Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Photo Forty Two

Exam number one today; ooh.

I have prepared as much as I think I physically could, and in the past paper I just did there were 3 questions I couldn't answer without being certain I got them right, so that seems pretty positive to me.

I think this morning it'll be time for a run, then wake up Lottie, then cheerios and tea while answering past paper questions and writing down anything I don't know already.  The good thing about exams at 2 is that you can make the day before quite relaxing and simple.

Everything that happened last night meant to me that I will, next year, either do even more growing up while being with my boy, or do slightly slower growing up not being with him.  A shame if it happens but at the end of the day, life's easiest if we take things in our strides and accept what happens.  Or, if we hate it that much, then we make it work.  Henrik was always someone I wanted to be with for a very long time, so if it is only a year it would be a shame, but not a disastrous one.  Just an unfortunate one.  No matter how long it takes me to realise it.  I'll still always remember before we were together, staying up until 4am drinking tea and talking; me not knowing what to do so texting him, and he came over to talk to me straight after his lectures.
And then while we have been together, going to Shrewsbury and having a great day out; going to Ireland and him meeting my grandparents...(another shame if we were to break up; he has left some bloody big shoes to fill with myself /and/ my family - everyone loves him!) ... not to mention what's to come; me meeting his parents and seeing Norway, walking up to the monument (something we've always said we would do) on Friday... and then just nights together, cuddling and talking until the small hours.  And the mornings together.  In his arms is my favourite place to wake up.

Oh do I feel content right now.
Time for me to go for a run.

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