Monday, 31 August 2009

Day 328

Today I spent, largely, sleeping. The ferry was last night so I slept for four hours then; two while Dad drove to Chatres (v. pretty French modern bits all blends with old bits, vair perty); then another hour in the carpark of Carrefour, a hypermarket. We bought food for dinner for two days then spent ages finding a place to eat, after finding out where the campsite is. I fell asleep at the table. After breakfast, we put up the tent and went out to get lunch, which we ate then I almost fell asleep again. No idea why I was so tired. The waiters weren't very nice. After lunch we went to the cathedral which was very pretty, and then back to the campsite, where I fell asleep and read my book.
Managed to forget adapter for the chargers I so cleverly remembered.

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