Sunday, 6 December 2009

Day 2 of the week

Day two of the week was one where I looked freakily skinny. I have lost weight. Not bad. But spoken about before.
So today Alice and I went to the stables and rode. I jumped 6th spread (4ft-- Woo!!) and she jumped smaller ^,^ She's a good rider, I just wouldn't let her jump that big.
We then went home and had some lunch in the Basketmaker's Arms with mum and Pod, which was good. Old fashioned steak and chips =)) Then Alice and I went to the Pavilion - where I've not been for a loong time - and afterwards wandered through the Laines a bit before meeting Connor, Charli and Zoe to see New Moon. The movie is crap but the day was awesome. Tee =))

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