Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Exciting times.

Broke up with Connor which was easy enough. He was about to explain why but didn't - tbh I don't mind. We weren't that close.
Wore santa hats then Kat took mine off because Christmas is "too far away"...10 days isn't bad!!
Organished tomorrow (now today) and Thursday (now tomorrow)
Found out Skah doesn't like me and apparently never has.
Got depressed.
Decided: "fuck her". If she's going to just announce that behind my back then she can just piss off. So there we go. At least I have Millie...she's more important tbh.
Listened to Jack The Ripper (i love that song. and it doesn't physically hurt to hear now =))
Listened to Sound The Bugle
Went to sleep.

I've done very little but I'm very excited!
It's a short day
Then walking to the yard
Seeing Aliceee
Going home
Meeting Tronboiiii
Dressing as a slut
Wearing something more decent over the top
Probably meeting Millie and Alex and maybe Aaron
Going to burger king
Going to Mr Fawcett's memorial for a bit
Leaving and being down until I meet Amy, Charli, Zoe, Lucy, Alec and George
Going to "Freshmas"!
Coming home
A lot


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