Thursday, 14 May 2009

Day 233 - an eventful one.

Up until lunch, when I saw Jack and got a hug, I felt pretty crap and was putting a front on, but walking around feeling like a shell of myself, and like I could feel the wind going through me.  It was horrible.
At lunch Jack and I were ignored so ignored people back, which was kinda cute because Carolina tried to have a jibe...naww.
For the last two hours (I hate early lunch. I was all geared up to go home after science.) I was in a better  mood, spoke to Fi a lot about what was bothering me at first, and then just random crap; she blamed me for distracting her from her test =P
I got the bus at 4:15 which was pretty good going.  I was going to get the bus home in order to speed up the process, but made everyone walk fast and listened to Lady Gaga on the way home to make me walk fast.  Though I did have to hug people (Victor twice though I don't fully know why...told to, so whatever.  I don't mind; Victor's awesome after all; and Mark - I got away without hugging...anyone else.=P(well there was Jack but he's obvious so doesn't count)).
So I got to riding and skipped out; tacked up; fed round (Wallace/Willice really isn't that bad; just a bit of a prat); walked up the lane to warm up and realised that that's actualyl where the downs walks go, which I didn't know; then went over to the jumping field.  This girl, Robyn, was riding too, and she's really not bad.  She's in year 5, and I would absolutely love to teach her.  She really has potential.  I have, however, decided that if I ever teach riding I'll be one of those annoying instructors who only give half-arsed compliments until every now and then when the rider's done really well,  Purely for funsies and effectsies.
I then untacked, Ray said I could probably get a ride on Wallace/Willice (!) when I asked, which is awesomes, and I went.
Tortillas for dinner.
Earlier on in the day, I asked Alice to get online.  So I spoke to her, and told her what I felt and everything about it.  So we organised to go and see Hairspray - on west end (we're that cool bro) - with no phones and just us.  Well maybe phones so that we know if Alice's ma needs to contact or whatever, but no texting.  She said she'd make a new MSN account so she could talk to me, which is really cool.  She's taken in what I said and is trying (*touchwood*) to change it =D
So then I went downstairs, ate chocolate and spoke to my Dad.
A great end to a less so day.

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