Sunday, 3 March 2013

Day 45.

We got away! :)

Deri took me to his homeland today. I'm unutterably in love with it! The most stunning rolling mountains, patches of sunlight illuminating an otherwise darkened field or hillside.

His house is heaven. His Dad bought it on a whim and they've made it amazing. There are holiday lets around that people rent because they're genuinely picturesque. The three horses his mum has care of are all in a field to the left of the drive. We met them before the people. They're lovely animals! We then went in and sat down with a pint of guiness between us in the conservatory which overlooks rolling hills and miles of valleys. His family came back and I met them all - they're all completely lovely. His Mum's very easy for me to get on with because of the horse mutual ground we have, which is pretty awesome. His Dad walked in at one point and refused to let us have tea, and inflicted glasses of wine on us instead. Fantastically friendly bunch.

We went down to the pub for some dinner which was spectacular. Fantastic lamb and copious amounts of beer. At the end of the night, all the farmers stood around drinking and singing Welsh hymns which is definitely an amazing experience. I couldn't believe it.

Deri and I went outside for a cigarette at one point. We stood at the top of a stream bubbling as it passed us; I've never thought something so beautiful solely from how it sounds.

An experience I would adore to repeat.
Roll on Easter.


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