Thursday, 27 October 2011

Photo Eight: Return of the Cat Hat!

The cat hat is back, and as awesome as ever. I have done basically nothing today. That's actually not true, I've done loads and had a pretty good day, I just feel like I've done nothing. It's really weird. I went for a ride then dissected a horse's penis this morning (standard), then came back, had pizza and crisps (mm healthy), did my laundry, started researching my essay, started writing my essay, and am now waiting for the viking. So practical, just not with much moving. Will have to be busting out the gym type moves on Monday.. I would tomorrow, but it's the start of my birthday! (actually I might tomorrow anyway, but that's not the point). Tomorrow my friends take me to Aber vaults and then on a pub crawl. I predict it to be messy. I do, however, want to last the night, so might have to stick on the WKDs at first, with no predrinking... ooh hardcore. I have new shoes for it and everything. I'll make sure to post a photo at pome point!

Big love.