Saturday, 23 May 2009

Day 242

Today's been good.  I played squash with my dad which we started late but I am not upset by, cos I was rather tired by the end of it.  I had a shower when I got back, then ate bacon sandwiches with Jack.  We then arsed around for a bit, before going to see Markus Zusak speak of his book The Book Thief, which is one of, if not my favourite book.  He was really cool.  We then wandered around a bit, spending half of his boy of the form reward in WHSmiths.  Crazay.  Then went to his sister's work to see if she was there, which she wasn't, so we went back to Churchill Square and sat around for a while, whilst I wouldn't let him leave before 6, as I'm so cruel.
On the way home I stopped in St Nick's graveyard and read a couple of chapters of The Book Thief, which was really nice, actually.  Then I got home again and read some more, watched some TV and The Three Musketeers, now am sitting here writing this, eating grapes and talking to Jack, gearing up to taking a glass of milk, some nice music and The Book Thief to bed.

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