Saturday, 28 February 2009

Day 158 and 159

Feeling good for no particular reason.
Relaxed day...but no Laura =[
Went to Amy's birthday dinner which was well funny.  Sat between Abigale and Lois, and opposite Max and Jordan (and Aaron until he got chucked out for not ordering food...haha) ... we had some brilliant conversations and ran into Mr Sylvie, oddly enough.
It was very good times.

Day 157

Today has been a grand day of all proportions ... FASHION SHOW!!!

Really cool night.  I was so hyper that I laughed at Ben Simpson. That's saying something =/

Stripping boys were naiice ;]] ... Joe B's workouts payed off o=

Anywayyy......gonna shut up now =D

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Day 156

I am as good as in to Lewes!!

I jumped James too - woo! I love him, he's wikid.

Dinnertime =))

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Day 155

It amazes me what you don't know about people.  There are so many layers you've never even considered are there...and you just don't know.  How can you? You don't know they're there...

Why is it that girls ignore their friends when they get a boyfriend? I miss my Bestie.

I tried, why won't they?

That ^ is me trying.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Day 154

I hate music lessons with a vengance.  Not singing ones, just the ones that I spend 2 hours doing every Monday.  On the good side, Dad is saving my composition and I spent all of last lesson drawing things on Appleworks.  Good times.

Day 153

I rode Bobby!! He's brilliant.  We went hurtling past everyone in the valley, having started from furthest away and last, by a long shot.  Everyone was near the end by the time we came speeding by.  He's absolutely lovely - and very good looking!!
We finished clearing out the living room (well, Mum and Pod did - I was doing art. Urgg.) and this is what it looks like.  It kinda scares me....I'm so not used to it =/
Still, byee!

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Day 152

It's a good day so far because it's warm and sunny: a great day for photography.
Got quite unhappy yesterday night so not wanna see Oli so he gives me a hug.
In the mean time i'm gonna read The Host -- oo s'excitin!

More later?
Probably not (Y).

Friday, 20 February 2009

Day 151

Great day.
Saw Fi.
Ate steak.
Watched 3 movies in a row.

Day 150 (oo s'excitin!)

Wee camera!!
That's the first photo I took of myself on my camera - it's in picolo's (which was a kinda bad meal...but still).
After buying camera I borrowed Picasso books from the library to help with art work, then popped off to the yard and rode Frieda.  She was very good.  I now REALLY can't wait for Sunday...I'm gonna ride Bobby!!!

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Texts I Like.

My text inbox is getting very full, but I don't want to delete most of the messages, so i'm going to write them here where no one will read them.

Oh cuteness.  I have a toothbrush.  It's... Quite nice.  Pleasant enough.  I smell oranges.

Mum: (with reference to Varndean interview):
Excellent - was hoping it'd be confidence boosting! I'll come with you to Lewes if you like- ... think you're a very clever and wonderful girl and am very proud of you.

Did (same):
Everybody wants you because you're wonderful - imagine how nice Blatch would be to you!

Oli (with reference to Snaps):
Hope you enjoy them and I love you too very much!

Joe Bardy:
I run from anything that's not a crumpet, dorito or bacon.

Tron (after he poked me over a wall):
Don't fall over.

Hammy (after long conversation about rape and how it's ok if you say "suprise"):

Aw laptop went.  Had an awesome convo tonight...soberness, pretty girls, synchronised song playing and  'terminally single' for the world...HOLD YOUR JAR!

... Monroe loves you.

=.) Monroe for lifeee!

Fi (while reading New Moon):
Omg! Edward is such a wanker, I can't believe he left! Wht hasn't he come back yet!!!!!!!

....I felt thinks click a lot better since we had gone to Ludlow.

What exactly is the function of a rubber duck?

Where's the cellotape?

I see... why do you have your mother in your pocket?

OK.  I just accidentally walked onto an escalator.

Very likely that if you blew up a house it will end up a bit bent.

You are me and I am you yet together we are still different people.  How do I know this?  Because I am wearing striped jeans.

I am trying to work out why people are soemtimes turned on by politicians.

Quick question: would the boxers have Sky+?

Dear diary: week 3.  Things v good.  Saw some cling film yesterday - bought it.

Happy birthday to the indisputable top cat.

That's a nice grin.  Anyway you're a good rider.

