Saturday, 29 November 2008

Day 67 - 4 - rebirth

Let's be honest, I didn't take this on the day.
Because I was green.
Wasn't very well at all, all day.  'Cause Dad's ill, I tried to go to school, but only got through form before going home, bright green.  I didn't feel well on the bus, and when I got home I fell up the stairs into bed.  I later watched Hercules with Dad, and ate a sandwich..
Wild, eh?

Rebirth - reborn after illness?
(Taken today, Saturday, when recovery began..  =D)

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Day 66 - 3 - recycle

Even longer day.  Dad's ill and I think I'm coming down with something, which ain't good.  I don't want to.  Winter Concert tomorrow - I've decided that if I get any worse I'll just go in for rehursal (which is 6th period anyway, so fine) and the concert.  If I can.
I'll probably go in anyway.
Urgh, everything is such a mission... a day off would do me good.

Horrible picture of me pointing at the recycling.  I was going to get in the box, but didn't feel well and the door was locked.

Day 65 - 2 - refill

My phone just died, so no bluetooth.  To be updated.
Very long day, but saw Oli at the end of it =)

You (better, Kaitey?) refill bottles.  Not generally milk bottles, but that's completely and utterly irrelevant.

Day 64 - Monday

I'm getting way too lazy with these.

Anyway, there's this thing in the loo at my dad's which says twelve words begining with "re" on it.  I've decided that for the next twelve days, Immunna do one photo of me doing or with something relating to that item.

So, One: "reuse"...
One reuses a mug.
Especially if it's a gromit mug.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Day 63

I lubb Gromit =)

SO fucking cold.
Riding in the morning.  Frieda, which was genius, but SO COLD.
Didn't warm up all day.

Day 62

Had brilliant day with Oli, even though I was absolutely knackered all morning - no fit state for doing work.  No idea where my art book is actually, which is a bit of a bummer.  On the good side, veryveryvery happy with Oli =)
Was watching Sarah Marshall with Oli's family (I was the only one laughing at the shoe bit...teehee :P) and a bit of it got me thinking...
There's this bit where the big guy says "This guy's like Ghandi, but better, cause he likes puppets."
What I want to know is if Ghandi DID like puppets.  Is there any evidence?  Did he like them so much that they were used to amuse him as he starved himself for the upteenth time?  Did they even exist then??
So many questions, so little time.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Day 61

So sodding tired.
Bad sleep.
Hour of Corals.
Two hours of judo.
Staying up through dinner, even, was a mission after that.
This was taken before a long hot bath and a viewing of Mean Girls.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Day 60

Looky, is my facey.
Sorry, not feeling very creative.
Shall I tell you why?

I've not had that bad a day, jumping was good and seeing Emma was too (she came jumpaging).  I'm now shattered because I've just finished two and a half essays.  Well it's not true that I've finished a half - I only did two.  One's crap, and that's the coursework one.  Pah.
On the good side, check out that sky.  That's the best part of winter: you see those brilliant sunsets when leaving school.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Day 59

Side parting?
Bit crap.
My hair was really greasy and our boiler broke, so I couldn't have a shower.  My mum said that when they had greasy hair they put talk on it then brushed it out... which was odd.  But felt DISGUSTING all day.  Which was bad.
On the good side, I'm at my dad's now so can shower.

Day 58

Check it out man.
It's me and my friend Murphy the portaloo.
Builders love him.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Day 57 - Monday

