Sunday, 16 October 2011

Day threeeee


1-- me and the viking kinda got closer which is lovely lovely lovely (:

2-- my friend and i had so much fun checking books out of a library that it was insane. seriously, it was amazing, you kinda scan the bar code then push it forwards... it bleeps with approval and everything!

3-- There have been rumors from my dad that buying a horse is on the cards...!! OMG!! Well actually it's meant to be a loan but I don't have a prayer of getting one around here, really. So fingers crossed... I like the look of a wee Dun who's nice looking.. and a TB ex racehorse which could be nice.. OOH HOW EXCITING!!!!

yeah the photo's meant to be my excited face, it just went a bit wrong and i didn't want to retake it because i was on the phone to my dad at the time..!


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