There have been rumors from my dad that buying a horse is on the cards...!! OMG!! Well actually it's meant to be a loan but I don't have a prayer of getting one around here, really. So fingers crossed... I like the look of a wee Dun who's nice looking.. and a TB ex racehorse which could be nice.. OOH HOW EXCITING!!!!

yeah the photo's meant to be my excited face, it just went a bit wrong and i didn't want to retake it because i was on the phone to my dad at the time..!


Saturday, 15 October 2011

Day two

Evening all.

I had a really nice day. I'm really, really tired now because I woke up at 12 having "only" slept 9 hours (I think I need to catch up on sleep a bit... having been out til 2 and up at 7 most days), but we (Mike, our adopted flatmate who spends all his time at our flat because his is boring; Dai, one of my flatmates; and Rob, another flatmate - and me but I assume you can work that out yourselves) spent the day at the beach in Aber. I absolutely love it here. It's so relaxed it's amazing, with the most random things going on sometimes (there were people earlier dressed as jedi type things and fighting... like whaaat?).

Tonight will be my first silent/headphone disco. I'm pretty up for it, hoping it'll be a good one, because a silent disco is something I've always wanted to do. weyy.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Day one - take two!

Hello world!
I had genuinely forgotten that I had this blog. I came back on it today and read some really lovely comments that I didn't see before.. and it made me decide to start again with 365 :)

A lot has changed since I last wrote! I'm not living in Aberystwyth and studying Equine Studies. It's only been 3 weeks so far but it must be said that I'm really enjoying it. I have learned a lot already, though have also repeated a lot.. that said, it's practice that makes perfect, so it can hardly do any damage.

What else? I left this blog shortly after Alec.. that was so long ago! Gosh. I don't even know how to fill you all in straight off the top of my head, so I think I'll just tell you as I go. I think that one of the most important things to know is that when I refer to "my viking" or "my pet viking", I mean my friend Henrik, who I only met since being here but have really connected with. He's brilliant - as soon as I have a bad night I text him, and he makes me feel so much better. Last Wednesday some guy was being a proper arsehole and made me feel really bad about myself, so I texted Henrik and he stayed up until 2am talking to me. Bless him. Hope that we stay in touch for, well, always, if I'm completely honest.

Not being at home is a really big change for me.. I find it kinda hard, but also kinda easy and natural. I'm in a flat with 9 other people (I think..) and there's such a mix of people that it's insane. We seem to all get on so well, though (except for one poor guy who gets the piss ripped out of him. I feel sorry for him, but can't help it - he's the kind of person who's every other word is digging at you or undermining your point, which gets very tiring!
I'm not sure how long we'll get on for - having seen one of my friends fall out with her housemates horribly last year - but I hope that it goes well for the year at least.

Oh so much more to say, but equally as much work to do. I don't even have assignments yet, I just have to type up a lot of notes so that I stay on top of them. Unfortunately, I haven't really done this yet... so I better get typing!

Big love (L)