Thursday, 30 April 2009

Day 219

A very good ride.  Emma, Debbie and I rode out for a warmup, cantering up the gallops like the rebels we are, then Emma and I did pairs jumping!  The first bit was kinda easy, but the last jump we had to jump at the same time...James doesn't like jumping at the side when he's meant to.  Thus making that a bit of a mission...  But he did a freaking huuge jump for the last, which was fun ;]

The rest of the day was alright; spent a bit of time with Jack, though not as much as I would've liked.

However, now I'm home, thinking about french tomorrow which I only know one topic of, and hoping that I can blag it.  No one's talking to me online so I would go learn some but just can't really be arsed, tbh.

So it's time to just keep talking.  w00t.

Well, tomorrow will be ... interesting.  p1 & 2 I'll probably be speaking French throughout - that or bitching about Oli with Laura cos that was probably the most satisfying rant I've had for a while - then I'll leave a bit early to do my French shit.

OH SHIT! I HAVE THE TERMINAL TASK TOMORROW!!  That's so bad.  I hate terminal task.  I can't wait to fail music, purely because then I WONT HAVE TO KEEP DOING IT.

...aanyway.  I'll speak French through break probably, though I've no idea who to.  Prob Jack. Poor Jack =P
Then is the exam, right after break.  So I'll probably go there early (which is very rare) and sit there bricking it for a while going "why the fuck didn't I learn these fucking questions??".  Shuaib (?) should totally do French too, because he'd make me revise it like in Spanish...ah dammit.

Fuck, this is annoying.  My best friend is really unhappy and won't let me in to know what's wrong so even though I know I wouldn't be able to be overly productive, there's no way I can try.  She should know that it's annoying, esp now...

Double IT and PE then, which'll probably be kinda uninteresting.  Joyjoyjoy.

See now I'm just not in the mood for all this rantage...revision time.

Having done my revision, eaten a pork chop and eaten a lemon tart with créme fraiche (lubb), I have returned and am back in a good mood, though am slightly nervous to go online in case there's someone I don't want on there....then again I could have a go at that specific person.  Humm.  Anyway.
Back to tomorrow.
After school I'll probably spend with Jack - though that is kinda pressumptious of me to preassume so.  Though it does make sense, because I'm going to his.  Last Friday Charles told me that Steve (my old judo d00d - I've forgotten the name (Y)) wanted to talk to me, so I'm going to pop along to BHASVIC to see what he wants at 5:30ish; when the first session starts.
After that I'll be going to Jack's - I assume, again - and will be being fed there.  Not mushroom curry, thankfully.  I'm then staying there overnight, being educated in Indiana Jones (4th one - it better be ;p) and Batman (Jokerlove).  It'll be good times, I'm sure.  I'm looking forwards to it.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Day 218

to edit or not to edit? ^

OK so today's been a good day on like a million different levels.  Well three.  But yano.

I didn't spend lunch with the group much, which was a kinda nice change.  I replaced it with Amy, Steph and Nanique which would've been annoying if not for talking about horses for most of it with Nanique.  I mentioned the gorrrgeous beast I found on horsemart yesterday...oooooh.
After school Jack came round, which was brilliant.  We spent ages just lying together; I'm so relaxed in his arms, it's untrue.
There wasn't actually a third thing - or not yet at least - so I'll just mention how vair humorous I found it that on the way to the busstop Jack said "now Dom [sister] or Carl [sister's boyfriend] will be at the bus stop" and both of them were.  Dom was being quite amusing, but I couldn't properly hear Carl...something about Spiderman, which Jack added something about a crotch into.
Good times baybee.

You're Just Blowing My Mind Again.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Day 217

The second day of my two day art exam today, and I finished! I'm really pleased with it, too.  There was a collage in the background which I wrote a story about, and made it seem like me getting lazy so just sticking down a photo was on purpose.   It made it look kinda cheesy actually...but I do like it.  Which is good if you ask me.

I spent after school with Jack, which was really good; really relaxed, as ever.  I now really feel like I should be being productive and revising, but just can't start.  I wish I had art to do, tbh.. which is a first.

Let Me Tell You About It.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Day 216

I hate this photo.
I look like scary spice but white.

A Boy Like You Is Irresistable.

I'm so into Whistle For The Choir today....

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Day 215

Spent today's morning riding Ben and beating the crap out of him so that he didn't stop dead as we passed cows.  Steve said after the ride "I think Cat had the hardest time" and Dave (an ex-jockey) casually said "well Cat's a very good rider".  To make it all better, I was reading about gourmet chocolate pizzas when that happened.  (They are actual pizza shapes made of chocolate.  Not pizzas with chocolate on..that's weird.)

