Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Half a dream, half just hope.

I just woke up from a dream about the future. Deri and I were lying in our bed naked. We looked into each other's eyes and smiled and then I looked down. There between us lay a beautiful baby girl, Phoebe Graham Marshall, who slept and smiled. We kissed each other over her head. She woke and asked for food and I rolled onto my back to give it to her. I looked back at my partner and smiled. I had the two most beautiful people in the world. I was te luckiest woman in the world.

I would say "and then I woke up", but I was Lisa half awake - hence the title of this post. Half hope. I've never wanted children before because I've always wen so scared of splitting up with the father or of ruining their lives. But Deri makes that go away. I hope that he is always happy and pray that this happiness is with me.

Now wasn't that more serious than you expected at 9.20 on a Tuesday morning?
It certainly was for me.


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

I have recently been feeling a little shit. Makes a change for a post on this blog, right?

Then on Monday, I have no idea what happened - I suppose it was a damn good weekend, really... with success, promises of escape, nearly just driving away through the night, a plan to go out with a mate somewhere new.... I was in the best mood. I felt like my usual self, laughing and joking and taking everything in my stride again. It was fabulous. Same again yesterday.

Until Deri and I went to the pub.

I had an amazing day yesterday. I jumped a metre ten in my lesson because I was told to, I then got a free lesson because I helped someone collect sweat from the same horse. It was fantastic. Afterwards I sent Deri a text saying "best practical" or words to that effect, conveying my excitement. He replied saying "good" and we made plans to meet after the things we had to do and go to Cambrian to see his mates, then come back for a dinner that I had wanted to cook last Friday but hadn't because.... because stuff and reasons.

While we were at Cambrian we had two pints. And when we were about to get the second I realised it might not be a good idea but didn't spare it enough thought to talk to Deri about it. If I had mentioned it even in passing it would've been fine. So we had the pints and he was given a shot of Jäger by the guy who always gets us shots of Jäger. Of course I didn't have one because I was driving. After this Deri said that he was going to fall over because he'd by then had 4 pints and the shot. It was a joke and I bit his head off, saying that I didn't want to cook for him if he was so pissed he wouldn't taste it.

Even now I can see where I was coming from, I was just /awful/ at putting my point across.

It must be said that I am sick to death of feeling so weird. I don't really want to be with anyone unless I can dictate exactly how long for and exactly when and exactly who. I want to spend time with my boyfriend when he's not completely exhausted and I want to not even consider biting his head off. I just want to be the person that I think I am again. Not feel tired and worn out and not even quite like everything's on top of me...

That was another thing. In the midst of this, because I really did not have a good night last night, I was clinging to Deri like he was a child's protective blanket and not letting go and I feel now like I was screaming into him saying again and again that I didn't want this to happen...
Then Lottie texted me (though I didn't read it until this morning) saying that she was unhappy.
It just made me realise how little anyone seems to know or ask or care about at the moment. Maybe I'm just getting better at hiding it in day-to-day life because to be fair I don't want people to be asking all the time. I just need to remember to open up to some people, because if I don't I'll dig myself a hole.
Also need more pony time
And to start cycling
This is all going to happen
It'll always be alright. :)