Friday, 22 May 2009

Day 241

Woke up too early considering I only went to sleep t about 2 and woke up about half 8.  Millie and I watched Friends then went for breakfast, which was yumsies.  We then went to my dad's and did many tedious things á cause de mis klés.  Which should be a grave accent but I cba.
Anyway.  What was i saying?
Breakfast.  After that we played Queen sing star then the keys malarchy happened then we got ready and went to Record of Achievement.
RoA was, as expected, long and boring.  After it I met Jack and spent time just walking around talking and so on.  I met his other sister, Natasha, and saw his mum again, who said I looked like Bridget someone or other...I wish I could remember who.  Unfortunately, I fail too bad for that.  The shoes I borrowed from Zoe (in the end, the only clothes I wore which were mine were my undies) ended up really hurting my feet, so they're now covered in micropore.  As Jack said when I was putting it on, may as well have covered all of my foot in it.  Unfortunately, apart from the oh so romantic times of bandaging up my beautiful blisters, I didn't get much time with Jack alone, but oh well really.  All time with him is good time.  Unless we were arguing or something...unless that was the type of argument we simply ALWAYS have which ends in him going "times infinity" cos he ignores me when I do it.  GRR.
So now I'm eating chocolate, drinking milk and watching a movie (13 going on 30. Rocking or what?), which is just cool.
So, I'm gonna go return to that.  Enjoy your day, beautifuls.

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