Spent the afternoon with Jack which was great.  We arsed around for the most of the time, then went to meet his rather slimy half brother.  I took this photo and various others for art, and really love this one.  Even though it looks like Jack's wearing lipstick.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Day 214

It's annoying that I opened online photoshop and now what I wrote has gone.

Today I spent a lot of time with Skah, which was cool because we were talking in a rather sane way about stuff.  Kids, life, future, relationships.  She thinks Jack and I are good together.  Catherine doesn't though, but I'm pretty sure she likes Jack.  Gawd, no wonder she doesn't like me...I was with Oli when she liked him too xP

Last time I wrote this I was kinda down, but Astroids Galaxy Tour just came on, and they're my pick me up of the moment...which is cool if you ask me.

Spent a lot of today wanting to see Jack...I fail at not texting.  His bad.  Srsly. =P

The two photos show my two moods of the day: dancy and distant.  I never dance for's odd.  Well I do, but can't stop thinking about people.  If I dance for myself then I wonder what other people would think of me.

Oh yeah, today..  Hannah's party was cool fun, but Teenspirit was essentially crap.  Skah and I spent an hour or something sitting on the beach talking, then Skah had to be introduced to Max so we went.  He seems a bit of a cock tbh, but whatever.  His story is a long one which won't change; promise.

That'll do.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Day 213

Good day.
Spent it mainly with Jack and Laura, which was really cool fun.  There was no Coral's so we did tennis.  I say that, I lay on my back talking to Laura, Danni, Harriet and Alison - mostly.  Listened to Laura's iPod (and played some weird game thing) in the sunshine.  I got so into it that I took 2 of my 3 tops off and 1 of my 2 pairs of trousers.  Crazy days.
After school Jack came round and we arsed around a bit.  As I walked him to his bus stop we skipped down the road, and he ended up singing the Pokémon theme song, after we had an argument about the Power Puff Girls.  God he makes me happy.
I got back and tidied my room (i have a floor!), then went on to revise French...which is what I'm doing atm.  Ish.  Oops.

Now, stop distracting me.

I just found my new favourite spelling:
I'm such a n00b sometimes =p

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Day 212

OK awesome day.
Well actually the day was kinda crap, because I spent most of it wondering if Jack was feeling alright what with his task of the day and all, and wanting to be elsewhere people-wise (with Jack mostly...)...but that's irrelevant now because I just had a really really good ride.
It was with Emma who I don't see often, and her friend Poppy who seemed alright.  Kristina was annoying as she always is and talking about her boyfriend Craig (the 4th Craig she's been with) who is in intensive care.  Well, that's what she says.  The chances are rather slim, shall we say.
Anyway, James is awesome.  He's got such a skope on him; as demonstrated by the photo.  I think that is part of the reason i loved the ride so much.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Day 211

I almost like these edits.

Suddenly I See: This Is What I Wanna Be.

Kati is very very lovely.
She sent me an email today being reeeally lovely about my meism.
This is the end of it:
I LOVE how the majority of the time you are content with your life and yourself. So few people have that quality and you're so lucky you do. And if you're actually not content and it's all just tom-foolery then BY GUM you're a good actress!

Keep sparkling, superwoman!

Lots of love, your very own Gaga-style purple tea cup.


Srsly, how cute is that.  She made me feel all sparkly and superwomany.  I like that feeling.

We got Leavers' hoodies today and they're really rather snuggly.  We all shanked Jack on the way home =P
Spent the time I could with Jack, which was good fun, though he is a very odd person who stole my toffees.
Feeling happy despite my work, and feeling very lovey.
love to all; especially you!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Day 210.

It's Too Soon To See If I'm Happy In Your Hands.

Today's thoughts are largely absent.

I just want the time to pass.

I had a good day though..despite almost falling asleep in English after school and getting to a really weird point in normal English where I couldn't stand to have my ring on...I don't really know why.  I almost got Jack to keep it for the rest of the day...but the feelings went, which is good.

Song of the day: Man In The Mirror.
Thought of the day: What the fuck is different between me and the next girl?
Why bother with me when there's someone the same around the corner?
Fucking hell.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Day 209

Feeling a bit crapsoes due to headache/hot flushes/sickyfeeling.
Didn't have a brilliant music, and now am just wondering whether to stop feeling sorry for myself and get on with the shit I need to it is that or say "tomorrow, I'll do it tomorrow".  I know I won't.  Well the chances are I won't; even though Jack'll have to go early cos of busses - assuming he's round for a bit of course - thus will be basically incommunicado for an hour or whatever it is.  I have a lot of art to do, music to finish, and French and Spanish to learn...and shit.
And there's philosophy work to do.

