Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Day 100 [yay!]

Happy new year's eve everyone =D

Photos will follow later when there are ones from tonight.

I cba with the others.
They're on facebook.

I think that this photo looks like it's from Pop Goes My Heart , from Music nad Lyrics.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Day 99

Spent morning on Wii Fit, then came to Dad's and played with my new speakers and made my computer work.  If I fall behind with blogging, it's because my macbook really doesn't like me.
However...I love you!

Day 98 - Monday

I love Wallace and Gromit.
"Red red, red red shoes uhuhuh."

Got back to brighton and met mum.
Felt terrible.  bad head cold, very "blurgh".
Got Lloyds TSB bank account.  Good times.
Felt better in the evening when Nik and Ian came round.  Aaah they pwn =D
Twighlight is an awesome book.

Day 97

I like this photo.

Rode James on 2 hour today!!
He was fabulous, no pulling, just really steady and relaxed.  I love him ever so =D
Spent afternoon with Kaitey, arsing around then watched BFQotY =]
Wasn't bad - Michael McI. was probably besty.
Then bussed back to Bton with Kati (see, i spell it her way now..) but she got off with Chloe and Yana at Lewes.  between there and Elm Grove, the bloke i was sitting next to chatted me up.  I didn't even know what he was saying, he accent was so thick.
I just realised I'm talking about the wrong day.
I'll talk about feeling ill today on today's post.

Day 96

The day after boxing day.
It's always gonna be a long one, isn't it?
No presents to open, just leftover sprouts to eat.
Which is a bugger, cos i don't like sprouts.

Noo cloves. lawl. yay.  ...?

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Day 95 - Boxing day

Spent the day with Dad (We're gonna go see Cirque du Soleil =D) and went to Norma's at about lunch time.  Everyone but we were rather hung over!  Dad had an ok day yesterday, which is good.
OMG didn't mention Wallace and Gromit!! It was AWESOME.
That's behind the point.
Best bits of the day::
1- Jon and Setao (however it's spelt..) are getting married!!! They've only been together twelve years - they don't like to rush said things :P
2- Norma's oven blew up the day before.  Talking about that was very, very amusing.
3- Singstar.  Ooh it rocks.
4- Getting a battlewheelsbotthing! It was brilliant fun, even tho mine didn't work.  bummer cos normally it's a Jon, James, Pod thing - I was well pleased I was included, then it didn't bloody work -.-   Fortunately, I was allowed to tax Jon's.
5- My top was really cool (new - Christmas buy =))
6- Jon was being really nice and supportive of my horse-type ambitions.  Just saying that if I'm dedicated enough, get enough contacts and try hard enough then there's not really anything to stop me...he reminded me of Gilbert, when he said"To make money at anything, you have to be good at what you keep at it."
Good ol' relatives.

O, btw, we got Gilbert such a cool xmas present - two mugs, one with a tractor handle and the other with tractors driving around the edge.  Lol.

Dad got me new speakers , which is double genius cos: they look wikidcool, and are really useful cos a couple of months after he bought them i asked for a new CD player, cos mine's about to give up xD
Good times.

And happy christmas for yesterday.
I forgot that one...hehe.


PS: computer still not loving me.

Day 94 - Christmas!

Because I didn't write this on the day(on the blog), I will quote from something I wrote at the time, adding to throughout the day..

Normally, Pod and I have a present spaz, then breakkie, then open the presents under the tree.  But becuase Pod worked last night and because of the boys, the day will have a totally different layout.
At the moment it's 6:24 am, and no one but the boys and I are awake.  I've been awake since 5 or half past, I think, dozing every now and then...
We went to a Christmas carol service in the was a bit crap.  The boys were whining and not exactly loving it at all, so R&M were running after them.  Mark and mum then took them for a walk (home) and Rox and I stayed for a bit.  The carol we sang once they were gone was dreary and boring, as were the ones throughout.  The best it got was Away in a Manger, at which point I was outside with Mark and the boys, stopping them from running into the road.
I got:
Pants.  Choccie santa.  TINSELWORM!.  Tatoo plasters.  BOOSH BOOK. 3D drawing thing.  "The Girl's Book".  RED CONVERSE.  A new charm for my bracelet.  Cornelia Parker book.  ANGUS THONGS ETC.  
And a few more bits and bobs.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Day 93

Felt a bit crappy when I woke up & took this, but now have perked up.
Cousins arrive soon =D
Happy Christmas eve, guys.

