Monday, 27 October 2008

Day 35

Ooh it's been a good day.

Or it was - it's actually Monday that i'm writing about it 'cause I got in quite late last night.

Anyway. I slept at Alice's and woke up about nine or something, having had a really weird dream, in part of which her mum was looking for me through a telescope. We watched kids TV for not very long, then went to Caffé Nero for breakkie, which was delicious - tuna melt and hot choc..mmmm. Hot chocolate be my looove.

When we got back, Alice dyed her hair and I watched Hairspray, taking notes for overdue English c/w. Then she came back in looking like a pink ET (vair amusant) and we tried to learn the Hairspray dances (there are tutorials ;]) didn't go well!

We then had pizza and watched a bit of enchanted (-.- .. it's crap...) then drove to Haywards Heath, got the train, got off at Hove (wild!) and went to my dad's, where we spent an hour nattering to Kaitey and slagging people off (mostly from their bebos..rock on), then Pod gave us a lift to C2, where we saw two crap bands, then one alright one, then one slightly less crap one (who was the headline act. Lol.) Helen then picked us up from the end of the pier and took me home, and then went home with Alice.

It was a great night - I need to see that ole Alicey more =]

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Day 34.

This t-shirt is from when I went down a 400m zip line at 100km/h =D. I was writing an essay while I took this (not litterally while - I did stop for a little while and take it), which I've now finished, which is a very good start. I went to Oli's and wrote half of an essay on Hairspray, but it's terrible. I then gave up and played Sims while nattering to Oli about music and something he was writing, and have just got back. Am now waiting for Alice to text so that makes me think "oh crap I haven't packed", and I chuck a t-shirt and undies and socksies in a bag, she turns up and I go to her's...ooh good times.
Well, s'laters all =]]

Day 33.

It's the start of half term!!
Shoop-da-woop and what not.

My back hurts a LOT, though.

What was going through my mind as i took this?:


Thursday, 23 October 2008

Day 32.

Love you're fantastic, there for me all the time and make me larf so you =)
This was done by her. Skillage or what!
Also, had a good day.
Fell off Goulash for the first time - first fall at Hamsey!! He twisted in mid-air. Back hurts - possible lack of judo tomorrow =(
Things I love:
Kaiteyyy <33

Day 31

Today, I have:

- painted my jumper blue accidentally

- worn a fish over my breasts [on a t-shirt - don't be so dirty!]

- been into Jordan's house

- Dyed part of my hair blue.

It's been good.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Day 30.

Well, an odd day, with a load of stuff going through my head...if you're really unlucky it'll end up here.

I can't really remember much of the day at school (I'm getting quite bad at this =/) but then had to go to the RIC (i.e. library) after school so dragged Jordan along. Jess T. was there which I found amusing but I don't think either of them noticed, which spoiled all my fun.

Then walked home with Jordan, as with many childish and amusing conversations, then found out Oli couldn't come round, which annoyed me especially because I expected it, but had pushed it to the very very back of my mind because I didn't want to think about it, along with the cobwebbed boxes of sheep.

Then didn't much feel like talking to people, so I .. didn't. I had to talk to Kaitey a bit and she made me feel better just by doing "aww, poor Cat =[" or soemthing..she's awesome. Lovelove<3.>
I cba to find where i put about the picture
Yay! Photo!

Monday, 20 October 2008

Day 29 - Monday.

It's been a good day.
I've not been doing much beyond missing my lunchtime so that I could do French, and getting a bit annoyed by it. I've taken a fair few pictures for art, which I need to finish but can't be bothered. Heyho.
I like walking home with Jordan and Jack - they're funny people =]

Day 28

I've been riding.
I was on Goulash and he was brilliant, he seems to really enjoy cantering over Blackcap and up the valley - he actually carried me. He was lovely, and I very much enjoy insulting Brady =P
However, there's no more Kate or Georgina. They left on Friday so I didn't get the chance to say bye... I got their numbers and texted them good luck. Kate replied asking if I'd like to see them sometime, and Georgina sent this lovely text...I'll write it here:
"Thanks Cat, it's another world up here, beautiful. The horses look so happy and calm. Cat keep at the riding you have a natural talent most don't. Take care, Georgina."
I'm really gonna miss them.

Day 27.

Je me presente.

Le ciel était beau...trés beau. J'aime bien les ciels beaus...

Mais alors,

Au revoir.

Day 26.

I like pretty things. I was looking at a pretty lane when I took this, and there's not a lot more to it.
Today was quite good, but to be honest I can't remember much. I did manage to get Pete into a groundhold though, in a contest, and I met Bettsy's dog - she's a Gorgeous cocker spaniel x golden retriever...aww!!

Friday, 17 October 2008

Day 25.

It's been a good day. I know these pictures aren't exactly brilliant but they're from the video Charlotte took of me, so were never going to be. I'm jumping 3'3" and though Goulie was being quite lazy, every now and then he was fantastic. He really has got Something...=]
I love Charlotte and Ray - they really make me laff =]

Day 24.

Does tired convey anything?

Tired of bitchiness, the people I'm around, the lack of Oli which I'm still having to get used to...


Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Day 23

Looksies, I has a Harry!
Today was alright. I was in pain for no real reason all lunch...but drank milk and ate chocolate in English so it was fine. I walked home with Jordan most of the way, and by the time I reached BHHS junior (v near his) i regretted not going for a pee. Which i'll bet is really exciting for you. I listened to the Offspring (<3) funny =")">

Monday, 13 October 2008

Day 22 - Monday

Today was bad then good then great then good.

