Monday, 19 December 2011

Photo seventeen

Several things, today..
1. I'm home again. So Hello Brighton! It's good to see you.

2. He makes my heart go boom.

3. What I was thinking about on the way home yesterday. Life is so much easier if you stop thinking about the goodbyes and start thinking about the hellos. That's a terrible way of phrasing what I'm trying to say, though. Basically, if you start thinking "I'm going to miss you like hell", you get all sad and stop doing what you want to spend your time doing. However, if you think "It's going to be amazing to see you again", you become excited; have things to look forwards to. Of course, you still miss the person, but it's a shit lot easier when you plan what to wear when you see them again, where to take them, what you'll do together. So I'm employing this idea both now, while I'm missing the Viking over Christmas, and in life. "I may miss you but I'm going to meet some amazing people" will come up a lot, I think. Just remember to keep the best ones around. And the best ones aren't necessarily the obvious ones. In fact, they're often not.

4. There are better places to read about how to breed horses than on a train. And that's a fact.

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