Saturday, 15 October 2011

Day two

Evening all.

I had a really nice day. I'm really, really tired now because I woke up at 12 having "only" slept 9 hours (I think I need to catch up on sleep a bit... having been out til 2 and up at 7 most days), but we (Mike, our adopted flatmate who spends all his time at our flat because his is boring; Dai, one of my flatmates; and Rob, another flatmate - and me but I assume you can work that out yourselves) spent the day at the beach in Aber. I absolutely love it here. It's so relaxed it's amazing, with the most random things going on sometimes (there were people earlier dressed as jedi type things and fighting... like whaaat?).

Tonight will be my first silent/headphone disco. I'm pretty up for it, hoping it'll be a good one, because a silent disco is something I've always wanted to do. weyy.

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