Saturday, 16 May 2009

Day 234, 235 & 236

N.B.: Jack is awesome.


Spent the day with Jack and Laura mainly.  Spanish listening exam in the morning which wasn't as bad as expected.  Wouldn't have been, at least, if I'd revised properly.  A lesson to be learnt.
Then was Ethics (watching House =)); philosophy (in the RIC); break (laughing at Victor stealing Jack's bag); IT (working o= ... then playing a ben and jerry's game with Laura which was really funny..we both got into it far too much XD); lunch (ignoring everyone but Jack, basically); IT (I hate early lunch.  Submitted work and spoke to Jack and watched Laura play tetris); PE (Laura persuaded me to do no work and talk about relationships instead, and told me something about Oli which was piss offing but, to be honest, I don't really give a shit about.  Because it's him. Or something.)
Then went to Jack's and stayed over, watched Indiana Jones (ish - went to sleep..).
  Photo taken just as Jack made me laugh [=


Woke up about 9 and watched cartoons and ate cookie crisp ceral in celebration of our cereal annivairsary (one month (Y)).  Very slow at starting the day; could hardly get out due to lack of motivation x].  Once we did, we walked to the beach and I took photographs of the pier.  He then bought us lunch in a caf√©, then we walked around a bit, lay in a park for a bit, then went back to his sister's flat where I "forced" him to come over.  It'll be weird in the morning.  Umm.  What else?  Nothing really.  Just that it has been, in short, fantastic.  Very enjoyable and very relaxing - as intended.
  I love his eyes in that.

Jack having stayed over the night before, I got up a bit early to see him for longer.  We ate and chatted, as ever, and made my mother and dave tea and then i went.  No idea what he did while I was out, but I got drenched.  Seriously drenched.  I was on Ben who wouldn't stop dancing at the end of the ride, which ended up pissing me off so on the way to the field I went "go on then" and kicked him in the sides...which shut him up.  Then took off his saddle, let him have a nom at le grassio, complained that I was cold, got annoyed at kristina making Paddington canter then blaming Ben and me...though that was earlier.  Same diff.
Came home, had a shower (lovely, i must say), got dressed, spoke to Alice and Millie, then went to have lunch with one of the Lady Boys of Bangkok and his boyfriend.  It was really annoying because I wanted to revise (!) and couldn't because of them.  Grrg.  I ended up getting bored and revising anyway; got me book thing.
Then I went into the lounge to revise, got kicked out because mum said she was going in there with the boyfriend (ladyboy had to go) and dave.   They still haven't moved into there which is really annoying cos I wanna nab a couple of chocolate biscuits.  So now I've kinda stopped with the revision and have started webcamming to Millie, listening to Daft Punk and talking to Jack. I was talking to Kati but she vanished =/

Soo....bye all.
Love you.
Especially you.
Yes, you.

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