Bad because I felt ill and pissy, getting annoyed with everyone especially Mr R. cause he was so rude. It went on. I was just feeling crap about everything and feeling like nothing was going anywhere. I wanted Oli and a huge hug. I didn't want to be around the people I couldn't avoid, and I definately didn't want things like Mr R. being so fucking rude. It was really annoying.

Then I perked up. I felt ill at lunch but had singing straight afterwards which overran and made me happy. It's going well. I only had five or ten minutes of maths which was awesome, as I still couldn't be bothered with anything, really.

Still. After that we walked to the c-block, where there was Jordan and Millie walking away in the distance, so I walked home with Jordan and Amy. Jordan makes me laugh so much, it was SERIOUSLY good times! =D I well love them two. And Jordan gives really good hugs.

Now I get to look forwards to double art, Lucy Porter stand up and hopefully a bit of Oli =D

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Day 21

I love this view.
I'm gonna miss Kate and Georgina when they leave Hamsey.
I hope the girl who came off is ok.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Day 20

Things I love:
Russell Brand.
Simon Pegg.
Jelly tots.

Day 19.

Today I got a lie-in. I missed an hour of Ethics (on purpose. I don't know why but we all went in late - we were told to) then had a 2 hour play/workshop in the afternoon, therefore missing an hour of IT and PE.
By the time I took this I was quite upset. I was expecting to see Oli then got a text telling me he was down the pub. He went at five; he decided not to tell me that there would've been no point in going anyway. But that's irrelevant.
I was kinda dreamy today. I didn't feel well when I took this and was sitting in the park. The light was beautiful.
Judo was ok, but when it started I was dizzy, which wasn't a brilliant idea.
I don't have much more to say.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Day 18

Boring picture, good day.
I went out for breakfast with Livvie, Caz, and Millie and meant to put up one of the pics Livvie took, but haven't got it. If I get it then I'll change this one for it, as it's better.
Anyway, that was good.
Then I went home and did art and spent fifteen quid at Fullertons (!) and said hello to Oli on the way home...then gave him a hug and organised to see him before judo tomorrow and then said baba and went on my way. Did some art but I'm nowhere near finishing.
Then I went to Hamsey!
At the bus stop I became liek, an old lady guru (in English that means that two of them asked me about the bus stops because there's road works)...but hey.
Before the lesson, I was with these two kids and Louise, who rode with me. There was also some boy sitting across the yard on the bench, laughing at me or something. Weird kid, he was. I smiled at him but he never came over. Oh well, my life does not lack.
Anyway, Louise and I were entertaining these lil kids who were terrified of a horse biting them and were going through the "why" phrase, and asked SO MUCH about Max and Goulie - they being the evils of the yard. It was kiiina sweet but quite annoying. The little girl (there was a girl and boy) did the most brilliant fall though, she sort of overtook her was genius.
Anyway, all that talk of Gou almost made me wanna ride him..but i'm not quite that crazy; we were over in the jumping field after all.
Yes. Well. Then we got on and all that, and walked up the lane to warm up, which was cool cause it meant we had a solid half hour of jumping. Only two rounds, but hey ho. Ben's a superstar. I got a couple of dodgy strides, and there are a couple of fences he doesn't like, but because they went wrong they were rectified the next time round. Louise was pretty good, didn't seem as confident as she quite should be...
Yes. Then we went home, yes yes, and all that. Found out Kate and Georgina are leaving, which suckses =((
Hopefully they'll be able to stick around.
NOW yes, i've just finished eating yes, and am talking to Kaitey and looking at pictures of Russell Brand. LOVELOVELOVE!!! =D
Imma loving him attm.
There are some genius photos.....
But yes.
Time for me to go.

Day 17

I started my new art project today, and I love it.
It's called Fragments, and you can take it anywhere.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Day 16

I love hot chocolate.
It's really comforting.
I hate all the bitching I'm around!!! It's horrible. Seriously.

Wouldn't it be great if we were all just nice to each other for a change?

Monday, 6 October 2008

Day 15 - Monday.

I don't like this picture, but apparently I look Irish in it.

Day 14

Day of dreaming, mostly...
But it was cold and wet and by the time I got back I needed nothing but a long hot soak. So I had one and it was very nice. Nomnomnom.
I spent the rest of the day lazing around with my mum and bro. We had spare ribs for tea - not had them for ages.

Day 12

Drink water for silky smooth skin.
I had an amazing day.
Ethics was a bit boring, but hey...then IT was funny - I was with Laura and Livvie, playing games and "working" =P Then we had Corals. Laura and I got ditched which annoyed us, but afterwards it was good. We had lauging fits, as ever, and brought mince pies, hareebo and water (4 litres for about the same cost of half a litre of own brand well owns.)
She left early, in pop choir though -.-
I didn't go to judo cause i was so tired from Corals
But Oli slept over and we had curry. It was good times.

Day 11

The sky was so beautiful...

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Day Ten.

I saw the Titanic for the first time today, but my "I Trust You Jack"s didn't work, and I wasn't in the mood for long enough, so there we go.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Day Nine - Wednesday.

Need I say more?
Day wasn't bad...
But I'm damn sick of bitchiness.

Day Eight - Tuesday.

Girley's In Love.