Friday, 4 December 2009

Hello, beautifuls.

It's been a while, has it not?
So here we are, happy as larry and with my face back online. What could be better? (Don't answer that.)
An update of what I want to update.
I have officially jumped 4 feet on Buzz! That's awesome because it is up to my collar bone.
I have had two good weekends in a row.
I had, relatively speaking, a weird week.
I have learnt some stuff and am teaching myself how to relax in a certain aspect.
I really like .. people.
I have great friends.
And...I don't feel guilty!

Well Jack and I broke up .. though that's a long story. Then I had a lovely gig on Saturday night. A week ago now, almost..aah. I might force Connor to meet Millie and co tomorrow, which would be fun XD
Alice, my exchange partner, is here and she's awesome. Srsly, she's similar to me (we both ride horses and prefer Jacob Black to Edward Cullen. Rock on.) ... so this week should be good. I hope that I'll do at least a week of 365 - just to document Alice's visit.
Today, after a "meh" day, I was let out of Spanish half an hour early so got my negatives of Millie from the drying cabinet before meeting Connor and lolling at Emma's PT training..she was aching :P
Connor and I then hung around for an hour talking (at one point talking to some girl called Opal. Omfg she's thick.) before he went to get the train and i went to meet Alice. They were half an hour late which was fail because I don't get on that well with anyone in French. I might try and make better friends with Luke, because he seems alright. Though apparently not for going out with - the things you find out talking to the men... Not that he's attractive. And too chavvy for me. But yano, still.
I took Alice home on the train and let her get the bus home from the station due to her bag and all. I found out that I lost weight from walking to the train station and the amount of exercise that I do - it's good...I tihnk.... Cause one of my favourite shirts is looser than it was when I bought it. Unfortunately the weight has also been lost in my basoomas - sad times.
When we got back, I showed her round the house and let her chill for a bit while I spoke to Con man and Kristina (who is having a phase of gootenness - which is running out, but still)... Then she played some piano (she is vair goot) while I did some photography (pah) and spoke to Kristina. then we got fish and chips and I offered her tea. (Lol. English.)
So that was good times. We then watched Forrest Gump (<3) though ="[
And now Alice has gone to bed (avoiding Pod - I wonder how long she can go without seeing him :P) and I am about to follow in her footsteps, but felt a blogging need so haven't yet.
However, having blogged, I'm off and I love you. byeeeee xxxx

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