Thursday, 10 December 2009

Day 7 of the week

I had such a good day.
I had coffee and I liked it.
I went after the coffee gathering to Lewes with Simon and a few other exchange students, which was really good and involved finding SUCH a cute tea room!
Then in French we did basically nothing but we did use pens and paper and it was cool.
I showed Alice how to develop in the free, then we met Charli and went into the canteen...
At lunch Phil and I had the BEST hug EVER :: we were at opposite sides of the canteen and saw each other and both got up and started running towards each other then did a big leapy hug and he span me round. It was so so so funny. He litterally rofl-ed XDD
Then Spanish was awesome: me, Karim and Jessica wrote a play about cheating on people and finding out and reactions. VALE TÍO!!! (yo dude ;])
Then me, Simon, Alice and Clémont went to Brighton and had coffee in Starbucks. I am officially 'into' coffee. I would say addicted but well I'm not. Yet. :P
Then Alice and I came home and had a lovely time and now here I am still buzzing from that fucking awesome hug. It was doubtlessly the highspot of the day.
Photo to follow - Alice wants the computer.

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