Saturday, 30 May 2009

Day 249


The time with Jack was good, though slightly odd: we watched Star Wars 4, 10 Things I Hate About You, then Star Wars 5, then (at about 2am) woke up.  But I forced him to not do an all nighter - ha.  We then woke up again at about 5 and dozed til about 8:20 when we got bored and went to Waitrose, for breakfast.  (Crazy or what!!)  It was the first time I've ever waited outside Waitrose for it to open, and we both thought it very cute that when the shutters opened there was a line of people with their trollies waiting to start their shopping.
I was intrigued by a overly sugary and chocolatey cereal which ended up being overly sugary and chocolatey.  Owell.  All an experience.  Even though it was like BNBNs in milk (they were some good biscuits.  Now I have to wait til I go to France to get them -.-).
We then ate, watched Star Wars 6, fell asleep, ate lunch, then watched sponge bob square pants until it was time for him to pack ready to move back to Brighton.
Carl gave us a lift to Brighton and I was straight away dragged to a barbeque, which was....long.  It was alright towards the end becasue I got hyper and sat bouncing in my seat.  Good times.  Ish.

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