Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Photo Seven

Hula Hoop Hands!! (I really need to stop eating junk food. Or go to the gym more. Or both. (pah))

My Viking is coming to visit me for new year now i'm happy :) I'll only have to miss him for two weeks. Gosh, I hope that this ones last. We've been formal as of the 21st of October :)
I'm sorting out my work experience stuff for next summer at the moment... I want to go to as many places as possible! There's Spain and Ireland already applied to.. New York next!
This Viking is making me want to make everything happen. It's how things should be.. we should make what we want to happen happen, because there's nothing to say that it will otherwise. Let's go guys. Let's take the leap. Head first, Fearless!

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zayyad said...

nice profile. good way to consume time.