Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Day 53.

A fairytale ride through Narnia!

Deri and I went on a ride up Tal-Y-Fan, a beautiful mountain just beside his house. Nomad was pulling forwards the whole way, keen to go and loving what he was seeing. Covered in snow and wet through, he was shaking by the time we reached the open spaces at the top of the mountsin. So we let them trot and canter the way back, stretching up small hills and pacing out like racers. Spectacular stuff!


Day 52.

Nomad and his new lady friend Celine

Last night, Deri and I stood by the gate to this field, having a smoke. We stood with Molly the Collie at our heels and Nomad and Celine in the dark, getting on in a way that Deri and his mum have never seen Celine do before. It is beautiful to see.

All I thought while we both were stood there was, "This is what I've always wanted".


Day 51.

Nomad in Rowen :)

I just found out that the business work I hadn't submitted electronically was NOT extended for a week, but for THREE HOURS.

I am shitting myself.

In other news, until I found that out, I was outrageously happy: my horse is up here in Rowen at Deri's house, has made friends with his mum's horse and looks very well for it. I'm seriously glad that I'm getting a break - I'm a very happy girl!

..... Until I realised how badly I've fucked up. I hadn't slept in three days before that, not properly. I wouldn't have had to do that if it wasn't for my uncle getting married which meant that I had been to Ireland for the weekend before and hadn't worked enough.

Ohhhhh let it be. Penri has updated and said that he can accept my work so, it could be worse. It's ok. :)


Friday, 22 March 2013

I don't think I have a prayer of catching up now.

Sorry for the radio silence people - I have had so much work on that I have been drowning. However, the last deadline was last night and I can now update you all with the photos I've taken.. (probably. Might just make the whole thing last longer at the end of the year... Yeah, I'll do that. Nothing interesting happened until today, anyway!)

Here, have some of a story I wrote (ages ago, just found it) to make up for it:

Francesca stared across the table at the large screen being pointed at, but even she found it hard to concentrate with the heat and the complexities of the lesson.
“FOCUS, ASHLEY! You'll NEVER understand UNLESS YOU FOCUS!” The teacher roared towards the back of the class where Ashley Banks and his group of friends were sitting. Francesca looked round to see the tall, handsome, brown haired boy sitting innocently and looking at the teacher without smiling, while around him three girls and two boys tried hard not to laugh. They all did remarkably well.
“What was I doing, Miss?” Ashley asked politely.
“You know darn well what you were doing.”
“I don't.”
“Well don't do it.”
“I can't not do what I don't know I was doing if I don't know what it was that I was doing, Miss.” The people around him looked as though they would explode with laughter.
“That's it,” Miss Hinkly screeched, turning slightly pink. “Get out! Go on! Out! Wait outside. I'll decide how to deal with you later.” Various whooping noises came from the back from those who hadn't already collapsed with laughter.
“Oh yeah, better beware Ash, she's gonna deal with ya!”
The people seated around Ashley laughed harder and harder, but weren't sent out.
“Maybe you lot,” she cast a wary eye over those at the back once Ashley left. “Will behave better without Ashley distracting you.”
They eventually quietened down until Miss Hinkly could continue with the lesson. As she droned on and on, Francesca found herself drifting away from the lesson. She imagined that she, not Rachel, not Lei, not Di, but she was going out with Ashley or Max or Gary, that she was popular and funny, witty and cool. She wished that she could lose her virginity when she wanted to, and hadn't already especially seeing as she had–
“Francesca! Not you too! Focus!” She looked up and realized that it was almost the end of the lesson and they were concluding. In Hinkly's case this means fast and furious questions. Even Rachel, Di and Lei, the bad girls, and their boys, Max and Gary (obviously Ash is outside) had answered theirs, so Miss Hinkly was very disappointed when her star pupil wasn't listening.
“Sorry, Miss.” Francesca said as the bell rang.
Miss Hinkly tutted but set homework and dismissed the class, saying nothing more.
“Alright Francesca?” It was Max and Gary, one on either side of her. “Reckon you could us do a favor?” Asked Gary, as Max put his arm around her and played with her hair.
“Please? Just a bit of homework, we need some help. Reckon you could come over tonight and ... help us out?” Max said in his brilliant, sweet, suggestive tone that always melted Francesca's insides.
Y – y – yes. OK,” Francesca stammered. “Where do you live?” Francesca actually already knew the answer to the question, she had once stalked him and Lei to his home with her friend Mary, then watched them get off on the sofa. Disgusting though it may sound, Francesca was exceptionally mixed up at that point, and was obsessed with Max. It was almost like having OCD about him, if she didn't talk to him at least once a day, even saying 'hi', then she would bang her head against the wall ten times minimum. And she had the marks to prove it.
“I think you already know the answer to that one,” he smiled, tapping her playfully on the cheek then walking off to Lei and doing exactly the same to her.
“We'll bring someone for you,” Gary winked, then walked to Di and slid his arm around her shoulders.
What did he mean by that? Francesca wondered, walking out of the door last, as usual, then meeting her friend Joella who was waiting in the hall.
“I saw Max flirting with you!” Joella exclaimed.
“He wasn't flirting,” Francesca mumbled, suddenly feeling very tired. “He wants 'homework help'.”
“He does now, does he?”
“Yes, now drop it for God's sake!” Francesca snapped unexpectedly, and Joella walked up the hall beside her in silence.

