Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Photo Eighteen

Not gna lie guys, I feel crap. It was great to see my friends again and Patrick walked me home and we had one of our long talks about everything which was amazing. I've missed him.

But Chris was out, with his new lady, and they were making out a LOT. When they weren't, Chris was entirely ignoring her and often trying to disrupt my conversations. I say this but it's a complete overexaggeration - I was talking to Jimmy at one point and he tried to talk to him across the circle of people, and I was singing at Bassey at another point and Chris just took Bassey's attention. So nothing big at all. Just awkward. Just annoying.

His lady has a piercing in between her two front teeth. Patrick had to explain to me that it was a piercing, not a defect. I find that weird. Why would you want that? So indie she has bleeding gums.

I hate that, because of how she's looked at me, I know what he's said about me. That I'm a complete bitch who broke his heart. Ignoring how much I had to deal with, how I put so much into our relationship and got essentially jack shit back (to be fair he might have been nice I just can't fucking remember it. We had good times out (when I paid or I took us somewhere - not charging him for petrol, of course.)....), and how much money I spent on him. He still owes me at least £50 I'll never see again. Not to mention the amount of entry fees and drinks and god knows what else I paid for him. Never, ever get money involved in a relationship. Ever.

I'm still the bitch. The bitch who couldn't take it any more.. but like that matters. Makes me feel a bit like I shouldn't bother. On the good side, I recognise that this doesn't apply to everything and doesn't mean that my life is pointless or whatever. It just means that I need to break the cycle. Fingers crossed then, viking.

On the other good side, Skah was amazing at ripping the piss out of them.

So, well, it was okay overall. I'm not sure how tomorrow at Carolina's will be, but we'll have to see. I'll just remember to stay sober enough to understand myself and get drunk enough to be better at ignoring him.

Still. Peace out y'all.

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Very artistic Pics.