Day 92

Check it out, it's me and my mega toothbrush =)
I like how I'm dressing atm.
Not that you can see it really, but I'm wearing with that a skirt (!) and fishnet stay ups with long black socks over the top.

Monday, 22 December 2008

Day 91 - Monday

I spent the morning taking pics and deciding on an outfit...Decided on the blue one. (Y)

Day 90

I love Rowan Atkinson.
He is so funny.

Day 89

Saw Twilight today, which was well good.
People thought that Edward was hot, but I thought he only got hot when you actually know stuff about him, because he's really cool...=)

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Day 88

I like these socks.
Amy looking cute in a cat hat xD
Skah looking like a drag queen...
Jordan blurred through coach seats
Millie and I
Millie looking attractive
Catherine pretending to not want pics =P

Great day!
Music exam was pretty crap, prob failed.  But there we go.
Then exchanged secret Santa gifts (I got Skah a Les Mis. DVD thing which I think she liked, and Millie got me a collage thing she made which is genius, and these awesome lil things to put on the top of your keys XD).  Catherine, Millie and I went out to megabreakkie at the Diner down Montefiore rd, which was v nommy.  We then got a lift from Pod to school early for Bluewater trip.  We watched the end of NMtB (XDD) which was genius cos it was the one where Simon gets on Phil's shoulders XDDDDD
Anyway, we then got on the coach, got hyper, got bored, left, got hyper, got bored, got hyper, arrived, got UBER hyper.  Good times man!  We bounced around, ate chinese, (well Skah and I did, and I kept having to shut Jordan up by feeding him prawn crackers)

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Day 87

I am wearing pearls.
You can't see them and they're plastic but it's the thought that counts.

Getting pissed off atm cos of Oli.

Song of the day:
Vienna - Billy Joel.

Day 86

Thought for the day:
Do reindeer boxers have the same effect on the wearer as a poncho?
(i.e.: you can't be unhappy in a poncho//reindeer boxers)

(Just by the way, I AM wearing reindeer boxers, you just can't really see them.)

Monday, 15 December 2008

Day 85 - Monday

I like this pic.
Spent the day with Millie, Andy and George (2 randomers she met on a bus a while ago).
It was good times =)

Really should revise...


Day 84

You can't much see this, but I totally have a Christmas tree.
Shoes Kaitey tried on
Mr. Betts in wellies with golf clubs, but you can't really see that.
Me looking manly.
Hanni and I =D
(he moved)

I'm ignoring that usual "re" stuff for a minimum of today - I might jsut do the re things when I'm not feeling good or whatever.
But too much happened today.

I'll start at the begining:
Goulash really, really scared me.  I've never been genuinely scared on a horse, but he made me, he realyl did.  In the sheep field he bucked huge, almost bronching like he used to when he first arrived.  I know he's got attitude but I really never thought he would do that with me... I dunno.  He launched himself into the air because Ben came past him so close and then did it again with Queenie, but she wasn't even that near.  I'm proud that I stayed on, but he was being very malicious.  Very, very malicious.  In the second field, he did the same thing again and I screamed at him so loud he didn't try it again.  If I wasn't so proud, I would've turned back straight after that, but I'm really glad I didn't.  I thought I was going to cry.  Diane was being really lovely to me and I was going to turn back with Debbie after getting to Blackcap, but Brady said he'd swap.  I have never been so grateful; I had this feeling in the pit of my stomch that something would go completely wrong.  Also, he was on Hanni, who's absolutely lovely and I've fancied the look of for a while now.  Goulash didn't try anything with Brady (blatez purely cause he's so much heavier than me XD) and I got talking to Diane and him again.  They have got a new chocolate lab, who is GORGEOUS.  Anyway, Hanni was lovely and the rest of the ride was brilliant.

I met up with Kaitey after lunch and went around town a bit, taking various photos as dotted around the place.  Well, above.  It was good times, I got pressies for her so now she has the power of the GOTH JUICE (made from the tears of Robert Smith).
Good times ;].

Then I went to Belinda's for her birthday celebrations, which was funny and tipsy XD ... Mum told me to be there at 4, I got there at 5, she got there at 6.  -.-
So yeh, that's that.
Then I spoke to Oli for a while, then went to bed.

Good times.