I just feel like I wanna run.  Get away from whatever it is that's keeping me down and break free of whatever mental barrier I'm putting up for myself.  It's a stupid thing to do because I wouldn't run even if it wasn't dark outside and I know that all I want to do is not be here with these people.
I don't give a damn about fishing. Why's it on the TV?

I just ranted to Jack about stuff I'm not going to put online, and he said "Everything does happen for a reason."
That's the way I think...I just completely forgot it.  Everything does happen for a reason.  If it wasn't for shit happening the way it has, nothing would be like now.  One of the more significant bad parts of Jack's life is the reason we are where we are's a weird thought, but it's true.
Everything happens for a reason.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Day 208

I am so bored that I m writing this before taking the photo.

I am trying to do maths work...I'm on q14 and it's not going well.

Well, well, to work.


My hair is messy my skin is bad my grammar's awful and there are bags under my eyes.  And still, I'm feeling much more than fine.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Day 207

Following last ngiht's uber Gaga obsession and my finding a hoody I've not worn for a while, I decided to pose Gaga-ly, in said hoody.
I've had a brilliant day.  I had an amazingly productive music session in the morning, when I also got pain au chocolat, qui était delicieux.  After that, I went to Jack's and spent the day with him.  It was great, because we're just so relaxed together.  We then came back to mine for dinner and watched Some Like It Hot and Scary Movie (lol).  We just have a good time...  It was great.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Day 206

Spanish in the morning, saw Jack in the afternoon, went to the pub for dinner, then escaped back home and drooled over Lady Gaga.
It's been fun.

I very strongly like Jack...
and love Gaga.
And Kati.
Yay =)

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Day 205

Spent today with Kati which was really cool.  Though her obsession with pigeons really does terrify me.
I rode James for jumping again, and he's brilliant.  Dad counted a width of 16 feet being the largest jump.
How good is that.

PS: I am actually fully dressed in this pic.
Just btw.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

204 #2

A video, just for Mr. Mathias S.

Day 204

Very photo-oriented day; took these then met Jack and went to the beach and took a load more.  Good times.

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Day 203

Three things I love about people.

1. There are some good ones out there.  Ones who'll hold your hand when you need comfort and ones who'll give you a hug simply because they can.  Ones who'll listen.
2. I have found some of those good ones.
3. When someone pulls out their true self, and flaunts it radioactively.

Good day.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Day 202 - Monday

Spent today with Jack, which was pretty cool.  My mother semi-adopted him, which is a bit odd.  I love that he gets on with my family...Oli could never really be bothered.
Saw Skah and Millie in town which was actually kinda scary cause millie RAWRd "Cat!" which were liek omg.

I'll keep adding to my 200 things...cos i keep remembering them.
(Kati keeps reminding me, actually, but still.)

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Day 201

This is such an uninteresting photo it's untrue.

On Friday Kristina and I ran up to the sheep field, took photos of the horses, ran to the valley, waited half an hour, tok photos of horses.  My feet REALLY hurt....because I was in my riding boots.  Bad idea.  SO this is a photo of my rather horrible bacon plasters.  Bacon, yes.  Ew?  Yes, I concur.

I was told I could have Bobby but couldn't.  There were not enough horses so I got katie.  I'm getting too big for her.  I was so angry you have no idea...

Then, I met up with Jack and walked to Hove Lagoon for no particular reason.  We were planning on Worthing, again.  At least this time it was in the right direction ;p
He stayed for dinner which was slightly random, then we spent time listening to music an' shit.

Good times, I say.
(even if I didn't get Bobby)
(and I don't like this photo.  It's ridiculously uninventive.)

Day 200 (ooo)

So, a review of 200 days I believe to be in order.

Though, to be honest, I can't really remember them.  I'm terrible at this stuff... d'oh.

Today's photo is of two new things: the stamp I got in to the gig with and a ring my ma gave me.  I liked wearing one on my thumb, and don't want to wear Oli's any more - esp because I have to give it back one day soon.

