Thursday, 10 September 2009

Day 352

I Haven't Seen A Pupil In His Eyes For Fifteen Days.

I write this with something used to cool a wine bottle around my foot.

That is because Buzz managed to stand on my foot, on the joint of my big toe on my left foot. That happened just as I was about to turn him out for the night (and next day). At the same time, I saw my bus drive past, so thought "oh, there'll be another in half an hour". But I sat there waiting for the bus, on the phone to Kati, and it didn't come. I tried to walk to the bull inn but couldn't get very far on account of my foot being all owy, so i called my dad. He left right away so i spent 20 minutes back at mwd talking to Seona, Vic (groom) and Molly (groom friend) until i went back to the bus stop and met dad. I had been at the bus stop for at least an hour. I was collld.

But, I'm warm and my tack's coming soon.
Fwee =)

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