Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Photo Twenty One

Should 21 be hyphenated? This is why we English people need to be taught English properly. I genuinely am not sure.

Btw I look like crap at the moment, hence the photo is only lips/chin. (Y)

Anyway. Thought of the day: don't go out with someone that your friend sets you up with. Because when you break up, the first friend is still friends with the person they set you up with. So when the person you were set up with says "how about we go to (my new lady)'s house party on new year?" there's no reason why the first friend should say no. But like HELL are you gonna actively ruin your new year, no matter how your expectations of it are every year. Ergo: none of your close(ish) friends on New Year.

Though that's probably a good thing. I think Amy and I are going to a house party with Tom and Millie, who are pretty good fun. Millie in her hilariously slutty ways and Tom in his retarded, somewhat chav ways. Good fun chap, he is. Like in Coalition smoking area when we were out, we started squaring up to each other. It ended in a hug and calling each other awesome, which is always nice.

Today I'm trying to get some work done, then I'll have a nice invigorating shower, go into town and wander around Snooper's Paradise looking for a bread bin for my dad, then come back via my mum's so I can get my yoga book and money (I don't trust whoever she's letting sleep in my room and I've been chucking all my change in a glass jar thing.. I have at least £20 in there), do some yoga, clean my Dad's house a bit (bathroom and kitchen today, I think), see what time it is and maybe do some more work, maybe see m'boy Jamaz....then decide whether or not to go out tonight. Could meet Byard again, he's always good fun. We shall see :)
I will do this all while attacking my ear with TCP at regular intervals throughout the day (new piercing infected - boo).

I feel so much better today. In case you hadn't realised. :)

(also... one week. teeee ^,^)

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