Laura (nb: we were together when she sent this):
Hello cat! How are you? Sitting there eating chocolate you fatty.  I love you xxx

Thanks Cat, it's another world up here, beautiful.  The horses look so happy and calm.  Cat keep at the riding you have a natural talent most don't.  Take care

You kill someone again? What did I tell you about killing people?

So then I says, don't put the cat in the bag, put it in the sink!

Good for the horse, bad for the carrot.  Proverb!

Laura (giving me her number):
Oh my god it's cat! Hehe you puppy.  I love you...guess who xxx

I am standing on a carpet.  It is good.

Did I tell you Ed did that dance in only his pants?  It was hillarious.

I'm gonna get a ukelele tomorrow! Why? Because I can!

Well I'm not sure what you mean but I'm not suprised we're still together as I find there's something about you that I can't go without and Ilove you ever so!


We're discussing television boxers, and you're worried about distractions?

(somewhere near the giant's causeway) "like all hotels it had some problems with service - one day half the kitchen fell into the sea."

Wonder what Goulash would be like in hell he'd probably bite the devil's butt.

On the door in reception - 'please keep door closed when entering or leaving' - ?
Reply: Maybe they want you to walk through it?
Guess so, but there is a handle.

o= I saw you at the bus stop! Graham says he likes men.
Graham says he will pick them up at 7.

My hovercraft is full of eels.


Day 149

I'm about to go to London to look around the tate and get lost on my way to Frank's Cafe.
Well, I think it's called Frank's...or is it Fred's? =/

I got a new wardrobe today - it's well cool [=

Day 148

I knew this at the time, but why am i growling at a mirror?

Monday, 16 February 2009

Day 147 - Monday

Someone told me something today and since then i've not been that happy.

Good side::
I got into Varndean.
Shame I don't want to.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Day 146

I'm getting Bobby next week!
Brady was on him today--he looked awesome, but got spooked when Brady whistled for Dinky... which was kinda funny.

Day 145

Oli was lovely to me today =)

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Day 144

Go Tell The World.
(or should it be Thriller?)

Brilliant day.
I love Tronboiiii - he's awesome =]]
I also love Millieeeeeee--she's well funny but pees too much.
Mike and Hammy are awesome too =D

Day 143

At the moment a bit annoyed, so have decided to weigh up pros and cons of today.

1.  Made Jacob sad...=[
2. Bad lesson
3. No Bobby (for me)
4. Sue -.-
5. Frieda being racey
6. Jumping with chicken arms.
7. Catherine saw my boobies =/

1. Didn't fall over on stage
2. Had brilliant fun walking
3. Marlley complimented me..ish..!!
4. People said I was pretty when walking =D
5. I'm "doable"..xD
6. Frieda cleared top hole easileee
7. Jacob's better now.
8. Oli Evans didn't.

And lo:
Overall, good day.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Day 142

Hi hi,
From the most important person who ever passed you by.


I'd say good bye
If I were the most important person who ever passed you by.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Day 141

Good day, and it's only half one.
Student review day so no school; went in for a revision session after breakfast at the diner with Caz and Livvie, which was a larf.  Revision session boring; larks walking back with Jack afterwards though. =]
More later - maybe.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Day 140 - Monday

Urrrgh, it's wet out there.  REALLY cba with ed misic tonight...
My jaw line's really hard-set.

Note from later on::
I hate music.  I'm not good at it and almost every week it puts me in a crap mood.
Oh well - I've cheered up now.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Day 139

Rode James; fell in love with Bobby; loved how I was dressed; went to pub with Trevor; went shopping [new undies w00t]; came back; watched Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.  She's so so so gorgey.


Day 138

Dress fitting for prom dress walk thing today - was good.  Dresses not ones i'd chose, which is kinda cool.
Photo of me before going to Fi's party - it was good.  however, everyone started puking, so i went and hid in the garden with Ellie.  She's cool.


Saturday, 7 February 2009

Day 137

got home, ate risotto, drank tea, watched Sweeny Todd.
I love Tim Burton.

Had great conversation with Jack...really interesting.
Spoke to Oli at about one 'til about two, so I blame him for me being tired as i type this (at half 8 ... oops.  I need to sleep more.)

