Friday, 29 May 2009

Day 248

I'm about to get in the shower then go to Jack's, so will write about half of today and tomorrow on the next post.
I just got in from riding Willis, and am letting myself cool down a little before getting in the shower.  He really is brilliant.  I was talking to Sue the whole ride and she would give me tips on how to keep him calm; he had a little dance around and one point, but was really good.  He's so fast!
Anyway.  Talking to Sue, she said that he would only be £800.  However, because I'm looking for a jumper instead of a hacker with the odd time jumping, he's not really right - what with his knees and all.  That settled me quite a lot really.  It's back to Horsemart for me.

PS: one day I'll start taking decent photos.

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