Big batch of lovelovelove going out to Kaitey.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Day 83 - rethink

Like my ponderous face?
I was about to write that it's still really early so I'll update leater....but it's actually 2, I'm just a lazy get XD

So when I do something I'll write about it.
I'm not sure that my left shoulder is entirely in its socket...hmm.

Day 82 - 18 - recover

Check me out, I'm half covered up!! =D

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Day 81 - recoup

I had no idea how to do this, as is probably aparent, so took a picture of my hand couped up in a house.
That is such a crap picture.

That is for the following reasons:
1. English and ethics; there's a chance I didn't fail at least one of them.
2. I was home before 2, after walking and having rather amusing convos with Jack (even tho he got angry with me cos I drank from the bottle of milk i brought specifically to drink from....)
3. This one's a bit of a story, so here goes:
3.a) I got to the stables about 4.
3.b) JAMES WAS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D=D=D=D
3.c) Ray said he was gonne ride James but I misunderstood, so was like "OMG" and stuf...end result: I got to ride James!!!
3.d) THEN was the actual ride...I was on Frieda and she was coming beautifully round and collected and jumping brilliantly!
3.e) I'm now getting a ride on James tomorrow!!!  Wayyyy!! It's only a walk/trot thing, but i LOVE james =D
4. Tomorrow is my green belt grading..
5. Saturday I see Oli =)
6. Sunday I get to:
6.a) rub Brady's nose in his lack of Jamessss
6.b) meet "Bear" - Brady and Di's new chocolate lab!
6.c) see Kaiteeeeeeeey in Bton town and piss around for a while until it's cinema time.

And that's about it.


Day 80 -16 - recharge

You'll never guess what.

I'm recharging my computer.

Day 3 of mocks:
Maths, French and Spanish.
Actually, maths was fun.

Day 79 - 15 - redeem

This is so totally a picture of me redeeming myself to a loo roll dispenser.
So taken because I was bored and angry, locked myself in the loo then cheered yp and took this.
Good times.


Day 2 mocks.
Didn't finish.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Day 78 - Monday - 14 - Reclaim

This is a beautiful little scene here of me reclaiming my mug from the evil bandits of orange peel things.

Mock week day one - art.
All art.
Five hours.
You have no idea hwo long that is, when four of those five hours are mod-rocing a thing that's meant to resemble a house AND doesn't.
This girl Amy's thing is really cool - she took all these pics of herself and are in the shape of a face. It's cool.
That's irrelevant.

Day 77 - 13 - Rebuild

I didn't actually rebuild this but I did build it.
I know it doesn't have me in it, but, yknow, live with(out).
I'm lazy and don't feel well.

Day 76 - 12 - Revive

Reviving my computer's life?
I had no idea how to do this one...

Yay, uploady. ^,^

Day 75 - 11 - refresh

Refresh button it bitch.

One day I'll start writing about my days again, but they are rather uninteresting.

Day 74 - 10 - repeat

I am totally repeating the liftingness of the pennesses.

Day 73 - 10 - Relive

I totally relived this moment.

Friday, 5 December 2008

Day 72 - 9 - Repair

This was taken with the wrong type of screwdriver in that screw thing.
Oh well.
Happiness downhill since return to school...
Feeling in over my head.
Half looking forwards to mock week.

Day 71 - 8 - Recap

Still ill, to be back at school tomorrow =]
PS: I gots Sprite.
Didn't drink it, just recap it.

Day 70 - 7 - Renew

I had no idea how to do this, so took a photo of myself being a twat.
Is good?
Still unwell.

Day 69 - 6 - return

Returning home after a long day...actually not a long day, didn't do anything.
Went out to Belinda's - bad idea.  Didn't feel well and didn't want to...but watched X-Factor and totally fell in loove with Alexandra.

Day 68 - 5 - Revamp

Revamping my amping.
Sorry I'm so behind, been ill and lazy...
But here, have all my previously takened ones now =)

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Day 67 - 4 - rebirth

Let's be honest, I didn't take this on the day.
Because I was green.
Wasn't very well at all, all day.  'Cause Dad's ill, I tried to go to school, but only got through form before going home, bright green.  I didn't feel well on the bus, and when I got home I fell up the stairs into bed.  I later watched Hercules with Dad, and ate a sandwich..
Wild, eh?

Rebirth - reborn after illness?
(Taken today, Saturday, when recovery began..  =D)