Day 136

Taken sitting in the car.
Awesome day.
Newbie - Bobby - has arrived!!  He's gorgeous looking, and Ray said he's got really good paces, which is always good.
Frieda was absolutely amazing.  Ray thought to put poles on the ground before the jump, which distracted her not to run off, then we got to a 2'6"-ish spread, going 3'3" up.  She was absolutely brilliant, and didn't knock it off at all.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Day 135

Ahaha fun day.
No real reason, I'm just really hyper and happy.
(Thanks Kati - pretty sure it's cos of you.)
Did a lot of music stuff with Oli today.  There's a chance I won't good is that!!

Thought of the day:
Everyone has a right to happiness.
If that means that other people have to put up with shit...well, so be it.
You are the centre of your universe.
You are the most important person in your world.
All you have to do is remember beyond that is that there's a bigger world than your shell; you can't put yourself first every time.  You can only push so far.

Song of the day:
Vienna - Billy Joel
// Let Your Love Flow - The Bellamy Brothers

Quote of the Day:
"Fried chicken vision."

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Day 134

Good day so far: Pod and I made a snow chair.

Monday, 2 February 2009

Day 133 - Monday

Snowday!!This was walking home after a glorious larkful time in Hove park...
I was wearing luberly red wellies [=
I love this photo [= - it's in the Rec on the way home.
This is me going "omgsnowNEEDPROOF" just not as obviously
These are two of the lovelies I spent the begining of the day with

There were soem peopel makign an igloo, and some made a HUGE snowman which had a cone on as a hat. 
We got into a war with some randomers and Taylor chucked a tabogan of snow over my head.
Good times.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Day 130 - 132

I'll finish this post when I get the photos, but for now I'll just explain...

The above photo was taken outside the loos at the local pub in Kingston Blount.  It's an odd pub; really old and rustic on the outside, then all modern on the inside.  Odd combo, that.  The place we stayed was lovely; a woman's house, basically.  Pod and I shared a twin room and Mum and dave shared the other.  P and mine was so much better; the first morning the sky was beautiful and you couldn't even see it from their's.  Anyway.  Friday night is where we are at the moment.  We arrived kinda early; about 6 or something, having left at 4, which was a really good journey.  We settled in and then went to the pub for a rather nice meal.  We then went back and played games and stuff, before I went to bed and read and drank hot chocolate.  Good times.

breakfast at 8:30, which we ate with the other guests who were a really nice couple.  We found out that they came from Friday to Sunday so that they could eat lunch at the Manoir and spend Sunday in Oxford - the exact same reasons we did!  It was quite funny.  We went for a lil walk, then into Chinnor, then got ready.  I wore an old black lace dress of my mum's, and it's gorgeous.  I was really happy with how I looked.  Pod wore a cool jumper my mum made her ex hubby ages ago and it suited him.  The meal, oh my.  It was amazing.  The tastes all worked so perfectly together, and the waiters were SO brilliantly trained - each time a dish was placed down, they would put them down at exactly the same time and in the right order: ladies first; younger boylikething first.  Heheh!  It was brilliant.
We got back at about half 6 (having booked for 2 and arrived about 1:30...!) and played board games til bed (hehe)

We ate breakfast again, then drove into Oxford.  It's a beautiful place; really old with beautiful buildings and amazign churches..  I've decided to go to uni there so that I can get to know it better:P
(though somehow I think not)

We got back and I got my Lewes interview!  I'm kinda nervous...but they said more about it than Varndean did.

Well, that'll do...I might update and stuff when I get the photos, but who knows.

Day 129

Photo taken on the bus to the yard.
Joined in the young person lesson because I was early, which was really weird.  I'm totally not used to having to hold Frieda back and stuff.  I understand why that lesson always overruns now; two people came off, one twice.  Debbie got on Blue which was quite funny.  He's v small but has quite a jump on him.  Frieda did top hole very nicely, and Kristina got a good pic [=

Good day.

Day 128

Wednesday was the only day I saw Oli...=[
It was fun though - saw Dodgeball.  Odd film, that...
I do like him tho [=
(suprise, eh?)

Btw, I don't like the computer I was using.  My old laptop.  I didn't realise how patient I used to be :P

PS: hate this pic.

Day 127

God, I've got behind with this.
Tuesday was brillianrt though - I went to Fi's and ate chocolate and spag bol, and watched Catch Me If You Can.  It's such a cool film...

Check out the firecolour.