Friday, 4 September 2009

Day 346

It really did take me a long time to work out that today is today not tomorrow. (i.e. I'm writing about Friday not Saturday.)

This might not make sense because I'm tired. It's 2:34 and I only just got in.

So today I went to London with the intention of going to see a photography exhibition. I went to Hove station and before I got there my iPod ran out of charge which didn't help my day At All. I got to the station and bought my ticket, then wasted the equivilant of a hot chocolate at Eat on a crappy sandwhich, which I didn't eat in the end.
I got to London at about 12 and met Dave, and had lunch. It was nice; we went to a classic pie and mash shop. Their menu was genius.."1 pie 1 mash; 2 pie 1 mash; 2 pie 2 mash..." etc. I tried jellied eels. They were horrible.
I walked with Dave back to his work and then went to the Tate, where I saw an exhibition on Futurism which I skimmed...shall we say (I went in three rooms; one was the first and two were on the way out.) I really wasn't in the right mood. I felt lonly. I wanted to write. So I rang Jack and he cheered me up for about 8 minutes (about the length of the conversation) then I went to the Tate and bought a notebook and pen, purely because I saw a sign saying that tate members had 10% off so justified the overpriced purchase to myself.
I then sat outside the tate and wrote; sat by the Thames and wrote; sat by the Thames and read the Horse Whisperer; then went to Eat and ordered a hot chocolate and read and wrote. Then I left, walked up the embankment, rang mum to see if she knew where a library was because i felt like going to one, then ordered another hot chocolate from eat, then sat and wrote a third person discription of myself, then read.
I went to mum's work some time around five, and she came out some time after five. I spent the time reading.
I felt lonly for a lot of the day.

I had a hole in my tights so mum bought me some new ones which i think are cool, they're red-purple. I had to ask the shop assistant if they went with my red converse, haha.
We ate really nice Thai food with Dave and Jim, during which I got very annoyed at some points becuase I was being ignored and so on. Blah.
The gig, Quantic Soul Orchestra, was really good. Really relaxed. Mum and I did some wicked dancing to Hit The Road Jack, and I ended up really wanting to see Jack. There was a really drunk bloke in front of us with his younger girlfriend who was playing him up soo much. She was very good at it. But he fell on me and that really freaked me out. So I moved away, just in time for mum to get "spoken" to by him; he kinda went 'ithink that's my girlfriendsblurrrrrr', or slurs to that affect. He practically fell on her.

When we left we got the train to Three Bridges and had to wait an hour because we couldn't get a taxi due to lack of money. There were two blokes on the same train as us who went to a nightclub in Crawley during that hour, which was funny 'cause we ended up giving one of them a beer and making friends with them. The one we gave a beer, Simon, was quite good looking, and had quite a dry humor. Matt, who had his own beer, was much more bouncy and lively. They had met on the train to three bridges and gone to a club together for no particular reason.

And lo, it was a good night.

Love you all, you beautiful people.

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