Saturday, 5 May 2012

Photo Thirty Eight

Good evening, blog.  How are we all today?

I have spent my day revising and my evening procrastinating, in short.  I had a lie in 'till 10.30 which helped me to feel a little bit alive again, because I've been exhausted of late, then revised sitting on my Viking's floor until about 3, when I came home, didn't revise much more and made risotto out of my left over drunk gammon.  (I can't remember if I said on here or not, but drunk Cat decided it'd be an amazing idea to buy 2 joints of gammon... I think that's meals until I leave uni sorted!)

Which reminds me; less than a month left.  About 3 weeks, in fact.  As long as I can find somewhere, to leave my stuff, I should be off by the 28th of March (as I will be wanting a large one on the 26th: night of the last exam).  Until then, there may or may not be about 2/3 nights out, but I've become determined to do well enough this year to take the pressure off next year.  You see, I'm doing a FnD (foundation degree) which means that I have to pass this year, my work experience placement over summer, then next year to get said FnD.  However, I'm not wasting two years of my life on a degree that won't even get recognised by most employers, especially when it's called "equine studies".  I mean seriously; does that not scream "thick"?  Therefore, I'll be doing my third year and I'll be trying my best to get used to working properly; getting work done in good time before deadlines; and getting good enough marks to get onto the third year Equine Science (coming out with a BSc in Equine Science would, I think, be a shitlot better than a crap degree in a crap sounding subject).
God, I'm such a snob.
Says the girl wearing a Nike polo top with the collar turned up.

It's time to pop to the Viking's now, so I'll speak to y'all again tomorrow, AFTER enough revision.

Peace and love and lollipops. xoxx

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