Thursday, 17 September 2009

Day 359

I spent the morning with Jack and French with Charli, but Charli had maths and I had nothing. I went to the library and couldn't get on Facebook so couldn't do anything. I walked to the train station then into town then to pet's corner then back to college where I saw Kristina and I have never been happier to do so. Never.

I was so lonely. I wanted to cry in Spanish.

I wanna talk to someone.

I saw Sabrine on the train, on the way to the station. She went to Blatch. She's having the same trouble as me, but was saying how someone had told her that it could be hard at first. I see so few people alone; I find it hard to go up to a group outside of class.
There was a really nice girl, Miranda, in Spanish though. She was really nice and walked to the station with me.. lovely. She's popular though, which i find kinda daunting.
I'm going to fuck up my bag and not wear my rucksack, I feel too scared and daunted by other people when I do.

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