Monday, 7 December 2009

Day 4 of the week.

Today wasn't that great but it ended awesomely!
Cause after college which was eh and long, I went with Charli to the station. I didn't get to see Connor for more than like 2 minutes in the library, but Alec gave me hugs and Charli was charli and I spent time with Amy who's a baaaabe. I then went to Costa and got a hot chocolate with marshmallows and sat on the bridge overlooking the river drinking and eating and camerawhoring. Then I went to college and met Phil and Simon and omg it was awesome. We played it and had races (lift vs. stairs. Stairs always win.) and they made me laugh my arse off, srsly.
Alice eventually came back so Simon met Clémont and I met Alice then we went our seperate ways and I realised something. I am finally actaully happy. Not happy with what I think is coming, and not happy with what is coming. But happy with NOW, the time it's most important to be happy with. So that, my darlings, is really fucking good.
Thanks to that realisation along with Simon and Phil (who are SUCH a cute couple by the way) made my day goooood. =D!

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