Sunday, 23 October 2011

Photo Six

This is clearly not going to be a "365 days of my life" kinda thing, because I've already missed loads, so I think I'll just start counting photos and documenting stuff because I find it interesting to look back on. Like really interesting.

Anyway today I've done not enough work and have been on the yard all day. I'm in an amazing mood though.. I think it's because I'm wearing the viking's braces! =)
I have a lab report that I should be doing atm though ooooops!

Last night was a good one too, Henrik got very drunk so we ended up eating chicken and chips and getting a taxi home early, which was pretty good - especially because it meant that I could actually function this morning! He was proper buzzing at his though, it was quite amusing xD I just went to bed though. Very sensible of me tbh! :):):)

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