Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Day 350

I really can't believe how near to the end of this I am... There's only 16 days left. I started at such a random time. Most people start at their birthdays and say it's what they did while they were whatever age, but no. I include only one birthday and started basically because I couldn't be arsed to wait and Kati had.

It's weird how much I'm planning on changing myself and everything around me... repainting and reorganising my room, changing my hair - pretty much at least - changing start, subconciously, because I've made no efforts mentally to change myself. What do you know, hey.

I had enrolment today and it was kinda boring. A girl who I met on my induction was there and I spent time talking to her, she's really nice. I also got roundings for my bit in the break between a lil test we did and the enrolment itself. Good times.

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