Tuesday, 1 October 2013

I can't help but worry.

There's essentially no reason, but I can't get over the worry that I have about money and time and stress.

Well actually, it's money originally. I've got no confirmation that my student finance will be happening so I have been working. Now I have two jobs. So actually, there's no problem with money; I have the income from Penrhyncoch FC job and will have stuff from open days that I work and will have stuff from Spar. I just can't help but stress.

Anyway, two jobs; dissertation research; lectures; essays and horse time means that I'm spending a lot of time rushing around and I am getting very wound up by this particularly when I look at my bank balance, which is currently £5 - having purchased a tank of fuel, shavings for my horse and a bag of feed. I get paid cash in hand and have £50 at the moment, which I can't spend because I need another week + £10's work so that I can pay my livery this month.

A vicious cycle and I don't see any way of breaking it.
Obviously, this is over the top; there are ways of breaking it and all of them are starting work.

I'll get into the swing of things, have a routine and get on with it.
It'll be fine!
I just need to get on and get a break and, actually, just start it all. Sooner you start, the sooner you finish; and sooner I start, the sooner the routine starts and the stress will ebb.

Deep breath.

I needed that.

Thanks for listening, I feel better now :-)


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