Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Day 225

Nothing much to say but feel like saying something.

I seriously had the weirdest obsession with Weetabix today.  I ate 3 bits before school (dry, like toast) and came back and ate....lots.  There are now like 4 left in the new-this-morning packet.  That is sooo not good.

Anyway, I was meant to have been at my dad's aages ago so will actually move now.

Hi again.
Did you miss me?

I admit, I did not immediately return to write to you, my lovely minions (don't complain - it's true and you know it!), because I was busy revising.  I'm not doing that well at revising...and if Youth Culture comes up I'm gonna cry, because I don't have anything learnt - or written - for that.

So.  What am I thinking?
Urr, basically nothing.
Oh well.
I suppose it's time to take my leave, then ... by the way, anyone with time should check out Matt's latest photos on Flickr.  They're seriously awesome.

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