A few points.
1.  I've been feeling quite pissy and annoyed all day.  I had a physics exam which i failed in the morning, which didn't make me any happier,but I did perk up when talking about the Boosh, and to Fi.
2. Had no music =)
Which was great - I went to Oli's before dinner, then home for dinner, then back to his.  (He wasn't allowed here and I wasn't allowed there, and we wanted to see each other.. We don't seem to much.)  It was a good time, and we spent ages talking outside mine when we walked home.  We spoke about random shit, slagging off someone with a well posh aston marten in Hove (it doesn't fit.!  Oli was talking about how he'd rather buy a better house than that kinda car, which I found very amusing.) then we were talking about the future... and I think he's in the same kind of place as I am: we love having each other, and not having will be really weird, but it's just... bearable.  Neither of us seem scared of the future, which I think is a brilliant thing.  I've no idea what'll happen in the situation, should/when it arises, but for now, I'm just really happy with him.  I love him <3>
3. I showed Catherine and Skah my t-shirt (which was under my jumper and school top, so I lifted it to show them) and was putting it down again as Jordan came over, and he gave me a really weird was very, very funny xD
4. Russell Brand is a gift from Krishna.
Or God.
Whoever floats your boat.
2. Mr Russell Brand makes everything better.
Feeling quite pissy and annoyed all day.  Can't wait to leave Blatch.  On the good side, Mr Brand makes all better.

Day 56

We've got Boosh t-shirts!!!  Check them out.

Kaitey's is better than mine, it has the Bouncy Bouncy crimp on it.

I think i screwed up my numbers because going through my posts, i never actually published day 13...then again i don't think i repeated it, so it should be fine.

All's fair in love and war, and this is revolution.

Still on a bit of a grumpy high after the Boosh =D

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Day 55

Spent the day with this chic: (who will give me a more flattering photo at some point)

And praising these things:
We went shopping lots, where we tried on tops:

THEN WE GOT THERE!!! (yknow, after getting ready and that, which Kaitey will message me pics of probably, because there are a few coolies)
This is our feet being completely different: she normally stands all pigeon toed, and I stand all manly... We is weird yeh?
More to follow with Kaitey's pics ;]

PS: We got:
Boosh t-shirts (see tomorrow's 365)
A photo of an autograph (from Mike!! The damn security guard wouldn't let him sign our tickets in eye liner - he really would've too =[ )

We did:
STALKING (we hung around outside the back entrance for an hour or so, praaaaying to meet people but only saw Noel and Mike at the window, which was really funny and noel is WELL cute!  O and Richard flashed us o=....his chesticles, I mean!)
LOLING (Noel got hit on the head by an eel!! And fell through an armchair being Tony Harrisson!! And Bollo killed the world!!!!! - he was pushing it off stage, really energetic and all, and fell over with it, oh my lord it was hillarious.  Plus, of course, the actually funny bits, like Noel then pwning the eel and riding Kaitey just said, it's "EEL TIME!!", and like Julian worrying about his testicles, and having his beard come off...ooh that reminds me, we saw Noel's undies!  And Julian's but they weren't gold. They were black.  OMG in that bit Noel was talking Chavese - a mix between chav and chinese.  OMG AWESOMENESS!!!!!)
DANCING (Bob Fossil gave a dance lesson!! In DVDs he's not normally funny but he made us stand up and we were all really into it so it was awesome!!)
CRIMPING (We crimped along with their songs, then tried to crimp them out of their upstairs room to us when we were stalking.)
MEETING (We met two really cool randomers while stalking.  They were v funny and the boy, who said Henry meaning Callum, was completely obsessed!  Running door - window, window - door.... bless :P    Then Kaitey and I, in all our cleverness, stopped running when the windowers kept screaming, cause they thought the stupid blonds up there were decent people.  We also met some really cool people with scarves, who would've happily done rapage of Noel... ;]. Flora, from my old school, was there, which was odd but cool.  And OBVIOUSLY we met Mike!! (Naboo for those of you who are silly and don't know who Mike is...))
DROOLING (esp Kait: Noel's gorgeous Noel's gorgeous noel's gorgeous noel's gorgeous noels gorgeous....repeat 40 thousand times for clue of how much Kaitey talks of such things, in those exact words :P ...  and that's just in 3 minutes!!!)


Friday, 14 November 2008

Day 54

Feeling unloved and pissy, generally.  People being annoying, and rather want a hug from Oli.

