Monday, 7 September 2009

Day 349 - Monday

I find this photo weird.

I went to Lewes, bought Buzz a blue numnah, running martingale and second pair of reins; decided to redesign my room and started by clearing out some clutter. I have a /lot/ of shit. I've decided to paint my room white, and probably move it around. I want to get rid of my blue shelves, get a new (old but new to me) rug, a new to me lamp and lampshade for the one on my main light, because it's a bit crap. I want to then personalise my walls with photos, tickets, certificates, and anything else I feel like sticking up. I won't take stuff down much, just cover it over eventually. I'll keep everything (except possibly the random crocheted horses on my wall which I don't really care for, tbh) but probably in different places. I'd like some bookshelves too, with old books and ones that I actually read; some classic things in old bound books because I love them so much.. I can't wait.

Enrolment tomorrow at 9:30 am, then I'm meeting Kristina briefly to go to Equestrian Warehouse before doing a mindset thing - I have no idea what that is.
I'm excited.
Buzz in 2 days =)

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