“Di Stratford has always been amazing. She's always been a gorgeous, popular person, every girl's idol and the person every boy wanted to go out with. She and Max are now common knowledge, and I doubt that they're going to be breaking up soon. She's had a hard life and I doubt she would want her 'one certainty' to be ruined by some bloke with a petty little crush. Can we now change the subject please?” Craig stared at Mitch staring at Di laughing around with her mates.
“Just ... just look at her, man. She's amazing. She's something else. She's ...”
“Taken and even if she wasn't she wouldn't even consider you. She hardly knows you exist!”
Mitch couldn't deny this truth. Di passes him loads, even if he manages to say 'hi', she either half-glances at him, eyes flicking up and down him, then she passes by, or she ignores him completely.
“Yeah, but ... if I could speak to her. If I was her partner for something ... I dunno. I'll find a way. She will talk to me! She will know my name! She will want me!
Holy shit, thought Craig, still staring at Mitch, This is a man on a mission. He means it. He will.

Di moved her knees either side of Max's legs so that she was straddling him and he dropped himself from leaning on his hands to leaning on his elbows, so that he was lower, closer to the bed on which they were lying together.
Max saw the cross on the gold chain he had given her hanging around her neck and lying between her breasts hang lower and nearer her face as she lent towards him, stopping about two inches from his face. He closed his eyes and moved his lips upwards to meet hers. They kissed for a long time and –
“MAX! Tell me one thing I just said,” Mr Grant fumed, turning a violent shade of purple.
“Spain is near France?” Max guessed at a reply, making Gary who was next to him snort with laughter. Max didn't get the joke until after it was elaborated slightly by Mr. Grant.
“Incorrect. As a matter of fact, I was explaining how working down through Europe, there is France before Spain ...”
“So I was right, then,” Max pointed out. “I said the same with different words.”
“Exactly. Different words, Max.”
“But you didn't as for a word-to-word interpretation, sir, you asked what you said, so I replied with less words.”
“Uh ... well ... Max. Are you arguing with me?”
“Well I'm not wanting to Sir, but it seems to me that that's unfair. I just answered your question and you're saying it's wrong even though everyone here knows it's right. So I'm merely making my point known and giving you reasons why you're wrong ...”
“Or, in short, arguing with me.”
“I thought we aren't shortening things? Because that's all I did, sir ...”
“Out! Go on! Out of my class! Honestly, last thing on a Friday and all you can do is think about arguing. Honestly! And another word from you,” Mr Grant added hastily when Max looked as though he was about to speak, “and you'll be lucky to get away with a fifteen minute after-school detention.”

Friday, 8 March 2013

Day 50.

Lou cooked dinner :)

Yet another fail on my part - this is actually from Tuesday. I ate the dinner Lou cooked for me and Lottie sat on my box outside my stable, talking to Lizzie and letting Nomad munch his hay, sometimes saying hello to me. What a lovely pony I have :)


Day 49.

With the sun in your eyes, and on your own.

I became a qualified first aider today :)
...Please don't die on me.


Day 48.

Poll guards look funny.

I had a day of few lectures and lots of laughing (and reading about potatoes). It was pretty fantastic. The boy does have a way of making it all the best it can be.

We tacked a horse up for travelling so Cadi had to wear this here poll guard. Poor sod.


Day 47.

Dopey the Pony.

I hated being back, bar getting to see this face and the face of the man I'd been away with anyway.


Sunday, 3 March 2013

Day 46.

Good morning, Wales.

Woke up after the night of unutterable beauty, love and excitement to be bought a cup of tea in bed. Deri then offered me a bacon sandwich so we went, said morning to the horses while getting something from his car, and had such sandwich (toasted bread and all. Though it ended up pork. Kinda made it better. Om nom.) and ate it overlooking this view, unable to tear my eyes from the amazing Welsh countryside.

I'm in love with it.

Deri's ma offered me a ride on Celine, her horse, but we had to leave so I couldn't accept... Now that was a shame. I hope that the offer stands.

Pete & Jacqui offered me to bring Nomad up for Easter which would be beyond fantastic. I couldn't think of anything I'd rather do. However, I have to figure out how to get him there because they can't... Unfortunate, because I don't know if it's possible. I want to just ride him there. Not sure it'd be possible but damn, it'd be good.

Deri drove us around the Welsh countryside showing me spectacular sights and telling tales the whole way home. It took a lot longer than it should have, but was most definitely worth it.

Completely in love.


Day 45.

We got away! :)

Deri took me to his homeland today. I'm unutterably in love with it! The most stunning rolling mountains, patches of sunlight illuminating an otherwise darkened field or hillside.

His house is heaven. His Dad bought it on a whim and they've made it amazing. There are holiday lets around that people rent because they're genuinely picturesque. The three horses his mum has care of are all in a field to the left of the drive. We met them before the people. They're lovely animals! We then went in and sat down with a pint of guiness between us in the conservatory which overlooks rolling hills and miles of valleys. His family came back and I met them all - they're all completely lovely. His Mum's very easy for me to get on with because of the horse mutual ground we have, which is pretty awesome. His Dad walked in at one point and refused to let us have tea, and inflicted glasses of wine on us instead. Fantastically friendly bunch.

We went down to the pub for some dinner which was spectacular. Fantastic lamb and copious amounts of beer. At the end of the night, all the farmers stood around drinking and singing Welsh hymns which is definitely an amazing experience. I couldn't believe it.

Deri and I went outside for a cigarette at one point. We stood at the top of a stream bubbling as it passed us; I've never thought something so beautiful solely from how it sounds.

An experience I would adore to repeat.
Roll on Easter.


Day 44.

G & Milo, actually taken 02/03/2013. Sorry, I forgot.

I literally can't remember what I did today.

Apologies.  The post about the 1st March will be much more interesting. Promise.


Day 43.

Stormy. Nomad's neigh-bour.

One of those days that just sort of happened; nothing really to report.