On the good side....
EEEEEEE BOOSH TOMORROW!!!!  I seriously can't wait!! =D

PS: QOTD: "You've got very nice handwriting, haven't you... are you Catholic?"
Which reminds me, I've got ethics hw -.-

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Day 53

I'm not worried about the future, I just am curious for what's going to happen.  The future is weird, cloudy, unpredictable, but I really believe that everything that happens is going somewhere, going to the place where you're meant to.  I don't believe that your whole life is written out for you, I just believe that when you're on your death bed it's decided if you'll be satisfied and pleased, or disappointed.  So, I think that everything's written out....ish.  I can't really explain it.  However, I want to know if everything's going the right way; if I'm going to make the decisions that will make things faster, or slow me down.  I just don't know.

Had good ride today.

Day 52

Nat decided to make me put on loads of mascara and eyeliner in English.  It was weird.  Here you can't see it, but it was cool.
I'm getting annoyed with the Steven King adverts, they're kinda boring now...
That's all.

Day 51

It was quite confusing earlier as I forgot that day 50 was a monday.
I want my life to start.
I want to go to 6th form.
I want to know how much I mean to Oli
I want to know if my friends care for me.
I want to change myself,
I want to change the people around me.
I want to get closer to the best people,
And know who the worst are.
I want to go to Spain or France and do what I want to most,
I want to ride in the places that so many dream of,
Then I want to come back home and teach.
I want to know what the future holds and if what I want will happen,
I want to know how long Oli and I have left.
I want to know what will happen to me if I go to Lewes,
I want to know if I will make the right choices.

I want, I want, I want.
Why not just be happy with what we've got for a change?
Cause come on, you know you're the same.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Day 50 - The First Marker - Monday.

(It's troo^)

Can't decide whether today was good or bad...I can't remember most of it.  However, did have delicious dinner.
Ponderland didn't work on Yootoob tho -.-
Told Oli today that I love him, and what I was thinking on Saturday...and he feel sthe same.  How good is that =)
Don't know why I put that...but it's been 50 days, I deserve a ... thing like that.
Anyway, night time.

Day 49

The good and the bad.
James is coming back!!
Goulash is going ='[[

On the other good side, I have a miniature jam jar on my head.

Day 48

Today I went to see Lewes college.  It was truly amazing - I like, fell in love with it.  The people there were so friendly, they really made me want to go.  The languages dept. looks really good, and there's this brilliant atmosphere that really pulled me in, and the people were friendly, chatty and helpful.
After the open day, I became really... curious for the future.  Not worried, not thinking "what if?", or "I don't want to lose him" or whatever, but just wanting to know what happens.  I saw Oli later, and was just thinking that I'm happy.  I'm pleased with how things are now, and I can't see things going wrong that soon.  Not really till I go to 6th form, when there's the possibility that it's too hard, or we/I/he meets new people.  But yknow, I just really want to know how it all ends up.  I realy, really want to look back in sixty years and say "yeah, it was worth it."  That is what I want.

Day 47

Well good judo.
Working with Jamie, went through ALL of my stuff.  Well, except techniques and counters.  But apart from that.  then had randori against Nathan and Jamie, a contest about Nathan (won ;]); against Jamie (lost, but he's a lot bigger than me); then randori again, against Max.  I was Rather Tired afterwards, not to mention Rather Pink...
But it was good.
Pop choir was awesome XD  Laura and Jess have had an argument so there was just Laura by the way of old people (as well as my that is..) but was good.  We were arsing around and giving out biscuits.  We're like the food people.  They bow down to us.
Afterwards we ate homemade chocolate biscuits.  In English, that means we ate digestives with chocolate spread on them.  Nomstix.
Corals was also really good - did pilaties.  I had no idea what it was before, but it's basically a tummy work out.  Laura and I have totally noticed how much we're geting fitter, so we asked Wapham to put us on the next block.
Double IT - Laura and I got competetive about a game in which George Bush serves hot dogs....oh my lol XDD
Double ethics - well, ethics really.  Laura, Livvie and I went to the RIC for it, and blew bubbles at each other, which was really rather amusing.  I didn't write my essay very well, which defined the differences between my friends - one went, one waited.  Guess which is which....
Before that - is completely irrelevant.
Good day.  =)

