Monday, 29 September 2008

The Week Mark.

It's Monday.

It's been a good day...I don't really remember the actual day, but after school I ambled home with Jordan and Amy, running into Nicole for a while which was good.
Got changed, then met up with Tim and went back to hove park.

This was when the day got awesome.

Met Mike and Hammy then Jess(which was rather funny - for example, Mike managed to summon Hammy XD), then Tim went, and Mike and Ham walked Jess and I to music.
Good times.

I quite like the picture above because Mike took it when I wasn't posing, just laughing. It's probably one of the most natural pictures I have, which I likeses.

You an I both have better things to do than this.
And so.
a fond farewell.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Day Six.

Avoiding pictures because you're afraid of yourself is pointless.
You are beautiful, you are just around the wrong people.
Love yourself.
If you hate yourself,
Learn to love yourself.
If there's one person you should always get on with, it's yourself.
You can't escape from them.

Day Five.

Fat Boy Slim.
It was Brilliant.
Seriously brilliant.

Friday, 26 September 2008

Day Four.

I lay in the rec for ages today. I had a fantastic day. I was with Laura for the vast majority of it and Jess for some too. They are so cool.

Now, have a taste of day:

Ethics1: Pulled faces at Laura and took very few notes.

Ethics2: Sat with Laura, Caz and Livvie. Not bad - Laura and I started laughing - for a change - then actually did some work and spoke about how we prefer Philos to Ethics. (Ethics1 being Ethics, with Gordy, and Ethics2 being Philos, with Worthington)

Double IT in which I did very little.

PE was well hard...we had a work out at Corals. I didn't feel it at the time but now I'm knackered.

Laura, Jess and I then went to Pop Choir. It was well good XD. Whoever that kid was with the American accent when singing is just weird, though highly amusing...

Then we went our seperate ways, walking home. Jess and I split at Hove Park and Laura left after we bought milk at One Stop. It was WELL good - there were three people in a row buying exactly the same type of milk, exactly the same size. Go us and that randomer =D

When I left Jess I walked back on myself then up Woodruff Ave. or whatever it's called, then along a long long road that has a hill in, then through the rec. I stopped at the same place as yesterday and sat down, listening to The Offspring. I took photos and lay on my back, basking in the sun. It was glorious. I went home at some point, and went on to judo afterwards, which was good fun but hard work because we were arsing around so much! 3 groundhold competitions (Charles, Jamie then Eve...=/), then Eve and I were out the front throwing, then we played the belt game (Jamie and I won...;]) and the sponge game....and that's about it.

Then i came home, ate fish and chips, and started talking to people. And now time to return to those people, and Russel Brand's standup.

Apologies for such a rant.


Day 3

I was feeling pensive.
It's been a long day in paradise and i've no one best to talk to, and I miss my friends.
I want the worthwhile ones again.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Day Twooo.

Today I wasn't feeling very inventive...So this is all you get.
Feeling hopeful and such..heh.
Shutup Cat.
I wanna go to 6th form.

Woops...Day One.

Well, I didn't have my uploading cable yesterday, so here's yesterday two pictures. I well love the kettle one.
Yesterday nothing much interesting I won't tell you about it.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Negative until zero days.

A background maybe?
I'm Caitlin Hodges and I'm fifteen. I have some friends, but none I can really stick, not at school. There are nice people around but they seem to be in short supply, especially with girls. There are so many bitches around, I honestly can't believe it. And of course, all nice people at school have their bitchy little cling-ons, which is not wonderful. So basically, I don't feel like I can win.
It used to be ok because there was Oli. I mean, there still is Oli; we haven't broken up or anything. It's just that now he's at BHASVIC, I have no protection from the bitchiness. It's ridiculous, but it's so horrible. But also there are loads of people who, in their spare time, ruin other people's lives. But to make it worse - missing Oli, that is - I have to spend a lot of time watching couples "not be all over each other" and walking to school with them so that they make me late.
I don't feel like it's going well; I want things to change, however it can. I want to find decent people and learn that there are actually more than thirty nice people in England. (That's a guestimation, of course). I just need to step back from the people who seem to be getting so heavy, and don't really know how to.
So over the next year, I'm hoping to. I want to look back at this blog on the 22nd of September 2009 and think "I was being stupid. I always knew everything was happening for a reason." (Which is actually something I think. If something goes wrong, or even I just make a decision, I feel that it can't go wrong because it's all gonna come out at the end. I don't think that everything's set in stone, but there are all these paths and choices we come to, and that decides where we go on the way to our ultimate ending. There are three or so endings, yknow, like those quizes in teen magazines that are "What Type of Girl are YOU??" ... you end in various ways, but it always ends. Make sense?)

Anyway, i need to go to bed.
So, see you tomorrow, on day one.