Friday, 2 October 2009

Day 365

The most delayed post ever made.

I didn't post (or, I admit, take the photo) on the day because I felt depressed for a couple of days because of college and a lack of people who i was raelly getting on with.

Now, however, things are startingn to come together. Alec and George have started being really really friendly; yesterday they came from their platform to mine at the station to talk to me which was genius. Alec gives good hugs.
Toby is ok and says hi as I pass but nothing more than that so it could be better.
Even though Kristina annoys me I'm glad she's there because she has a few cool friends (esp Chontyyy :P) and is easy to spend time with, even though I do want to kill her sometimes. Isabella is great though - I spend quite a bit of time randomly seeing her and whatnot. She's really nice.
Charli's crew are warming up to me, especially Lucy and Zoe who are loovely.

So lovelies, good luck and a fond farewell, for I doubt I'll blog here much more.

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