Day 46

Odd day.
I spent loads of it annoying myself.  I felt ill this morning, then got a text which annoyed my pants off.  Since the text, I was wondering why I hadn't said anything to the person, when I could've at any point.  I'm so scared of upsetting people, I'd probably really hurt myself in order to keep them happy.  Methinks it must stop.
Also, why is RBOS in England?  Its title is very specific as to its whereabouts.

However.  Good ride.  Was jumping Frieda, and every now and then really got it good.  She's a really good horse, but wouldn't fit jumping shows: she's too long for her height jumps.  Bless.  She's the sweetest beastie, though.

Day 45

Today was a much better day, despite science existing AND being physics.  I'm starting a count down till I never have to study physics again!!! (Or I will, when I can be arsed.  Which is not now.)   I spent a lot of the day with Fi, which was well cool.  Looking forwards to lots of things...
Went home from Oli's early because I thought I was getting more presents (teehee, cupboard love :P), but it wasn't, which was a tad annoying what with my having left early and all that.  But hey ho, that's the way it goes.  I was too busy playing with my macbook to realise anyway!
I lubb my macbook =D
Lol, i also lubb talking about apologies to all readers! XD

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Day 44

That spac moved! :P

Tuesday... was feeling quite shite all day, and I don't really know why.  I wasn't really being cheered up by much and my friends were just pissing me off.  I found out I didn't have my keys.  I went to Oli's, and he cheered me up.  I spent my evening with my family, eating chocolate, drinking tea and talking to Kaitey.
Much more to say?
I think not.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Day 43 - Monday - My birthday!!

Had a great day at school - was really hyper and bouncy, had lots and lots of hugs even tho I had to bully Jordan into saying happy birthday.  my friends wrote on my arms, as planned, but the .. silly head made me wash it off.  It's stupid - she says I'm letting the school down or something (well probably, I just made that up) but she doesn't know my name.  She can tell me that again wen she does.  Well she can tell me anything, cause she didn't actually tell me that.  She has the worst dress sense of any head teacher i've ever met, seriously.
Anyway, that's basically irrelevant.

Science was funny cause Fi and I were hyper; everything else was fun cause I was hyper.  I had an awesome day, and we found a condom on the way home.

I got Russell Brand's Doing Life (<3); brilliant ="D

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Day 42

A fine Sunday in Catville.  Getting a bit excited about the whole birthday thing - tomorrow, man.  I'm excited!
I think I'm going to get my friends to write happy birthday and stuff on my arms or maybe a t-shirt ... I think it's a good idea.  Agreement?
Oh yes, today!
I had a ride in the morning - of course - and was on Bill.  He's such a dude, but no one loves the poor old devil so he's really unfit... Maybe if Gou leaves I'll start working with him =]
Ooh I so so hope Gou doesn't go...I really love him.  He's a horrible beastie who bites and kicks out with his front legs, but he's such a superstar...Really.  He really really is...  Ooh.  If I could I'd have him. =[  (and if I could tack him up.  But seeing as I can't even do that, I don't think it's wise.)
Then I came home, had bacon and toast and tomatoes, and started my daily routine of doing bugger all.  I hope Fi's in tomorrow, or I'm totally screwed on the science front.
Can't be arsed to write more, as it's time for me to do all the stuff my mother couldn't be arsed with.
Again, not what to put on a public blog.

Night =)

PS: Check me out, Imma chad spac

Day 41

Saturday, eh?
Well, Oli slept over on Friday night, but had to go early because he's a lazy get who didn't get my birthday present xP... but then we met up again later and went to see the new Bond film.  It's really rather good.
I really enjoyed today, even though it was a bit nothing-y.  My grandparents arrived in the evening and I tried to go to bed early, but watched Green Wing instead.


