Sunday, 25 December 2011

Photo ninteen

So this photo was taken ages ago but it'll still count. It's not like there's any reason for me to be numbering these photos anyway, it's more of an excuse than anything.

Anyway - merry christmas!

I've done the merriment and the board games and now I'm, well, bored. I should go to bed, like really should, because I'm hurting from a fall from a horse on Thursday (more serious than I thought - bit silly of me tbh. from what i can work out, i landed on the right side of my back then rolled with a fair amount of force into the wall, which was the most painful bit and the reason so much of me hurts. Bummerrrr.) and am so grouchy that it's painful .. Amazing how 3 months of being all active and stuff can get to you.

It's annoying, I wanted to swim and stuff over this holiday, so that I could at least come away from it feeling okay, but I got my ear pierced (eee!) so can't swim, but I also can't work out at the gym or anything because my muscles hurt from Thursday. Lucky thing I just found a yoga plan - I'm sure that's a good thing.

So what's new? My dinosaur onesie, mostly. LOVE it. I had a really good day with my family today. My dad and bro. We had so much food that we're having to postpone Christmas dinner until Friday though, hahaha.
I got my onesie, a book of Edgar Allen Poe's complete works, a book called 'The day Aberystwyth stood still', a helicopter ride (!), insurance on my car for when the Viking's down, fuel paid for the previous, and more to come from my moma. Two christmas celebrations can be odd, but also awesome.

I also miss my Viking like crazy. But I'm not sure how new that is..

Anyway, I've run out of things to say, and the tiredness has finally hit.

Night, beautifuls (L)

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