Thursday, 10 May 2012

Photo Forty.

I lost my mind here; I lost my patience with the Lord.

It's a great feeling when you realise that, despite having had the intention of doing Race for Life for a very long time, you've done fuck all training (pretty much) for about two months (I was ill for a while and since then didn't start properly.  I've been for a few runs, just not enough), have to run the race on Sunday and think you're going to die; not least because it requires hills, which have not been practiced because you live at the top of the required hill.  Silly, silly child, I am.  I need to focus more.

Which reminds me; I should be revising.......

I like to think a lot of things about myself.  That I won't go out when I should be revising; that I will stick to what I say on a day-to-day basis.  But I just don't.  It's probably a shame.  That, or shows that I'm spontaneous... Who knows.
I'm supposed to not be going out tonight, and be going for an adventure tomorrow, with someone that I don't really want to go on an adventure with.  As my Viking pointed out last night, however, there's not much point in going for the sake of going; all that's doing is putting myself in a bad situation.  I think I may as well just stay in Aber and chill out a bit.  Maybe night out, maybe quiet drinks in my favourite place... (Oh actually that would be awesome, I hope the weather's good enough for that).

Anyway, I stopped writing this blog post while revising, and now I'm off out.  I got a new dress and not I'm not quite sure about it, but at least I know my mum would like it.. Or at least, I'm pretty sure :P

Love love xox

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