Day 40

Went to the Red House today, with Oli, Diane, Charlotte and mum. It was William Morris's house - was really good and interesting. He got a whole load of inspiration there, which is fair enough, cause it's stunning.
Philip Webb designed it for him because they were buddies, and it was like, his dream house.  Only problem being that he was trying to run a business from it and it was litterally in the middle of nowhere.  So they moved to a crappy flat above his shop... their loss.

It were pretty genius =)

PS: Picture = "Smile like today will be your best".

Day 39

Thursday - dad birthdayishday.
Saw Oli and didn't do much, just mucked about really, then went to Zafferelli's where I took this and had a delicious lamb. And tried this lemon liqure thing which was manky. And got kissed on the cheek by a freaky waiter man.
Before, my dad gave me a cd which was the soundtrack I was born to - it's great, and is a really nice thing to have...make sense?
Good times =)

Day 38

Brilliant day; blinding light o=

Today was Hyde Park Day!!
We (mum and I) got the train late, but it was fine. We met Nana, Norman and Jason at the station then went straight on our way to the stables. We had lunch in this genius pub which was the sort of place you'd take tourists to show off London, where JJ sat between Nana and I and was very happy. Mum and I left early and walked down to the stables which were just around the corner, where we booked me in and I got on a 15hh (I guess) piebald beastie, called Hector. He was lovely, really gentle but strong, and made you work so when he moved nicely forwards you felt good about it. The teacher turned out to be an Irish international rider who had gone travelling before - hopefully - going home and everything coming together, kinda thing. Lots of people were asking him to ride their horses but he said no and went away for a year. He said he's hoping they're waiting for him!
Me, he and a girl called Catherine rode back to the stables where he got on Hector and I got on a gorgeous bay who reminded me of Buzz. I didn't know his name, so nick-named him Buzz2. (one word ;]) We then rode out, into the park and walked and trotted around, chatting, then cantered up Rotten Row (!!) and got our pictures taken at a couple of points. It was brilliant!!
SO MUCH THANKFULNESS goes out to my mum :D
After Hyde Park, we all (not Lawrence (instructor), duh) went back to Roxy's where we had a lovely spag bol followed by crumble, and saw Lee a bit.
It was a brilliant day =D

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Day 37

Day two of half term = party day =)

Didn't do much beyond preperations in the morning, then George and Oli arrived at 4. They were an hour late - I wasn't pissed off, honest ...

Everyone else arrived at five, except Fi who was most of an hour late cause she misinterpreted the distance!

It was a good night - we were just arsing around and shite. Good times =)

After everyone left, George and Oli were still around for a good few hours. Well, 2, or soemthing. Which is now a few. We were just sitting around and talking, v. amusing =). George went a little bit before Oli so that we could say goodnight, and as he left I felt really in love with him...heh. =) <33

Overall: good times; bad pictures.

Day 36 - Monday

I hate cold tea. Bleurgh.

That's besides the point, though. Stop distracting me.

Today was the first day of half term, well, properly - the weekend doesn't really count, does it..?

I spent it with mum, as i've planned for most of half term to be. We went up to London, to see the Tates. We got distracted by a coffee/hot chocolate on our way to Tate Britain (it was quite cold...hehe, excuses!) We started with TB 'cause I don't tihnk I'd been there before. There was a really good Francis Bacon exhibition on, which helped me with ideas a -lot- which is, of course, good.

We then met Dave-i and had a coffee/hot chocolate/coffee (in order round the table ;]), then Dave-i went back to work and mum and I moved on to Tate Modern. We tried to get the ferry, but half the people on the platform didn't get on. By the time we got there neither of us were in the right mood for art, so we skimmed around an exhibition that Jason went to and apparently liked so that I could talk to him about it (hehe...), then looked at the paintings by Turner (I like him =]]) and went on our way.

We went on our way all the way to Roxy's, where we played with the boys and watched them eat their dinner, then went home and ate pizza.

It was good times.

PS: Like my Zebraland?