  1. I went to a gig with Jack and Trevor, which was cool as I've not seen Trev for ages, and we all know that Jack's just cool. (That were today (Y))
  2. Yesterday Oli and I broke up, which should've been more eventful, I think... he still thinks I'll go back to him in a month or something.  If that's what he needs to let me go, he can believe what he wants. Ish.
  3. Thursday and last Thursday I got James jumping!!  It was genius.  I love James =)
  4. My most viewed photo on Flickr became of a girl in a white bikini...I'm suprised =P
  5. Goulash left.
  6. Bobby arrived.
  7. I started to miss Goulash.
  8. Kati explained why.
  9. Kati was realyl supportive when Oli and I broke up, much much better than the person most people will guess who is ;)
  10. I started to jump 3ft on average.
  11. I got free swimming for 2 years.
  12. I became really close to Jack.
  13. I saw the Mighty Boosh!
  14. I met Mike Fielding!
  15. I stalked Noel Fielding!
  16. I got a macbook!
  17. I got a camera!
  18. I discovered photography, and thus
  19. The chance that I won't fail art.
  20. I got the angriest I've been in a long time
  21. Thus told stuff I probably shouldn't have said to a few people..
  22. I set the photography expedition for Matt and I, which will be good as soon as I get off my lazy butt.
  23. Met the complete randomers Millie met on a bus who ended up seeing Millie in a corset but ignoring it completely and miming that they wanted coffee.
  24. Alice cut me out (it's the first time I've said that)
  25. I got close to guts to tell her..but didn't because I've not spoken to her for ages
  26. Did move her down in my top friends on bebo today though. Sounds sad I know but it's kidna significant for me.
  27. Pod downloaded a MEGA photoshop thing which is totally genius because it works and is photoshop.
  28. Rediscovered love for Queen and The Offspring (yay for random music taste)
  29. Spent an hour taking photos of myself with strangers
  30. Listened to Kati's rants and complaints =p
  31. Done a lot of riding
  32. Progressed riding-wise very much
  33. Joined Flickr ( )
  34. Spent AGES trying to find somewhere to publish photos
  35. Didn't
  36. Got interviewed by little kids about Max and Goulash (arf)
  37. Discovered cheap breakfasts at the diner on montefiore road
  38. Fell in love with Russell Brand
  39. Read Brand's autobiography
  40. Rediscovered the wonders of swings
  41. Painted my jumper blue
  42. Saw Alice, on about day 35 or so
  43. Rode in Hyde Park!!
  44. I got into Varndean and (more importantly..)
  45. Lewes!
  46. Saw Noel Fielding get hit on the head by an eel!!
  47. Finished studying physics and chemistry forever XD
  48. James came back!!!
  49. Got scared shitless on a horse
  50. Found Giacc.

Now, if you want 200 things then read that list 4 times and quite complaining.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Day 199

Oli and I broke up.
Why don't I feel worse?

Day 198

What an active day!
work first thing: French.  Then cycled to the swimming pool, 30 lengths, cycled back, walked to town, had lunch, walked back, had a little rest then went riding.
Tired now.  Feeling down.
PS: I hate this video.
I know it wasn't made on the day but wasn't in the mood for photos.

Day 197

I can't even remember today.
Oli and I nearly broke up and Jack let me in.
Interesting day.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Day 196

Crazay Day.
Millie's party doing adventure thing rock climbing and crate challenging.
Genius fun.
Just off to her meal thing - it'll be good =)
Don't like this pic.  Might update it later..

Day 195

What a day.
I can't believe how nice you are to me.
You really are fantastic.

Jack and Kati be wonderfuls <3

Internet being a snob: photo to follow.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Day 194

I spent today with Jack, it was really cool.. we walked to the marina and back (don't really know why. Prob because it's nearer than Worthing..) then lay on the beach for a while not doing much.  We then went to C.hill sq. and I bought my dad's birthday present - half of it - which was amazingly productive - his birthday's in June.  We then sat around in Borders, but it closed, so we sat around near his bus stop.  It was good times.

Felt really down in the evening.  Hence the photo.  Jack (he was just nice) and Kati (said all the right things) picked me up and now I feel better.
thanks guys, i love you.

Day 193

Bad things:
Didn't see Oli.

Good things:
The Grand National was awesome.
The gig was awesome - not least cos Millie and I spent aages wandering around taking photos of ourselves with complete randomers.  
The guy in my photo today gave awesome hugs.
There was a guy called Ben (I tihnk) who smelt reeally nice.

...and so on. =))

Friday, 3 April 2009

Day 192

I felt really, really crap from about 10 onwards.. and Jack was really nice and supportive.=]
I saw Patrick!  Aah i've missed him.  He's faabulous. Dahling.


Day 191

He was absolutely brillio...he has such a jump on him. <3

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Day 190

You're an arsehole.